What is Link Building? Link Building Strategy for 2015

Link Building STRATEGY

Links were and is the most vital part of any SEO campaign be it a small business or large. Well link building is not the only factor that helps a website get a better rank in different search engines. Apart from that addressing on-Page issues, content optimization, page speed, under interface are many other ranking factors in 2015. Nevertheless, as a ...

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25 Negative Local SEO Ranking Factors to Avoid

Negative Local SEO Ranking Factors

According the latest studies, the proper on-page set up on your website and high quality local citations collectively work as the positive signals for your local search ranking in Google. From NAP citation to website reviews, and form back links to link domain authority, we can find Google always rewards the quality form all fronts when it comes to local search. But ...

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Effective Website Custom Audience Strategies – Facebook Remarketing

website custom audience

The Website Custom Audience in Facebook advertisement is extremely resourceful when it comes to retarget your website audience with custom Facebook messages. That not only helps to build a fan base but at the same time drives website traffic, build a email list and improves the sales. This powerful remarketing tool is just powerful enough for any size of business ...

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Benefits Of Using Website Custom Audience

Benefits of using website custom audience

In my previous article I wrote about how to create a Facebook website custom audiences to reach the visitors visited a website/particular page of a website. In this article let us discuss the benefits of using website custom audience in Facebook. Custom Audiences from your website is the most interesting tool in Facebook advertisement, which makes it easy for you ...

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How to Create Facebook Website Custom Audiences?

Website Custom Audiences facebook

With a massive 1.44 billion monthly active users (March 31, 2015), FACEBOOK is the largest social platform to reach and commute with your customers in real-time. As per its latest update (February 2015), Facebook has more than 2M active (the advertisers, who use facebook to promote their website and active for last 28 days) advertisers. Google may be synonymous with ...

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Do Online Reviews Really Affect Buyers?

online review

It is commonly believed that words of mouth have a strong influence on the customers’ purchase decision. Is the scenario same online? Presumably so but then Google always needs proofs that can be collected from surveys and analysis. Let us see what they got from respondents’ answers during surveys. In 2014, more than 1 trillion search queries were processed by ...

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The Importance of Local Business Directory in SEO

local business directory

The huge rush in building a quick online presence for local business has made it really competitive for companies to rank their local business higher in different search engines. While almost all the search engines provide options to add the local business to their list, the contest to have a greater presence of the businesses has become very critical to ...

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