20 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts to Get Instant Traffic and Reach More Audience

Promote Your Blog Posts

The brutal truth about reaching to new audience with your blog posts is just useless until you promote it in every possible way. You have to put exactly same effort and time as it takes you to develop a piece of content. The real task actually begins after you hit the publish button on your blog where the true success of your post lies on how many people really read your published content.

This article is about the methods that you need to follow instantly to promote your blog post as soon as that goes live.

You can’t simply publish a blog post and hope for the best. Only sharing with your subscriber list is NOT enough as they are limited in numbers.

Be it the promotion of a corporate blog or a personal blog, apart from social sharing and sending mails to your blog subscribers, the other immediate things you need to do is to reach out to other authority blogs in your niche for blog commenting, syndicate your content to different resources, use every possible social media sites to share the content, converting the content into an effective PDF or PPT or videos to share in relevant sites to maximize the traffic to your blog posts.

When you spend more time in promoting your content you get more opportunities to engage with different community who in turn tell others about your site causing a snowball effect.

Following are the 20 ways that you can follow to get instant traffic for your published article

  1. Make your content real and simple, so people will engage and share
  2. Link to relevant and high authority blogs so they can share it in return
  3. Quote experts and eminent personals so they will share your content
  4. Make your content easy to share by putting share button in your content
  5. Email your articles to your subscribers as soon as they got published
  6. Share your blog posts in your social network profiles to reach your followers
  7. Guest post or share the article link in other blogs to steal their audience
  8. Engage new readers via blog engage and other similar platforms
  9. Post to popular and relevant facebook groups to reach to existing audiences
  10. Share in Linkedin Pulse for new audience to discover your content and blog
  11. Pin to shared boards on Pinterest for the viral affect
  12. Let people in on the scoop know it and scoop.it
  13. Engage in g+ and reach your circle with you content
  14. Use Tumblr to reach more audience
  15. Be a member in niche forums & communities and reap the benefits
  16. Convert the posts into pdf files and share on different sites
  17. Make slideshows or PPT files of your content to share
  18. Create videos for your content and use that to tease people
  19. Tweet influential people & watch them re-tweet for floods of traffic
  20. Comment on relevant posts and leave your links to drive traffic.

Just writing a high quality blog or article is not enough. The true factor lies in knowing the ways to promote your post to reach the maximum number of visitors that actually is the purpose of publishing a piece of content. The above mentioned suggestions are the basic tips you must follow instantly to get noticed by the mass audience as soon as your post is live in your blog.

After publish a blog post it is more important to know how and where to promote it, so that you can take the essential measures to get more traffic and build your audience.

Which of the above methods you use to promote your blog content!! Which of the above you have found to be the most effective!! Share your thoughts…