Content Marketing Techniques that Triple Your Search Traffic!

Marketing your Content

Do you feel the speed at which digital marketing industry is changing?


If so, don’t worry, you are not alone! It will not be wrong to say that the effectiveness of using SEO techniques is constantly changing, without any halt.


Google is not only getting smarter but also more powerful with each update.


It can effectively understand the analytics related to the web pages and understand the essentiality of the web pages by keeping users within its functional framework. You may be wondering why right?


Why Google takes User Experience seriously?


Whenever a user posts any query, Google searches the best results to answer them within the SERPs. Or, it also sometimes directs the users to the appropriate ads instead of the various organic listings. 


In the process, Google makes money, simple! But it may not be in favor of some of us who completely rely on Google’s organic search as a sole lifeline.


It is because the SERPs are constantly changing, and to be honest, it may not be for the better for most of us! In that case, you need to know the essential SEO techniques to keep up with the continuous updates and drive more organic traffic to your website, no matter whatever rule changes, right? 


Here, with the top SEO techniques, you can rely on to make your website more convincing for the users to trust.


Effective SEO techniques to drive organic traffic


Improving your user experience across the entire website


Let us kick off things more precisely if we are doing so! Here is what Google gave as an explanation for its goal as a search engine:

Like any of the trending search engines, they also have the objective to find the best and relevant results for each user’s queries. If they fail in this aspect, users will be less likely to use the search engine again.


That being said, Google is master at doing this and makes it the best search engine in the world- by far! So, the take-aways for you here are:

If your website looks untrustworthy, amateurish, or outdated, it’s high time you update it.


If your website takes a long time to load or is slow in functionality, fear that your potential users are less likely to bounce back to the SERPs effectively. Plus, the bounce rates of the affected pages will drastically increase. Yes, Google hasn’t declared any of such functionalities officially; there is much evidence supporting that. 

The giant search engine does reward sites with low bounce rates and helps them with better rankings as well.


Make all your contents easy to read and follow!


If you are formatting content for the web, make sure it is done for human users and not for web spiders! To stand a high chance to increase your organic traffic effectively, you need to step in a progressive direction. Ensuring that the content is well optimized and increasing readability can do wonders for your website!


So, how do you do that?


Writing quality content is one factor!


If you are not writing the content with quality standards kept intact, nothing out of the following pints would ever matter to you! Yes, formatting will matter, but only when paired up with great ideas. There have to be compelling deliveries of the content you write and also error-free spelling and grammar.


Shorter paragraphs are a must.


It is best if you can limit each of the paragraphs to 3-4 sentences. Indeed, you can effectively use the one-sentence sections to make them highlighted among other texts. But, make sure you put them sparingly on the web; otherwise, people will read them like a grocery list!


Does mixed sentence length work?


Yes! Even if long sentences are hard to follow, they can still be used sparingly and individually. They work great when mixed with shorter sentences. It helps increase the readability of your content and makes it simple to read and follow.


Using the bucket bridges to keep the flow is an excellent idea!


Are you wondering how the meaning was accepted from a chain of people out of a vivid fire to a tactic belonging to copywriting? When writing, a bucket bridge is a continuous series of words that effectively bridges one idea to the next to maintain the flow.


Thus, when you keep the flow, make sure you are thinking as per the user’s interest and not in a random state.


The bottom line


Sticking to the best SO techniques to increase organic traffic can be one of the best ideas to be updated on the web. With the above-stated tricks, you can understand and realize the importance of a successful SEO for your business website.


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