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The Search engine optimization industry has changed a lot in the last 2 years. But if you look deep, the core concept is same, where as the quality perspective of the SEO works has changed a lot.  Content is still the kind and Backlink is the Queen.

In the old days the quantity of the backlinks was the most important factor for ranking a website in Google but in early 2014 the penguin update changed the game. It made mandate that you build only quality links; there is no value for quantity anymore. Even all the blog networking sites lost their value in the process. So it is now time to audit your backlinks and find if your link portfolio is as per the Google guidelines.

Why Backlink Checking?

Before I write the importance of back link checking, let me first explain you about backlink.

When any website links back to your website, the link to your website is called as a backlink of your website where the text used to link is called as anchor.

Well, Now Why Backlink Checking?

Backlinks are the top most parameter of keyword ranking and building an authority site.  Google algorithm vastly relies on the backlinks of a site to rank it. A backlink can be a dofollow or nofollow. The dofollow links tell search engines to give value to the link where as the nofollow link does not pass any authority (link juice) to the linked site. When we say backlink, most of the time it points to do-follow links. But for better SEO, we need to make the links look natural. So you need both Do-follow and No-follow links pointing to your site in a natural a ratio.

These days Google has very strict guidelines regarding the quality of the backlinks. Small or big, if any website fails to follow it; they get perished for the violation and get removed from the index ubtill they fix it. They have updated the algorithm and named it as penguin. The most recent one is Penguin 3.0. You can read the complete history of penguin updates here.

So your backlink audit is very essential to find out the link quality and anchor variation (keywords used in linking). That helps building a better link portfolio. Also you can count the backlinks and take necessary steps to build more links or even follow the links pattern of your competitor to rank better in the SERP.

Backlink Checker Tools

Yes, backlink checker tools are specially design software that fetches every mention of your website in the internet. Their crawl report provides the easiest way to find all your backlinks in minutes, without much effort.

In this post I present you a list of best and free backlink checker tools available online.


Well this is a paid tool for commercial use. But you can get complete backlink and anchor text analysis, when you register for a free account. This tool provides the details about backlinks along with anchor breakdown. Click here to visit Ahrefs website.

Open Site Explorer

This is one of the best backlink checker tool in the list. Again this is a paid tool to use all its functions but the free option is also worthy useful. The best part is that you can compare your domain with your competitor’s stats. Click here to visit the website.


Webmeup, is another best and free backlink checker tool, which offers the maximum functions for free accounts in comparison to any other backlink checker tool. They show maximum links for even very small sites than other backlink checkers.  Visit website here.

BackLink Watch

Though the site is full of advertisements, Backlink Watch is an effective online backlink checker tool which helps you in your link building efforts. This tool is fast and shows upto 1000 of backlinks.

Hope you have enjoyed your time here. If you have a list of free backlink checker toll, feel free to share with the readers.

UPDATE on 18-Mar-2015

Free Backlink Tools

  • Rank Signals (

Paid Backlink Tools

  • OpenSiteExplorer (
  • Majestic SEO (
  • WebCEO (
  • Ahrefs (
  • cognitiveSEO Backlink Explorer (
  • linkbird (Backlink Checker / Linkmanager)