Essential Elements for Creating Content to Ranks Better in SERPs

Ranks Better in SERPs

While writing for the web may sound easy, it is far from it especially when you are trying to rank better in search engines. No matter how excellent your writing is, if it does not satisfy the criteria, your content may never get noticed. It is not always necessary to keep the Google in mind or the algorithm when writing a piece. But, there are a few things that definitely help contents to rank better than the others.

There are instance that some high quality content do not get noticed while other contents easily get excellent ranking. This happens when the content lacks the technical structure or terms or keywords that are so necessary for the search engines to rank content. Along with a great writing ability, you must have the flair for using all the technical techniques for creating that perfect content your website.

Whether you are a company or an individual trying to make your content rank better, here are some important ingredients that quality content should have:

Use appropriate title

Meta titles are very important for better ranking. Although, the title character limit for the Meta is juts 55, you can still create title that is both descriptive yet in appropriate length. What this will do is give the readers clear idea about the page as well as satisfy the ranking needs of the SERPs. Social media platforms like the Facebook has decided to put an end to click bait titles, which are often found to be misleading, false and sometimes vague. The motto behind creating a genuine title is to respect your audiences and provide them with quality content.

Headlines that Speaks Volume of the content

For any content to generate the fair amount of popularity, it is important to have a very engaging headline. The headlines should be short enough to be very read in one instance. Just like the Meta titles, your content headlines should be short, crisp and full of information. The right headlines will also make search engines like the Google to recognize the motto of the content and help in ranking better in the SERPs. Again, you can go all creative with your headlines. You can use subheadings to make the content even more organized and easy to skim. You can also use more than one H1 headline in your content but only if it does justice to your content.

Thorough Research for quality content

It is vital that whatever content you write for your audiences, it should add value to their lives. For that, you need to write a thoroughly researched content. A thoroughly researched content will be rich in quality and information that actually benefits your audiences. For instant, if your content is about writing a book, then your target audiences must feel that they have gained some knowledge and techniques about writing a great piece.

Optimized content for Social media

If you want to rank better then you cannot ignore the social media, which has become a vital part of internet marketing. Create social media content that are easy to read, has optimized headlines, images and body that people will find it easy to connect with. Remember, social media is a whole different territory and need a different approach.

Use keywords carefully

When it comes to keywords, the jury is still out there. Some may consider it very important while others don’t see it as important as it was before. The Google no longer takes keyword stuffing as the main criteria for ranking, but that doesn’t mean you should not use them. All you have to do is use the relevant keywords that does not look forced, and serves the purpose of providing you better ranking in the SERPs.

Length of the Content

The length of the content greatly depends on the industry you are writing for. While longer content may help you get the desired ranks in the SERPs, it may become tedious for your readers, which will affect the amount of time they spend on the website. Make sure that you create content that is in appropriate length, is engaging, and the ranking will come in its own accord.

There are like so many important ingredients for creating the right content for your target audiences, but you only need a few of them to create an engaging content that matters.