Interview with Ashutosh Jha from TricksRoad

ASHUTOSH blogger

DigitalVani Interview Series aka DIS is the series of interviews on my blog form small names to big entrepreneurs in the industry. I am interviewing industry experts, so you can catch them here. If you have a success story to share with my readers be in touch at arun -at- We are seeing a tremendous shift in blogging industry in INDIA. School ...

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Facebook Drops Bing form its New Search Update

facebook search

Facebook is not well known for offering users enhanced search experience. But it looks like the social network is trying to venture into that uncharted avenue. That’s right! The Palo Alto firm is ditching Microsoft’s Bing. Bing’s search results won’t be shown on Facebook anymore. The news came after Facebook’s search update for this week. It was first reported by ...

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3 Most Important Tips for Digital Marketing

Tips for Digital Marketing

Nowadays, most of digital marketing consultancy is in regards to business data, objectives and performance. Technology and processes also play a big role, proving to be a marked difference for the company offering consultancy service for digital marketing. Consulting business is not easy one because there are some marketing problems which are not clearly defined. A few businesses also require ...

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SEO Life Cycle in GIFs

This post is dedicated to all my friends working as #SEO aka Search Engine Optimizer. # When Your Marketing Team Get an Assignment from a Client Regarding SEO # When Your Team Get the Assignment Regarding SEO # How you greet Client the time they want to talk to project manger # When suddenly Traffic Decreases as Google Makes Some Changes in the Algorithm # ...

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Tips to Improve Your Click-Through Rate for your Ads

click through rate

These days the digital marketing is more inclined to paid media. People refer to use the paid platforms to reach more people effectively and quickly. So optimization of your advertisement copies is absolutely necessary to make it stay apart from crowd and outperform you competition. At the same time it raises your click-through rates (CTRs) and Quality Score. However, the ...

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How To Build a Successful Blog

how to build a successful blog

Every blogger dreams to build a successful blog, create a personal brand and earn some money online. But it is not that easy as it looks. Setting up a successful blog and building personal brand is really a difficult task, which requires dedication and networking and your understanding on the topic you blog about. Researches show around 97% of blogs ...

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