6 Ways To Effectively Boost Your Brand’s Online Presence

Boost Your Brand’s Online Presence

In today’s world of billions of websites, one way to stand out from your competition is to boost your website’s online presence. How your brand presents itself is one of the vital factors when it comes to succeeding in business. With the rise of social media, creating the right brand has never been essential. If you are one of those entrepreneurs who’s looking to make a name for yourself in the business, this is a must.

Last January, Netcraft, a UK-based internet service company conducted a survey. The result is that the internet has already more than 1.8 billion websites! Woah. Indeed, the online digital world is already bigger than ever. When you look at such a huge number, the only way to have a strong online presence is to be unique and stand out.

Unlike before where a mere website is enough to get you discovered online, you don’t even need any online marketing strategy, a blogger outreach quality process, or SEO to keep your site’s presence ahead of others. With the turn of the century, the 21st century presents a more challenging story.

With the 1,805,260,010 websites today on the Internet, there is only a handful that dominates it. In fact, around 50 percent of the web traffic nowadays just comes from a mere hundred websites. That’s doesn’t even scratch 1% of the 2 billion total.

How will you survive in such a competitive environment?

Are you ready?

But before that, let’s dive into what “online presence” means.

What’s Online Presence?

Online presence is the total sum of all the online identities that you made and the interactions or engagements that those have built online. All of these includes social media accounts, websites and every page that shows up when you try Googling your brand’s name.

In a nutshell, online presence is your digital sales force. If you have optimized it successfully, you can spread your brand’s name and turn every digital interaction into a possible client – one who is eager to engage with you and learn more about what your business is about.

Your online presence can retain and attract all interested customers and prospects to your online channels. At first, it can seem complicated, but as you go on, you’ll find how simple it can be.

Before you read and execute our tips on how to effectively boost your online presence, it is important to note that an increase in your online presence does not happen overnight. However, know that it is pretty much essential if you want to grow your business.


It’s because your online presence is what will help people to find your business, engage with you and trust your brand. If you haven’t implemented a systematic approach to building your online presence, you may be in for a challenge. Below, we have listed some tips to help you expand, establish and strengthen your brand’s digital presence.

Content is King

Time and again, this has been said over and over. Take some time to absorb that. Nothing else will help establish your online presence other than your content. Everything from videos, articles, journals, podcasts, even memes contribute to your online presence.

The first thing that you should do if you want to show the world what your brand is all about is to create content. Try to focus on producing high-quality content only. This should be number one on your list of things to do. As a quality content, make sure your content is informative, relevant, entertaining, valuable and a reflection of your brand.

Always keep in mind that Google, as well as other search engines,  favor high-quality content over anything else. This will increase your website’s chance in showing up on top searches. When you appear on the top search engine results page, you improve your online presence, increase traffic, grow your brand and have more sales!

Personalize Your Content

Aside from publishing informative and high-quality content, one thing that you should do is personalize your posts. Always ask yourself, what do you know about your target audience? Who are they?

Make sure you create content that is interesting for your potential customers and target audience. This will make or break your success or failure. But how do you personalize your content?

Keep these things in mind:

  • Help solve your audience’s problems
  • Provide additional knowledge and satisfy your target audience’s curiosity
  • Answer your target audience’s questions
  • Offer new insights and better ways on how to solve and do things
  • Persuade your target audience

By doing any of the above, you can create content that will match the needs of your customers.

Start Investing In Blogs

Despite the changing times, one thing remains the same, blogging is considered one of the most effective tips in enhancing a brand’s online presence. However, it is important to note that blogging is not just about creating posts. You also have to invest in it.

One of the most critical marketing strategies today is blogging. Around 52% of a content marketing survey agree to this. Approximately 40% of the respondents agree that blogging tops email newsletters and social media content.

Hubspot has also released data where the companies who have more blog posts per month have an increase in their traffic. According to this, the companies who published more than 16 posts in a month have more than 3.5 times traffic than the ones who only publish 0 to 4 blogs a month.

If you’re looking for the best channel to show your content, consider blogging.

Do Email Marketing

Well, high-quality content is still essential. However, you need a marketing strategy to reach your audience easily. This is where email marketing is most commonly used.

With the rise of mobile technology, more and more people are receiving emails faster, anytime and anywhere. Aside from this,

it has helped evolve the way people receive emails daily. According to statistics, 91% of more than 2 billion email users nowadays check their emails regularly. That’s a lot of numbers.

Improve your online presence by taking advantage of this. You can easily integrate email in your existing marketing campaigns and watch as your sales go up.

One way to increase your conversions and traffic is to personalize your email’s content. Match it to your campaign theme or brand image. Not only that but email marketing is said to be cheaper than all the other marketing strategies. As such, it is highly recommended for those who are new to the business.

Capitalize on this tool as it will still be around in the following years.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

The popularity of mobile phones has changed the Internet and its usage. It has also given birth to a lot of marketing trends.

Now according to one of the reports released by Hootsuite and We are Social, there are around 4 billion Internet users all over the world, and roughly 52 percent of the web traffic is from mobile users!

With that figure, it is recommended that you make sure your website is mobile friendly so those billions of people using mobile devices can easily find you. Also, check that you have a great user experience. With a mobile-friendly site, you can easily achieve this.

Don’t just do it for the traffic. Responsive web design and mobile-friendliness are essential ranking factors when it comes to search engines. When you get on the good side of Google, you will reap a lot of benefits, including becoming more visible to everyone.

Go Social

If you want to boost your online presence, one thing that you should never forget is social media. Nowadays, who doesn’t have a social media account?

You can easily reach your target audience with this tool. After all, it is the main reasons why people are in front of their mobile devices and computers for so many hours. Almost every kind of content is on social media. And why not use it to grow your business and website?

With Facebook having more than 2 billion monthly active users, what better platform to promote your products than here? A lot of big companies and renowned influencers from all over the world use the power of social media to help increase their brand awareness and grow their network.

One thing you should keep in mind though is that you have to know which platform will suit your brand. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your time and effort.


Having a strong online presence is essential if you want to make more sales and reach your target audience. With the boom of the Internet, you shouldn’t just settle to only one marketing strategy. Follow the tips listed above and exert some effort in your brand marketing to stand out from the crowd.

What other marketing strategies do you use to increase your online presence?