10 Ways To Write Successful Google Ads For PPC Campaign

PPC Campaign

Writing Google Ads can sometimes be really frustrating. You need to be extremely creative and knowledgeable to beat the next nine competitors on the list. Although, writing texts in Google Ads is limited to few characters only. So, definitely, you need to use some proven tactics and tips and work on how to write good ad copy. Write amazing Google Ads that will bring higher conversions, increases click-through rates and improve the quality score of your business advertisement.

10 ways to make your Google Ads successful are mentioned below. Use them in your next PPC campaign more meaningful –

#1- Have Clear Idea About Whom You Are Targeting

First and the foremost lesson on how to write a google ad begins with knowing your audience well. Understand whom you are targeting, what are their needs and problems. Analyze the market and basis for the business, find loopholes where the competitors are failing to provided substances and avail service. Proper market research and analysis of previous gives a scope to your business. Every customer is different and their specifications too. Take some examples –

PPC ads for educational institutions

Education industry PPC Challenges

      • Don’t bid on branded terms
      • Focus on your most relevant audience
      • Build your account structure around specific programs rather than general keywords
      • Cater your PPC (and Social) strategy to the top-of-the-funnel searcher
      • Find the sweet spot for form fill-outs
      • Prioritize mobile friendliness
      • Boost budget for prime times in summer & winter

      Source: https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2015/08/04/higher-education-marketing

PPC Ads for Business

#2- Impress Them With Right Content

Customers always look for accurate and appropriate content in the text ads. So, while working on how to write a good Google ad, always select the time-tested procedure – give them what they are looking for. Include some important texts like

      • High-quality service
      • Fast Turnaround time
      • Lowest Price
      • Trusted & verified
      • Personal Assistance
      • 100% Guaranteed Service
      • Money Back policy and others

These are a few important terms that can manifest their response. It can even help in improvising the CTR of the website too.

#3- Make Your Headlines Relevant & Search-Friendly

Whether it’s an organic or paid campaign, Google always ranks pages on top with better relevancy and search-friendly. You can say, relevancy is the king of SEO. Feeding relevant search term in PPC advertisement eases customer searches. They can find what they are exactly looking for. So, the closer the headline is the greater the response rate will be. Your ad will have better visibility and increased niche in the competition.

#4- Give Greater Emphasis on Your Uniqueness

Always emphasize your properties in a clean and crisp. Audience ignores ambiguity, they look for unique features that match appropriately with the requirement. While writing an ad copy, feel free to ask you a few important questions –

      • What makes you stand out from your competition?
      • What is your claim to fame?
      • Point out what makes you uniquely suited to meet your customers’ needsDescribe these three questions appropriately, so that customers will never have any vague idea. See this example

Local Pizzeria – Get Cheese Pizza

Family-Owned Pizzeria – 100% Local, Fresh Ingredients

#5- Make Your Ads Geo-Specific

Targeting local and international clients with geo-specific SEO tools is not new. Adding the same logic to PPC ad campaigns will generate more traffic and increase conversion ratio. Even if you offer services worldwide, make your ads hyper-local and show them that you welcome all potential customer. You may have Google Ads with call extensions and landing pages, but did you know that phone numbers with geographic proximity can double the conversion rate. Geographic-specific Google Ads campaign has had your geographic call-to-action and targeted headline to a specific region as well.

#6- PPC Ads – Make it More Personal

Sometimes PPC advertisers use words like “we,” “us,” “me,” “myself” and “I” to the headline and description. However, these words are quite egocentric and lose customer’s focus even after multiple views, and can reduce the chances of getting any clicks – not to mention they can hurt the conversions on landing pages too. But, there’s a second word “you” that displays a lot about how much you care, how professional you are and you put yourself in the user’s point of view. Adding you to the title can automatically generate a sense of personalization and trust. So, think twice about how to write good ad copy? Here’s an example –

#7- Use Numbers & Special Characters

Adding symbols and special charters to ad text draw more attention and boost performance. It’s massively an effective way to increase the click-through-rate. As a result, walk through some of the best options and examples like the below-mentioned one to understand how to write ad copy effectively. Your ad text must not use gimmicky punctuation and excessive or unnecessary use of numbers, letters, and symbols. See the example –

#8- Letter Capitalization is the key

Anything bold and colorful holds the attention first, and it’s similar with the PPC ads also. Capitalizing every word and letter in headline and body of the description of your ads will fetch more customers. This is an effective and time-tested method and reflects a sense of professionalism and credibility of the business. You may seem to be trustworthy, responsible and conscientious. Also, keep the grammar and spelling errors in mind, as every bit of modification can increases possibilities. Take for an example –

#9- Add High-Quality Display URL

A PPC advertising can be attached to two different types of URL – final URL and display URL. Final URL features an absolute path to the website and it cannot be changed or altered, it’s the actual URL that you can use as a landing page. On the other hand, display URLs are connected to actual URL by default, so it is easy to modify the URLs according to requirement. You can add descriptive terms or feed seed keywords to make the domain more appropriate. Take a look at the below-mentioned example and get a clear cut idea on how to write a Google ad –

#10- Special Call-To-Action Must Be There

Don’t make your PPC advertisement vague. Never confuse your customers with improper information. Do the needful on time, while planning about how to write ad copy. Keep special call-to-action on the top priority of the list and what your ad is all about. What particular action do you want them to take should be kept clear? Take for example of the below mentioned details

Vague and ambiguous information about your service makes a negative impression. Put special call-to-action such as “Call now” “Avail Discount” “Enter Coupon Code” or “Get Free Quote Now” Browse Today and others.

The Bottom Line:

Build a trusted and credible relationship with your customers. Take care of their websites need and demand, and give clear information about every step in details. PPC ad design is complex and only a few SEO professionals mastered how to write a good Google ad copy. So, only select someone very qualified who can add better strategies to bring your campaign alive.