7 Steps to Double Your Instagram Following

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In today’s world where the internet has become a necessity for human beings, and social media is overtaking every media, people are consistently engaging themselves in new social networking websites to get connected with friends, family, and new people. Social media has changed the way we communicate with each other. Before social media things were very basics and simple, but now with so many social websites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr we tend to use a specific website for specific sharing. We even got a separate platform for sharing our images when Instagram was founded in 2010.

Instagram, when it started, was seen only as a picture sharing community which had no potential for social media marketing. But if we look at Instagram now, we can see how it has changed and we can also see that Instagram is now one of the biggest social media networking platforms that offers an excellent way of social media marketing. So much so that people are looking into growth agencies that can offer the likes of this Ingramer alternative and other service packages offered by similar companies.

Here in this article we will tell you seven steps that will help you boost your Instagram following in no time.

Establish a clear profile

The first step towards gaining followers on Instagram is to make a clear profile. While creating a profile and sharing photos or adding a description to your bio, make sure that you are being very clear and neat. Do not be all over the place, pick a suitable profile picture that is related to your Instagram account and that defines it. Then make sure that the description you are going to write in the bio is very specific and tells well about your Instagram account, also add a website link in the bio if you have any. In last make sure that you share related photos only use nice descriptions on them and you post consistently.

Make your own style pattern in your profile

If you want to gain followers you have to be different, you need to show why you are different and you will need to add creativity to your posts. You can establish your identity by choosing your own style pattern. You need to develop a theme to your account that will make you interesting and different from other Instagram accounts. For example, when you posts your pictures you add motivational quotes to it and that becomes your signature and people will sense your posts easily or you can create a similar theme for your images which could be a photo filter maybe or a photo frame. These kinds of things show that you have your own pattern of Instagram posting you are original and you are unique.

Use the right hashtags

If you are posting consistently on Instagram and your posts are not reaching as many people as you want or are not getting the response you wanted then you might not be using hashtags at all or maybe not using it properly. Hashtags are very important when you are posting on a social networking site like Instagram. In order to make your post successful and your hashtags work, you would have to be very precise about your hashtags. Pick the best or the hashtags that are most related to your Instagram account. Also, make sure that the hashtags you are using are trending well. So, if you choose the right hashtags it is guaranteed that your post will show better response and you will get a significant increase in your followers.

Use Instagram Video feature

As we know when Instagram was started it was just a picture sharing website and nothing more. But within the time the site has developed a lot and has improved so much that it is among the top social networking websites now. Within the introduction of Instagram stories and Video feature, it has attracted many followers. You can always use Instagram’s video feature to entertain your audience with creative videos. You can use videos for giving an insight on your Instagram or whatever business or personality you are promoting through it. And now Instagram has even introduced the live video feature as well, which is an excellent feature and you can address your followers live. So keep using Instagram video feature in creative ways and that will get you a lot of followers.

Be consistent with your posting

While using an Instagram account, which you want to have more following, you need to make sure that you are posting consistently. It does not matter if you are using Instagram for a personality or for business if you want to gain followers you need to be posting regularly. An Instagram account which only posts once in awhile or is not consistent at all will never gain a big number of followers. So you need to be very regular with your posting. Plan your posting before, you should be aware of how many times you are going to post in one day and at what time you are going to post also make sure you follow your theme. So, if you are an active user of Instagram and are posting consistently you will gain followers quickly.

Use Instagram stories to attract audience

The most recent feature that was added to Instagram last year was Instagram stories. The feature has changed and improved the application so much that it has now 600 million active users on it. The idea of Instagram stories was not much different than the idea of famous picture stories sharing website Snapchat. But with the exception of other features that Snapchat lacks, Instagram has beaten it and is now covering its markets shares as well. You can create interesting and creative Instagram stories for your Instagram account that will catch the eye of the audience. If you create interesting stories and the audience starts to like it, you will gain a lot of followers. So, use this new feature of Instagram to gain more followers and make sure that you are creating the best Instagram stories that are out there.

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