Content Marketing, Content Strategy and Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

In the digital marketing world, the terms content marketing, content strategy and content marketing strategy are often used interchangeably. But, contrary to the popular conception they are not the same things. They might come close to sharing a couple of things, but their objectives and functions remain entirely exclusive to their respective fields.

The confusion and ignorance regarding the terms still exist because not many have put efforts to clarify the difference. Even the job skills required for content marketing and content strategist sometimes overlap, thus creating even more confusion.

It is vital to understand the difference and importance of each term so that they can be used rightly for the maximum benefits. Foraying into the content marketing world is like going into the sea to find a one tiny thing. So, here is a basic understanding of the content marketing, content strategy and content marketing strategy:

Content Strategy

Any campaign requires planning and organizing and online campaign is no different. For a business to achieve its goal and succeed in the tough competition scenario will need a strong content strategy, which basically deals with planning, creation, delivery and controlling of the contents across the various platforms. The content includes everything from words to images to videos – anything that is needed to convey the message or provide specific information. The basic goal of the content strategy is to create contents that are meaningful, engaging and has the power to move the readers or viewers.

Your content strategy tells you what contents need to be created and why it should be created – the objective and requirements of your business or personal goals.

The goal of a content strategist is to identify how the contents of the organization can be created and used to influence people’s experience with the brand through a strategy which includes:

  • Creating a blueprint of what content you need in order to accomplish your goals.
  • Creating content plan and formats to be used
  • What style to be used across all media channels for creating a consistent brand image?
  • Using keyword research to drive content strategy

Content Marketing

Content marketing on the other hand is totally different thing even though it is a part of the content strategy when seen in the larger perspective. Like the marketing department of any organization and anywhere else, the purpose of content marketing is to deal with distribution of the content over the media and attract and retain customers through relevant contents and information sharing. It exits to improve user’s experience with the brand so that they remain loyal to it for a long time.

Content marketing uses various social media tools like the blogs, podcasts, articles, videos, infographics, email newsletters and social media post to generate interest which ultimately leads to traffic and then conversion.

Content marketing goals are:

  • Creating brand awareness across all the platforms
  • Lead generation.
  • Engagement and participation of the target audiences
  • Promoting sales
  • Customer retention and loyalty

What is the Basic Difference Between the two?

Although, at some point of time they may sound similar, there is a great difference between the content strategy and content marketing. They are both needed to create the strong online campaign that your business or client needs. The content strategy is the foundation of content marketing as it provides the basic ingredient for marketing. Yet creating a marketing strategy is totally different than content strategy as the later doesn’t actually focus on the distribution and generating leads.

Content strategy is all about producing the product or services while content marketing concerns itself with the distribution and promotion of the same product and services.

Now, where does the content marketing strategy come into play?

Now, you know what content strategy is and what content marketing is. The next part of the enigma is the content marketing strategy. Again, this term is widely used interchangeably with content strategy and content marketing.

The most interesting thing is content marketing strategy combines some of the objectives and functions of both content strategy and content marketing. Content marketing strategy lies somewhere in between the content strategy and content marketing. When the objectives of both content strategy and content marketing overlap, you have your content marketing strategy as depicted in the picture.

The Importance of knowing the difference

The only benefit of knowing the difference between this seemingly similar terms is that it helps you set the goals and that too the right one. When you understand the difference and importance of each term, you will end up with a better strategy and plan for achieving the goals.

Since, the confusion over the terms isn’t going to clear up in near future, it is important that the marketers and anyone who is interested in content marketing must be aware of such confusions.