A Complete Guide to the Career of a Freelancer

Career of a Freelancer

Pursuing the regular official job might not be your personal choice throughout your life. After having a bad day in the office while dealing with some unreasonable customers, attending pointless meetings you might want to shift your attention towards those attractive freelancing jobs.

But, the toughest challenge is to find the legitimate jobs for moving forward. In order to kick start your career as a freelancer, there is a need for you to become conscious about detecting the scams on the market. Sometimes even the most legitimate offers don’t pay you the amount you deserve.

Here is a list of legitimate works, which you can think about pursuing from your home as a freelance worker.

Work of a Writer and Editor

Working as a freelance writer can actually be a good option for you. Working with a wide variety of clients would definitely let you know many unknown things about the field. Although how much you are going to earn from the job depends essentially upon your way of working and speed. Sometimes a college degree is essential for getting the job of a online content writer, but as long as you can write well, the degrees will not create any difference.

Graphic Designer

Just like the content writers, graphic designers have a lot of scope for working as a freelancer. According to the expert reviews, a freelance graphic designer can earn more than $890 per week.


A freelance photographer who has a specialization over a particular genre of photography can definitely think about conducting his or her business. Think about choosing the field of wedding photography or portrait makings due to the chances of a high income.

Social Game Development

Social gaming will stay in fad as long as the social networking sites will be there. Thus, for the freelance game developers this can be a golden opportunity. Opt for the online programming courses for becoming a master of this field.

Online Tutoring

Unlike the old fashioned tutors, who generally give lessons to their students in their homes, online tutors are more in demand. Thus, if you have a college degree, you can think about providing online tuition to the students. This is one of the best financial career, which you can pick.

Advantages of Becoming a Freelancer

There are a number of benefits, which has the capacity of leading you towards pursuing the career of a freelancer.

  • Working as a freelancer can definitely let you be your own boss as you can do whatever you want in the given time.
  • Freelancing would let you choose the field you like. Working on your favorite topic can easily bring you the success.
  • You would be able to charge your fees according to the effort you have to put in a particular project.
  • No matter how large the project you are handling as a freelancer, you can have the full profit of your hard work.
  • As you are not going to work as a regular employee, the chances getting yourself involved in office politics are quite less.

Disadvantages of Working as a Freelancer

In spite of the above mentioned benefits of working as a freelancer, there are some disadvantages too. So, have a look at the other side too.

  • As a freelancer there is no guarantee of receiving a regular paycheck. So, you need to get yourself used to the uncertainty of freelancing.
  • It can become hard for you to plan for the holidays as you never know when they will call you for work.
  • When you work all by yourself without taking the help of an employer then, you need to take all the responsibility of the job.
  • As you are not working under an employer, the chances of getting some benefits like- dinner or lunch treat, a free laptop, bonuses, etc are quite low.
  • There is a chance of getting isolated due to your freelancing job as the chance of having a regular conversation with your fellow workers is not there.

How Can you Become a Successful Freelancer?

It takes a lot for one to plan their career as a freelancer. The success depends mainly upon the level of your hard-work and the imaginative power, which you are going to use.

Here are some of the qualities, which a good freelancer needs to posses.

Skills: At first try to build the required skills and knowledge in the specific field of freelancing. Thus, you need to practice your gathered knowledge for honing the skills.

Make Some Connections: It is essential for you to make a strong connection with your fellow freelancers for getting the support. The professional association in your field will enable you to shine as a well known freelance worker.

Learn the Art of Denying: If you don’t have any specialization in a particular field, then avoid making any commitment regarding that project. Disappointing someone with a wrong process of working might create a permanent patch on your career as a freelancer.

Know your Worth: Conduct a research before fixing the rate of your work. Generally the cost of hiring a freelancer is much higher than hiring an employee. Wrong detection of your work might lead you towards facing some huge loss.

Important Tools for the Freelancers

Along with the above mentioned qualities, there are some essential tools too, which are used by the successful freelancers.

  • The most preferred tool of the freelance writer is the OpenOffice tool. This really effective writing platform allows the users to finish their work promptly.
  • Freelancers should use some communication tools like Skype for maintaining a connection with their audience.
  • In order to fill the annual tax returns, the freelancers generally use tools like TaxACT. This tool can make the whole process more easier.

Working as a freelancer can provide you with a number of opportunities like leading a trouble-free life. In spite of the uncertainties of the field, you will definitely enjoy the diversity of this work. Most of all, it will provide you with the power of working individually.