Effective Website Custom Audience Strategies – Facebook Remarketing

Facebook Remarketing

The Website Custom Audience in Facebook advertisement is extremely resourceful when it comes to retarget your website audience with custom Facebook messages. That not only helps to build a fan base but at the same time drives website traffic, build a email list and improves the sales. This powerful remarketing tool is just powerful enough for any size of business and not a disappointment at all.

If you are not using this awesome tool for your digital marketing purpose, you should start it now otherwise you are surely fall behind your competitors.

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In this post, I will cover the possible remarketing strategies for website custom audience in Facebook advertisement. 

Re-engage the website visitors:

One of the most feasible ways to use Website custom audience is to retarget those users who have visited your websites before and yet have refrained from being your consumer. At times users spring back from the website because they prefer to research about the products a little more or for that matter the products fails to appeal them. In such a scenario, custom audience retargeting on Facebook can certainly act as a great support in order to give those consumers a reason to reconsider your brand of products.

Aim at the website visitors on Mobile:

A great way to avail benefit from CWA is to retarget the users who have visited your website via a desktop device with an ad targeted for mobile. For instance, a marketer has the option to create a custom audience of the website visitors through desktop enabled devices especially for the people who have ditched the last leg of the shopping process. Furthermore, advertisers can put an effort to target those users whilst they are “at work “on their mobile instrument and thereby drive them to convert into your consumer.

Develop leads and connect consumers:

Of course there is not a shred of doubt in the fact that email still is touted to be the most doable platform as far as lead nurturing and customer connect is concerned. However custom audiences provide another lucid alternative like Facebook campaign which can certainly come handy to develop leads and engage customers. Basically, if a Facebook campaign is formed with a clear cut idea to exceed the reach of leads and furthermore if the KPIs are designed precisely, marketers can surely be greatly benefited by this.

Opt for cross-selling to the existing consumers:

One of the most imperative ways that the advertisers can avail to bring enhancement in sales is custom audiences. Basically, with the help of custom audiences, marketers can have it quite easy to retarget their top level existing customers. Moreover, by re-engaging the existing customers, advertisers can enjoy a great flow of repeat sales which indeed is a good sign in business perspective. Furthermore, with the support of custom audiences, marketers can generate some new segments consists specifically the converting visitors. And thereby re-target those visitors to Facebook with the same kind of products or for that matter with the products on similar lines.

When you create a WCA, the default duration to track the visitors is 30 days which can be extended upto 180 days. So you can reach anyone who visited specific pages or your website in the past 30-180days.

Have you ever used WCA? Feel free to share your success story in comments.