Tips to Improve Your Click-Through Rate for your Ads

click through rate

These days the digital marketing is more inclined to paid media. People refer to use the paid platforms to reach more people effectively and quickly. So optimization of your advertisement copies is absolutely necessary to make it stay apart from crowd and outperform you competition. At the same time it raises your click-through rates (CTRs) and Quality Score. However, the ...

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How To Build a Successful Blog

how to build a successful blog

Every blogger dreams to build a successful blog, create a personal brand and earn some money online. But it is not that easy as it looks. Setting up a successful blog and building personal brand is really a difficult task, which requires dedication and networking and your understanding on the topic you blog about. Researches show around 97% of blogs ...

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Free Online Backlink Checker Tools

backlink checker tools

The Search engine optimization industry has changed a lot in the last 2 years. But if you look deep, the core concept is same, where as the quality perspective of the SEO works has changed a lot.  Content is still the kind and Backlink is the Queen. In the old days the quantity of the backlinks was the most important ...

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Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

essential wordpress plugins for bloggers

Dear Bloggers, Setting up a wordpress blog is really easy. You register a domain; buy a space in a server, upload the latest version of wordpress and set up a theme. Now you blog is ready. But the actual task is to taking your blog to the next lever. Maintain the load time, keep a good layout, tighten the security ...

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Online Reputation Management for Businesses

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is an integral part of businesses today. People prefer online shopping more than ever now. In this scenario, maintaining a spotless business reputation and building a brand is paramount to your business and the success level. Most importantly for the local business, managing its online reputation includes monitoring, reviewing, and responding to what is said about your ...

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SEO Industry Weekly Wrap-up

Google updates its technical Webmaster Guidelines.

Google Updates Webmaster Guidelines Google is in constant move to make the internet as a best place and give the right info for each individual search query, they get. Recently they have updated their indexing advice for web owners. AS per the advice, for optimal rendering and indexing, the new guideline wants the googlebot to be allowed to access the ...

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