Digital Marketing Trends that are Ruling in 2016

digital marketing trends

Perhaps, today’s customer is much more educated than they were ever before. Now, their exposure is not just limited to the products and services, but it has widened to something bigger that has made them even stronger. The customer of today is so much into the devices and different social media platforms that they know everything, right from the beginning until the end.

Today they do not need to enter the stores for uncovering latest products or services. All they need to do is visit one of their social media platforms and get updated info on everything. In short, we are living in a world full of digital innovations, which is updated every other second.

So, what’s really trending in this magical digital world in 2016? Well for that, you will have to look into the trends right here!

Advertise on Snapchat

What has already taken over the social media world by storm is one and only Snapchat. No matter if it is pictures videos, or drawings, everything is promoted here. Until now, only a few brands are seen here, but as the year will end, you will see almost all of them promoting themselves right here at this platform. Moreover, the promotion here is limited. Yes, it comes with an expiration date. So, you have to be innovative and novel, when posting something to Snapchat. Just click pictures of your services or products and be ready to make it viral over this platform to reach everyone around the world.

Use Instagram

The people that surround us today believe in visual stimulation. And, what can be a better platform than Instagram to reach the entire world and share the experiences of your life? Instagram has recently been proposing the crowd for paid advertising opportunities through developer partners including 4C, SocialCode, Unified etc. Yes, that has not happened yet, but as we will proceed this year, it will be available to everyone. So, why not prepare yourself right now to win your way through this paid advertising technique. Let those creative juices flow through the mind in thinking what can be the best way to promote the services and products on the Instagram.

Keep an eye on their interest through Pinterest

This might have been one of the most ignored social media channels until now, but now this has gained popularity all over the world. Now, the majority of the sector has stepped into this platform using it for promoting their interests. Pinterest is soon going to introduce a new feature called ‘Animated Cinematic pin’, which will be there to target a particular person based on his interests. Yes, the animated pin will do it all. So, get ready for this unique but soon to be a popular technique to reach the world. One interesting fact about this animated pin is that it is set in motion when a user scrolls. So, you have the control on which video you are going to watch. You will be glad to know that brands like Nestle and Unilever have already laid their hands on this feature. And, they feel that it is simply awesome.

Content Marketing Strategy

As you know, the content is the king, but it is only a waste until and unless a powerful content marketing strategy steps in to make it viral among the crowd. So, keep an eye on the content marketing ideas and revamp the entire thing, if needed.

Predictive Analysis

The big data has always been an important thing for everyone, especially n the past two or three years. But, for digital marketers, this has become even more important as the year 2016 has started. So, now each one of them is focusing on how to utilize all the data, which they are collecting from their consumers. With the availability of such big data, marketers are now able to use it to highlight the patterns and trends, which in turn have lead to predictive analysis. And, with this, marketers are now engaging with their customers on an individual level to improve their ROI. So, as this year is proceeding, focus more on the power of predictive analysis while increasing the interactions with the customers.

Steady Social Media Strategy is Necessary!

In this year, do not just focus on talking about the products and services only. Be open to using your social media tool as a medium to connect and build long-term relationships with the customers. These days, users are actually looking for customer support rather than just reaching them with the information about the products only. And, this is what pushing most of the companies towards using social media channels actively. But, as you have chosen to be active on social media, don’t forget to maintain it on a regular basis.

Use Relevant Tools! Much with Less

Tyr using third party tools to simplify the task of marketing. Getting out and making it liked by the audience is tough and requires many efforts. So, why do not you utilize third party tools to shorten your task in no time? All you need to do is identify ideal tools that can suit your business needs and marketing strategies created by you.

Try Video Ads!

Perhaps, this is one of the most important tips to boost the success rate of your business in no time. Invest in ‘Video Ads’ to go on the right path of success. As Google is, at last, getting onboard with in-SERP video advertising, which means that people are bending more towards accepting the video ads rather than in any other form.

It seems that digital world has already changed with the arrival of 2016 and there is much more to come. So, let’s be prepared to adopt these trends for a few months that’s left in the year along with many coming years. Because these trends are here to stay!

It is, therefore, essential to follow these trends in 2016 and give your digital marketing a miraculous shape that will end up in amazing results for your business.

Article contributed by Jennifer from Digital Marketing Birds.