7 Quick Blogging Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger

Successful Blogger

Blogging is no more a pastime for many. These days it is the way of making money online. Like me, all digital marketing professional will agree that blogging as one of the best organic ways to build backlinks and build a personal brand of yours. So what you want to achieve with blogging is up to you but to be a successful blogger what you need is to write engaging blog posts.

In this article I have discussed some useful blogging tips to become a successful blogger. The tips I have for you, are short and concise. Hope you will like it.

Here the list of quick tips to become a better blogger.

Turn blogging into storytelling

Don’t make blog posts a playground of jargons because they will be heavy on readers. So before you plan to draft something, you need to understand the psyche of readers first. Everyone loves to something that’s crispy, informative and lucid. Dish them out exactly what they want. Make blogging as easy and informal as is storytelling. This will amount to user engagement and your blog will pick visitors.

Sharing is caring

At the time of having a lighthearted conversation with someone, you share many of your details, don’t you? Similarly your blog cannot reflect a conversational style unless you share your feelings with readers. Here feeling doesn’t mean your personal feelings, but what you feel about the topic on which the post is about. Your point of view shouldn’t be objective but personalized. You might appear opinionated, but that’s the point of blogging.

The three ‘I’s

Success in blogging depends on three ‘I’s: information, interaction and inspiration. A powerful blogger informs users what they don’t know, interacts with them through a comprehensive style and inspires them to carry out certain task. Unless your blog post doesn’t inform, interact or inspire, you won’t succeed as a blogger.

Length and depth

The length of the post should be commensurate with its depth. If you are writing on a trifling topic, the post shouldn’t be too long. If it covers one or more critical issues, it needs to be lengthy. Bloggers oftentimes fail to understand this. The result is we either come across blogs lacking refreshing ideas and only consisting of fillers, or blogs written on a pivotal topic but too short to read and conceptualize.

Write more often

The only way to become a celebrated writer from a mediocre writer is to write more often. Bloggers, whose writing is not up to the snuff, often hesitate to write more. They need to understand their being mediocre is the reason to write regularly. Constant writing helps a writer to identify the errors and to away with them.

However, flying blind is not a solution. It takes time to improve the quality of writing. I remember, when I started writing during my early days, it was too hard for me to write even a 300 word article. So wannabe bloggers should be patient. Some useful ways to become better writer is to attempt to replicate your favorite writer’s style, keep writing without a pause and then spend time on editing. There are many strategies to put at work but unless you write more often, the strategies won’t work.

Identify your readers

To many bloggers, their blogs are the only way to earn money. With time they realise there’s hardly any difference between them and someone who runs a mainstream business. It is important for a business to identify its customers; similarly, bloggers need to move readers apart from visitors. A site can be visited by thousands; that doesn’t mean everyone visiting the site is a reader.

Question is how to identify the real readers. A real reader is one whom the blog attracts. He likes to visit the blog every once in awhile. He is full of ideas and wants the authors to know about them. And he wants to interact. You need to give your readers options so they could interact with you. That’s how you could spot a dedicated reader and regularly communicate with them so the site could always retain its reader-base.

Selective publishing

After making a footing in the blogging industry you will want to solidify it. To do that you need to choose quality over quantity. Do not publish everything and anything. Publish only those blogs that are qualitatively better than the others. Quality in this context should be defined as an assortment of different elements. Style of writing, the topic of the blog, the information you put in, the perspective, etc are some of the elements that make up the quality.

The seven quick tips could help you become a better blogger. Even though the word better is ambiguous, you could always improve. One thing is really important, do not practice the tips stated above in isolation. There should be coherence and that would only be possible when you put all the tips to use together.

Do you agree with my analysis? Or got any of your own tips to share? What do you think of the seven tips that we discussed in the blog? Can you suggest any other quick-tip? Do share it with us by posting a comment below.