10 Simple Content Marketing Tips Your Competitors Probably Don’t Know

Content Marketing Tips

Leveraging the digital medium for your business in today’s competitive and disruptive environment can be quite a task. And, ‘content’ being a core element of this medium requires much strategic foresight and careful implementation.

Content marketing quickly caught up in India, with many content marketing agencies coming up in major cities like Delhi. With the help of this opportunity, you can develop a well-rounded strategy and use the content to Increase your business performance.

By using these simple tips you can create a content framework that is suitable for your business and ensure that the quality and effectiveness of the content is not compromised:

#1 Step Into The Consumer’s Shoes

Like any other marketing strategy, knowing your consumer and understanding his/her consumption patterns is just as important in developing a content marketing strategy.

Figure out the “Buyer Persona” and design a content strategy that will inspire them and provide valuable information to them. Step into the shoes of the consumer and imagine what they would like to read.

Doing this will give you a more intimate understanding of the likes and dislikes of your target customer and help you create a most appropriate content framework. Figuring out the rest of the content marketing strategy will become a lot easier if this exercise is done properly.

#2 Inform! Don’t Sell

The fundamental theme behind the content has to be “Value”. When someone reads a blog, article or any other content piece that you have published, it is important that they find some utility in it, and feel enriched after having read your content.

There are many types of content that your readers can find helpful, like, informative blogs, tips, DIY’s, opinion blogs and entertainment blogs etc. While writing the content ensure that it is an easy read, i.e. use of simple and readable language and proper structuring of the content with bullet points, heading & sub-headings.

The content that you put out should not come out looking like a promotion of your brand, and at the same time, it shouldn’t be something that is preachy. Remember, the consumer will only show interest in your brand if he/she finds your content helpful.

#3 Use More Visual Content

It is no secret that videos are the most effective & engaging content being used online, and adding more spirit to online content is the frequent use of rich images and infographics.

While videos keep people hooked for a longer period of time, infographics and images add visual appeal and structure to the written content. A good content marketing strategy will always make space for elements such as these. One however, needs to be careful to not overdo these elements, as doing that can make the content look stuffy and inauthentic.

If you have hired a Content Marketing Agency to develop your content, insist that they add the right proportion of video, images, and infographics to your content. Adding these elements will make the content interesting and keep the reader involved in it.

#4 Publish Content Regularly

Inconsistency is one of the most common reasons for a content strategy not working. Many businesses which leverage the digital medium are unable to publish quality content on a regular basis and as a result, their performance on the search engine and the promotion in social media suffers.

While preparing the content strategy, ensure that a meticulous content schedule is prepared. Regular posting of quality content can give you a robust presence on the internet.

Posting content regularly also has a very positive effect on the search engine performance of your website. The top performing websites on the search engines publish high-quality content on a regular basis.

#5 Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is relatively new in the realm of content marketing tips. In fact, most of your competitors have not probably heard of it! And for the ones who have, they’re must be going about it the wrong way. But influencer marketing can be a very powerful tool when used correctly.

Having some content written for your blog by a popular influencer can attract a lot of traffic to your website and if you are into online retail, you can also ask an influencer for a product review.  Influencers enjoy a lot of traction on social media platforms, and you can use their influence to your benefit.

For reaching out to influencers you can either contact them directly or go through a PR agency. The good thing about going through a PR agency is that you can reach out to a larger number of influencers and more importantly the right ones.

#6 Fill Your Content Bucket

Researching content/blog topics is something that is often not given its due attention, but ignoring this aspect can be a cause for serious duress.

Running out of good topics to write about can derail your content marketing efforts at the worst time. Researching topics may be a time taking process, but in the hour of need, a long list of topics will do you a world of good!

A content bucket ensures that you don’t run out of blog/article topics and also gives you the bandwidth for proper planning and scheduling of content.

#7 User Intent & Call to Action

These two jargons are thrown around quite often in content marketing agencies, and, for good reason!

By integrating user intent in your content, you are giving the audience exactly what he/she wants, needless to say, the involvement is more. Engaging “Call-to-action” is equally important as it helps you achieve your marketing objectives in form of sales, acquisition, subscriptions etc.

Whatever may be the objectives of your content strategy, an intelligent use of “User Intent” & “Call to Action” can exponentially increase the chances of success.

#8 Catch The Trends

Every industry or business circle is a universe in itself, and this universe has its own trends, events, accidents and “Breaking News”. If there is any new phenomenon in your business circle for which you can provide valuable inputs, you can do so by writing about it in your blog.

Twitter especially is one social media platform on which you can attract a lot of attention if you manage to catch the right trends. You can write a blog or article on a topic that is trending on twitter and get likes replies & retweets from the right audience.

#9 Brand Guidelines Matter

Just like the brand guidelines of conventional marketing channels, content marketing needs to have its own set of brand guidelines. By preparing brand guidelines for content marketing you can maintain the editorial standards and ensure consistency in the tone & tenor of the content. Doing this will be most useful when you outsource your work to a content marketing agency.

#10 SEO Is Still Important

Even after many innovations in the field of online marketing, the value of search engine optimization has not diminished. SEO in 2019 remains the most important factor to focus on as it is one of the most sustainable ways to maintain the online presence of a brand or business.

The true value of content can only be realised when it is backed up by good SEO, and investing in a credible SEO solution never goes to waste.