Tips to Optimize Your Landing Page

landing page optimizatoin

Are you searching for tricks to optimize your landing page? If so, then you are at the right place to find the solution for better conversion from your digital marketing campaign. In this article you will find the best hacks that will sky-rocket your conversion rate. Let’s start…… J Landing Page Optimization Be it your paid campaign or the pages ...

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3 Takeaways for Google Panda 4.2 Update

panda 4.2 update

Recently Google updated its panda algorithm, PANDA 4.2 in the mid July. Here are some takeaways for you. >> Panda 4.2 is a site-wide action. Different pages of a website will show different results if hit by panda 4.2 as the very slow and pagewise roll out. >> This is the slowest ever algorithm update by Google, taking several months ...

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3 Results Instead Of 7 – Google Updates the “Local Pack”

google 3 pack result

Yes, the 7-pack is now the 3-pack. Google has made it short and redesigned it to fit more with the mobile user interface. Due to the ever-growing importance of mobile devices, so the change in the local SEO SERP is more about mobile responsiveness now. Here is a picture of the new local pack, displaying only three results: Here is ...

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Instant Messaging Apps – New Avatar in Digital Marketing

“Reaching out to the right segment with right message instantaneously is the actual real time marketing” Digital space is getting broadened within twinkle of eyelids! Marketers in digital era are often ending up in mess while planning resources for a certain project. Marketing in digital world, is a competition within itself with every new resource outdating the previous ones. Moving ...

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Google Issued Warning on Blocking GoogleBot for JavaScript & CSS

Don't Block Your CSS & JavaScript Files

Earlier in 2012, Google warned against websites blocking its access to their CSS and JavaScript files to make it open for GoogleBot.  Here is what Matt Cutt said webmasters not to block the CSS for GoogleBots. Although, most of the Webmasters ignored it then, But Google’s recent email warning through the webmaster consol could open a new discussion. This time ...

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