How to Prepare an Unbeatable SEO Website Audit

seo website audit

Are you looking at your website and wondering why your competitors are ranking better than you?  Are you worried about the impact of your website to your customers? The challenge is that your website needs audit. Today I am going to explain you a bit more about website audit and how to leverage form website audit. It is not quite ...

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How to Make Your Public Relations Campaign Successful

public relations

Public relations are needed by every organization. There is always a need to gain publicity and a good image. PR provides an interaction between the organization and the public, and helps in business promotion.  A PR campaign informs the public about change within the company. It builds awareness of your business to potential customers. The way this is being accomplished ...

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog?

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

A winner never quits and a quitter never wins. So in this article, I’ll try to discuss few point on how to increase the traffic to your blog. If you’re also an amateur blogger, hoping to join the rank of a pro, read on……  All it takes to write a blog is a creative mind and of course a computer. ...

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Content Writing Tips – How to Write Killer Content?

Content Writing Tips

Content marketers often come across a problem. The problem is producing volumes of content without compromising the quality. That’s hard. After scribbling down 1000+ words, your brain would probably lose all the creativity and you would only be able to come up with repetitive and monotonous content. But hard doesn’t mean impossible. You could overcome this problem by following some ...

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$10 for Writing Guest Posts for us

contribute guest posts

We have some exciting news for all! We are asking any of our readers to submit a unique and high quality article to us detailing anything related to digital marketing. We will read through the best content and publish that into our blog with the credit to the writer. At the same time the best article will win $10.00 as ...

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Adobe Announced Creative Cloud for Photographers and Designers

adobe creative cloud

Adobe announced a new photography plan. The plan is for anyone interested in photography. It will cost users $9.99 every month and bring around two cutting edge tools – Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5. The new plan is called Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan. Apple also launches Lightroom’s mobile apps on iPad and iPhone and a new Photoshop app for ...

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How to use Microformats to Improve Local SEO?


This post will give an idea, what microformats actually and how they can help in local search engine optimization. Also you will learn how you can use them to enrich your content that will make it more understandable for search engines. So…….What is Microformat? are the web based approach that represents commonly published things like events, reviews etc. in an ...

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Old School SEO to Avoid in 2014

no old school seo

The Digital marketing industry is changing rapidly. New technologies are entering into market frequently; Google is also tweaking their algorithm to yield better search results. From Panda To penguin, to humming bird, in the last few years, we have seen many Google Algorithm updates. As a result, all the businesses have been forced to bring significant changes to their online ...

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