A Successful “Video Marketing Strategy For Business” 2021

Video Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing has wholly revolutionized the scope of marketing. Earlier pamphlets and hoarding were the mode of marketing, but today we have options like ads, video, and affiliate marketing at our disposal to harness sales for our product.

The marketing has et taken another leap. Mere posting thing about the products and services is not enough. We ought to use Video Marketing to harness more audience for our development. Around 81% of the companies have video marketing as a part of their marketing strategy.

In future, more than 82% of the internet traffic will be video content. Thus, your business must have a strong video marketing strategy so that your business is not left behind.

Here is a fantastic video marketing strategy for your business

#1 Identify the goal of the video

The initial step of video marketing strategy is to understand the goal you are creating the video—based upon the purpose, you need to build a story surrounding it. You need to identify at which stage you want to make the video. There are three stages:

  • Awareness: At this stage, the buyer identifies that they have the problem. It would help if you showed them the solution which you have to offer them. For this purpose, use branding videos as they fetch a new audience.
  • Consideration: Under this section, the people are looking for the solution to your problem. They are actively looking for a recommendation, testimonials, and budget-friendly solutions.
  • Decision: These videos are for those customers who know the solution to the issue. The focus of such videos is to create a strong image of the product in the customer’s mind. Strengthen the goodwill of your product with client satisfaction and prove to them that your product is the best.

You should create different video for every stage to get effective results.

#2 Know who your audience is?

Once you have understood the goal of your video then, you need to identify who needs that product. It means you need to determine who your audience is. Nobody will like to get tea if they order coffee. Similarly, if people do not need the product to see this video, it will create a negative impact rather than a positive one.

It would help if you had a clear buyer persona. It is the pool of all those people who will need your product. Do you need to identify Who are you’re the buyers? How does your product solve their problem? What type of services and content do they want? What is the goal of the video? Where does your audience hang out majorly, which will act as the medium for video distribution?

Once you identify these areas, you will know who you need to pitch this video exactly.

#3 Knit a strong storyline

Video Marketing strategy is all about getting more sales in comparison to existing ones. But that won’t happen until you have a great storyline to pitch to your audience. Nobody would like your video if you start directly by listing your product. You need to understand the thought process of the customer and formulate a story by it. The report should have the following:

  • The Protagonist: The person who faces the same challenges like you do.
  • The Problem: This is the issue that needs a remedy.
  • Finding a Solution: After addressing the case, you need to suggest the solution to it.
  • Outcome: Pitching your product or service as the solution to the problem.

It is the key to a well-knit story that addresses the issue and helps you discover the solution to it. The video should also possess emotion so that you can connect on an emotional level with the buyer. Set the scene in such a manner that it hits the heart of your audience. The props, clothes, location should synchronize with the audience.

#4 Have a dedicated Timeline

Each video should have a dedicated timeline as you must stick to it. The timeline should include all the aspect from shooting to editing and then to further distribution. You can also prepare a micro-timeline for each subs-section. The timeline will keep you on track, and you will have the exact idea about future requirements as well.

You can also design the timeline for all the department working on a particular video. The production team will have its timeline, production will have its timeline, and social media will have its schedule to distribute the video.

#5 Keep your budget in mind

You should have a clear budget in the starting so that you can work in the given budget. Identify the possibility of resources and equipment in the given budget. You should also need to identify which part we can shoot inside the house and which one outside.

You should also have explicit knowledge about the current pay scale related to a job. Before hiring anyone with a much higher pay scale might cause you an issue. Thus, look around and gather information for the services you will require and then invest in them.

Last few words

Digital Marketing is a vital tool at your disposal that can give wings to your business. Remember, this marketing is dynamic, and new things keep on coming daily. Thus, keep yourself enriched with the latest digital marketing trend and implement them.