Common Lies You Should Never Believe From SEO “Gurus”

knowledge of SEO

Today, SEO is much popular than it was 10 years ago. So the rules associated with the SEO practices are also getting popular than ever. That is the reason many SEO experts use these rules to make false promises and make money off you.

Someone with little knowledge of SEO is likely to fall for the trap. Whether you have a small business or large, no doubt you need SEO to take your business further to reach you customer online.

However, these popular rules don’t guarantee a successful ranking in the Google and those ranking in the first page SERP aren’t the most relevant or the best websites either.

Here is what you should know about the popular SEO rules that truly help your business excel.

SEO Means High Quality Content

Content is King. This is the popular phrase that is seen across the various platforms on the internet – articles, news, blogs, pictures and what not. I don’t deny it. But, great contents don’t always make the cut in the ranking. It actually is the POPULARITY OF THE CONTENT do and all it depends on how the content is marketed. As for the quality of the content, not all top ranked websites have original or great contents but all they have a highly effective CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY. You can find many sites rank with very less or no content at all.

Most popular sites like MASHABLE rely on freelancers to churn out articles that are just curated content from across the internet. If you need to rank first, you will need content that is for sure, WHAT MATTERS MOST IS A GREAT CONTENT MARKETING CAMPAIGN.

Follow Google Rules to Rank Higher

SEO practices today are quite different than what it was a decade ago. Back then it was easy to manipulate the Google ranking – not anymore. GOOGLE HAS GOT SMARTER AND USES ADVANCE METHODES AND TOOLS TO WEED OUT ANYTHING THAT TRIES TO MANIPULATE IT. But, again Google has its own agenda. It doesn’t care for your ranking; all it cares is that you use its AdWords. There is where the profit lies.

The point here is: not to put too much trust on what Google’s Terms and Conditions says. If everyone became an expert on SEO nobody will need AdWords. And, that’s the last thing Google wants.

Putting Keywords in your Domain Works Does Not Work

Well we all know about Google Exact match Domain (EMD) algorithm update. Actually, it does work no matter what the other SEO experts are saying. This is one of the best strategies if you want to rank for a particular keyword or keywords. This works extremely well. Don’t neglect this factor when trying to rank first in the Google SERPs.

Buying Links – You Will Get Penalty

It is often alleged that buying links to get traffic back to your site might land you on the wrong side of Google. This is slightly overrated, since it is impossible for Google to classify a definition of purchased link.

I have conducted several experiments with some purchased links for months, consistently hoping Google will catch that will put a penalty. But so far… Nothing has happen as expected. But the crucial factor here is to be selective.

Google’s webspam team has all the incentive, brainpower and money in the world, yet link buying isn’t going away, no matter how much we wish it would.

Black Hat SEO Does Not Work

Using alone the white hat SEO isn’t going to do you any good, nor will focusing on black hat SEO. With white hat SEO, you may not get the desired results and using too much of black hat technique may land you in trouble with the Google. You don’t want to risk it either.

What is the best solution? – Combining both the techniques and staying in the safe zone.

I Know Google Algorithms

Unless you are the one designing algorithms for the Google or you work for the Google, you cannot claim to be an expert on Google algorithms. And, anyone who claims this is either a delusional or trying to trick you on believing them. Don’t run after the guy who says he knows everything about Google algorithms because no outsider can.

SEO rules and practices are the ever changing variable in the digital marketing scenario and some of the popular and obvious rules aren’t that relevant today. The criteria here is to find the best solution that suits your business and the one that is not a part of the jargon.