Here are the Top Facebook Updates You Need to Know in 2021!

Top Facebook Updates

Nothing is better than updating things. The same goes for social media platforms. If not updated, it may seem more of a bug than a success. Facebook updates are always in the works. That means they are always new and fresh opportunities to get ahead of the other competitors.

Need for an update?

It is rightly said that the only constraint in this world is changing, agreed? It is said by Greek philosopher Heraclitus, indeed, which cannot be proved, but definitely, he was talking about the need to change continuously for good.

Sometimes, it has a change of delight (see: the introduction of messenger). Sometimes, they may be causing a mass outrage (see: any time the interface is redesigned). But one thing remains as it is: Facebook never in timeframe rests on its laurels!

You will always find something new in the works, which means that there are always new opportunities for your business and brand to get ahead of its competitors.

This reason drives us to keep this page updated regularly, and it spotlights the most important Facebook updates in this blog. Be sure to check back often to be updated (and maybe even bookmark this page?).

Top Facebook updates you need to know in 2021!

Facebook launches the all-new ways for content creators to monetize further!

Just in case you are not aware: we all live and think in a content economy. Now, it is big news: Facebook is doubling down its role as one of the top central marketplaces for creators. Indeed, you may have observed that from the year 2019 to the year 2020, the number of content creators who made over USD 10,000 monthly drastically grew by 88%. This year (2021), creators will probably make even more! Why? It is because Facebook introduces new ways to monetize their hard work on the platform.

Short video monetization is another new concept added!

Creators can now be able to earn revenue from short-form video. Previously, only videos that were three minutes or longer than that could be monetized. Now mid, pre, post-roll, and image ads can also be added and be monetized to videos as short as one minute.

In the coming few weeks, the Facebook platform will begin beta-testing for all Facebook Stories monetization with ads that would look like stickers.

Looser eligibility requirements are there!

Along with the broadened scope of video formats and shots comes a broadened scope of eligibility. With loosened criteria for all of you, more planners and creators will be eligible to tap and try into this revenue program from Facebook.

Contextually, to qualify for all the in-stream ads, the pages will have to have 600,000 total minutes of video viewed. Yes, that’s interesting. Indeed, this particular update can be in the form of any combination of live, on-demand, and saved live video views over the past two months or 60 days. The pages must also have at least five, or for the best approach, it can have more active video uploads or a greater number of saved live videos.

Live video ads are interesting!

Live video ads are interesting

Facebook is constantly expanding the ability and eligibility for all the creators to use ads effectively, that too, in live videos. Previously, you may know that this program was invite-only. Now, it got changed. The content creators will now have to have just 60,000 live minutes viewed in the last two months or 60 days. (Advertisers can effectively choose to exclude their different ads from being shown in all those live streams when setting up events and campaigns.)

For this, the content creators can effectively and appropriately check their eligibility or, in a click, submit their Pages for review, best through the Creator Studio.

Currently, Facebook launched its famous Stars program about six months ago from now. It is meant to allow creators and innovators to monetize fan interactions effectively during live streams.

Some said, “Facebook, stop trying to make Stars happen.” Indeed, Facebook didn’t listen, neither did they respond, and announced this month, in March 2021, that it will be investing $7 million shortly for this. It is to encourage and appreciate consumer education and adoption of Stars.

Practically speaking, from this, we can infer that select users will be able to see an offer to claim free Stars, which after that, they can send to their favorite content creators or innovators. (It’s like a celestial tip!) Creators have a chance to cash in those stars to increase their earnings.

Along with that, they are pushing the use of Stars in general, and Facebook is also announcing different enhancements to the program. Star senders will already be receiving badges to help them stand out in all the live chats; Indeed, the comments which are sent with Stars will also be pinned where all others can see them.

Additionally, it is interesting to note that Facebook has introduced virtual gifts for users and viewers to send to all content creators. (That sounds familiar, right?)

Don’t worry, and there is more to it! The Stars will also be tested for video-on-demand aspects in addition to Live.

Paid online events will be expanded to more countries and markets.

Facebook stars program: All you need to know.

Indeed, to successfully accommodate the shift of so many different in-person events and programs to the virtual model in this pandemic, Facebook has introduced a paid online program that was featured back in August. Reportedly, it was seen that the tool was a smash hit! It allowed content creators to continuously earn revenue through live podcast recordings, cooking classes, makeup tutorials, and many more.

Now, this feature from Facebook is expanding to 24 different countries: Argentina, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Morocco, New Zealand, Peru, Malaysia, Portugal, South Africa, Austria, Denmark, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey.

Not only that, in addition to opening up paid online programs and events for a bigger global audience in the coming few weeks, Facebook also has plans to unlock its best fan subscription feature to ten more markets. Isn’t that great!

Now the exclusion controls for advertisers in beta testing

Do you know that Facebook has just begun testing the famous “advertiser topic exclusion controls” with a small group of advertisers? If this sounds familiar to you, or does it seem like a bunch of unrelated words smashed together? In either of the cases, you’re not alone. We will help you understand- Here’s what this actually means:

In recent times, some advertisers have lately experienced problems with their ads as they appear in the News Feed. The news feed is next to topics that aren’t very on-brand. For instance, an ad for cutlery might, through random and different algorithmic chance, wind up and seem as being displayed next to a news story or post about horrible murder.

Contextually, to combat this sort of unfortunate and horrible accidental placement, Facebook is now headed to experimenting in which it allows advertisers to explicitly and successfully opt-out of placements near specific topics — for example, “Tragedy and Crime.”

Product testing and development is more likely to take much of this year, but it could successfully offer some of the most interesting new control changes for brands if and when it rolls out on a larger scale for the global audience.

New Conversions have an API that allows businesses to share server data with the ads manager successfully!

As we talk about privacy legislation and the different cookie policies as face changes, businesses may start to experience some new hiccups with Facebook’s pixel tracking feature. That is, to prevent disruption of the updates, the platform is planning to introduce a new Conversions API to pull data directly and appropriately from your server into Ads Manager.

The tool is built to optimize, target, and measure Facebook campaigns, as in the current context, pixel loses some effectiveness. What is the key here is that the API will be able to pull from your server, not your browser. Thus, it will help establish a more reliable data connection?

The business owners will have extra and added control over the data being shared and control the way it is shared, that is, to determine how it is being shared. That is also designed specifically to be less susceptible and less vulnerable to crashes or connectivity issues.

Account Status feature now comes to the Profile Settings menu! Woah, a useful change!

Here is what is said by Social media consultant (slash super Facebook gossip) Matt Navarra. Indeed, it was recently reported that Facebook successfully rolls out a new Account Status feature to the Profile Setting menu. This will be a new section that will effectively allow all the users to view any restrictions — prior or current — that have been applied to their account, pages, or groups.

It may seem a minor update, but if someone is able to pull information into one easy-to-view place, they can find it in your Account Settings Menu. It will be labeled with a briefcase icon. You have to tap, and you will be taken to your new Account Status screen.

If you cannot see this feature yet, sit tight, it will be there soon! Reports are that it’s rolling out widely and should reach your account soon.

Messenger integration added to Oculus: Yes, it’s true!

Messenger integration

In case you were feeling or counting onto the stars for being lonely in your virtual reality, Facebook has successfully added a new Messenger feature to its Oculus VR headset. If you have logged into Quest using the Facebook account, then you will be able to have the option to chat and start a conversation with friends through their Oculus device.

The bottom line

Change is the only constant in this digital world. With that, you may note some of the essential Facebook updates this year so that you are well updated with your favorite social media platform. It may seem small, but trust us, small things make a big difference in a virtual world make ours!