12 Glorious Secrets For Brands To Go Viral Using TikTok Marketing Strategies

TikTok Marketing Strategies

Are you on TikTok to grow your business? You have chosen the right place to market your brand. TikTok became the most engaging social media network in a short period, with about 856 million active users monthly. TikTok usage spreads over 150 countries in 75 languages. In 2020, the TikTok downloads reached more than 2 billion.

TikTok is now on fire, ruining the internet world. People spend the most time on social media sites either to burst out their stress or to know the latest updates. Since TikTok is a platform with short and attractive videos, the engagement rate surpassed nearly all famous social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

The potential of TikTok to bring popularity grows day by day with various features and updates. Then, businesses and brands found TikTok as the perfect place to implement their marketing plan. Brands with their quality content can prove their presence among different audiences globally.

Why TikTok Is Good For Brands?

In general, social media helps brands to improve their visibility. Likewise, TikTok is one of those sites that allows reaching global audiences across boundaries. TikTok becomes popular mainly among teenagers because of its unique features and short videos. The TikTok users can upload videos for 15 seconds that can extend to 60 seconds.

TikTok provides a way for brands to connect with new audiences and easily prove their online presence in the fascinating world. TikTok has the power to make your brand craze overnight. The engagement rate on TikTok is quite enough for brands to promote or sell their product.

So, your content with uniqueness, creativity, and quality will make your brand famous on TikTok. As a marketer, TikTok is the best route to capture the target audience’s eyeballs.

The 12 Glorious Secrets Of TikTok Marketing Strategy

TikTok Marketing

If your goal is to grow your brand, you are at the right place to explain the 12 unbelievable marketing strategies to maximize your success.

#1. Build Authentic Community

In recent days, the word “authenticity” revolves around all the social media channels to build a trustworthy relationship between your audiences. When you deliver original content on TikTok, it takes you to the place of success for your brand. Also, the actual content captures audiences who already have an interest in your brand.

The best way to find your target audiences is possible only through your worthier content. Start your experiments with various contents and improve your engagement rate to gather new users. One could not compel audiences to follow or purchase the product. Instead, reach them using your content filled with fun, creative, exciting concepts and explore your thoughts to audiences.

Know the audience’s interest and make content accordingly to keep them on your page. When an authentic community forms for your brand, the success will definitely knock at your doorstep with a huge fan base.

#2. Track The Trends On TikTok

In order to capture the attention of target audiences, a regular follow-up on TikTok trends is essential. Since TikTok is known for its trending videos, relate your content with a trending soundtrack to increase user engagement. TikTok makes your work easy in finding trending topics. Yes! The For You page on TikTok is the place where endless popular videos from different creators stream.

If you are new to TikTok, no worries about finding trending topics. The strength of FYP is, any user can discover popular videos without following anyone. Does it look interesting? Yes! The TikTok algorithm provides you with the trending videos as a gift when you sign in to your TikTok account. Watch the videos regularly and get ideas to make engaging content fit for your audiences.

When you notice the same music repeats on the FYP, then add them to your favorites and use them in your future content to grab new audiences. However, TikTok trends change rapidly, your eyesight on the FYP is essential to promote your brand.

#3. Publish User-Generated Content

The first and foremost technique leading to brand success is uploading the user-generated content on TikTok. The UGC content surprises you with higher engagement for your business. Your potential customers play an essential role in gaining engagement for your brand with UGC content. As a brand, you will definitely have loyal customers. Approach them individually and encourage them to prepare a short video about the experience of your product usage.

Unusually, on social media, people believe in other’s content or any references. So when the UGC content blinks on your TikTok page, it drives unexpected engagement more than your branded content. The power of UGC content brings potential views for TikTok videos by delivering your brand individuality to target audiences.

Your brand attains popularity among global audiences with your UGC content. Without any compulsion, your brand awareness increases with higher sales conversions.

#4. Trending Hashtags On Your Content

Hashtags originated from Twitter in the year 2017. But its popularity scatters on all social media platforms because it becomes the key factor to improve your brand visibility. Add trending hashtags for every content to find your brand by the target audiences. There are plenty of hashtags on TikTok where you can find it on the discovery page by typing a keyword. But concentrate on selecting tags that work out well for your content.

The advantage of hashtags for brands are:

  • Find your competitors to know the tricks for success.
  • Escalate your content reach among target audiences.
  • Turn up your followers count.

