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How to Use Keywords in SEO

How keywords in SEO to drive traffic

Keywords undoubtedly are the back bone of a Search engine optimization campaign. The selection of right keywords can only help you reach potential customers and conversion. Hence it becomes highly imperative to choose the right keywords for your website.  There is plethora of ways to ascertain the keyword for optimization and the most pragmatic way…

Keyword Match Management in Adwords

Be an experienced practitioner or professional, while setting up an Adwords campaign the keywords and their match type are always a big question for many. Keyword match type management is the very vital not only to improve you quality score, but at the same time it helps you to reach the real audience which increases…

What Is Social Media Marketing?


Social media marketing – You may have heard about this many times, especially in the area of online businesses. It isn’t a totally different concept from search engine optimization in fact; effectual social media marketing efforts on the part of businesses will result in better SEO of the company and in turn will reflect in…