Though you include relevant hashtags, avoid using more generic hashtags because it will become tedious to show your content to a larger circle. Mixing up the popular hashtags with less generic ones catches the attention of new audiences.

Remember, a maximum of six hashtags will be sufficient to reach your target audiences with higher engagement.

#5. Share Stories To Add Value

TikTok grows with enormous users delivering content using various features. The great way to bring the audience’s engagement for your brand is to publish content in terms of exciting stories. Focus your thoughts on preparing valuable content that should become a helpful tip for audiences to implement in their personal lives.

For instance, come up with tutorial videos or share your success story that can become inspirational for your audiences. Keep them to stay on your page for your next update by making it a story. Share your brand value on TikTok to achieve growth among your audiences.

Gain TikTok bonus by adding funny content to your story videos. Also, share educational videos to use your product and build a strong trust between your followers. Nowadays, brands see success by publishing educational videos. TikTok is not only for lip-syncing videos but to share your exciting experience with your audiences.

#6. Repurpose Your Existing Content

Do not panic if you can’t deliver fresh content to your audiences. Since you are a brand, you will have a website, accounts on other social sites, and even blogs. Take those content that gained higher engagement and repurpose on making short videos to publish on TikTok. The idea of reusing your existing content on TikTok is the perfect strategy to bring out your style.

Repurposing content saves your time in searching for a concept. Just look at the existing content and prepare videos with the same idea to catch the engagement. The main point of TikTok is to show your brand presence, and repurposing your content is the apt method to attract audiences.

First, prepare a long-form of content fit for YouTube, blogs, or podcasts. Then, repurpose it by splitting it into multiple videos for 15 seconds to share on TikTok like a story.

#7. Attract Audiences In The Beginning

Get the audience’s impression from your first video itself. Deliver worthier content to grab the eyeballs of your target audiences. Since TikTok engages audiences with much popular content, make your video engaging to stay with your audiences on your account. If you found your target audiences, approach them directly to show off your talent with your marketing technique.

Show your brand outline with your exciting content to make audiences likely to follow you. The outlook of your video matters to increase engagement for the brand. When content with attractive captions stream on the FYP, people will watch your content and follow you back to wait for hearing upcoming content.

Also, perform competitor analysis to gain the idea of grabbing the audience’s attention and grow your TikTok profile organically.

#8. Be The First To Leave Comments

An excellent marketing tip to enlarge your engagement rate for your TikTok account is commenting on your niche post. Be the first person to comment on either your audience’s post or on your niche topic because it quickly grows your brand visibility. Most successful brands follow this method to gain the audience’s attention.

Usually, popular brands leave comments below their niche content and reply to the response. Do you know? The audiences read comments only from the first five people. So, use the method of leaving your first comment to initiate the spark for increasing followers count.

The content that you deliver on your comments may encourage audiences to join your community and listen to your thoughts regularly. The comments section gives pleasure to show your brand to different audiences.

#9. Go With Short Videos

The reason for the virality of TikTok is only because of short and engaging videos. It becomes easy for audiences to watch it again and again. Make your brand go viral by using the technique of publishing shorter videos with helpful content.

TikTok has the limit to create videos maximum of a minute. But the videos for a minimum of 15 seconds contribute to winning the concept of the TikTok algorithm. The videos down to 7-10 seconds will be even better to drive more audiences. It doesn’t mean you should not share long videos. But combine both strategies of long and shorter videos to attain brand growth.

When your video has a juicy story, grabbing the audience’s attention becomes more accessible, and people will start to love your content. Mixing up the video length is the most excellent strategy to engage audiences.

#10. Cross-Promotion Of Your Content

If you come across different social media sites of the same brand, their TikTok videos also stream on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Yes! It is called cross-promotion. Publishing TikTok videos on other channels will be a good idea to make your brand famous.

Work smarter than harder! Get more views by resharing your content on other channels. The method of promoting your videos automatically drives higher engagement and increases followers count. The main strategy for your brand is to win TikTok hearts. Instead of asking other audiences to watch and follow your video, prepare engaging content that intends them to view your video without any compulsion.

Since TikTok videos are 15 seconds long, without any editing, you can post them on Insta Stories, Reels, Facebook, etc.

#11. Consistent And Frequent Post

In general, people will remember a product or brand when it appears in their sight frequently. A similar concept works on TikTok as well. When your post displays on TikTok often, your audiences take your brand to their minds and start using it when they are in need. Make a posting schedule to bring your brand to a convenient place on TikTok.

Like Instagram, explore your content on TikTok at least once a day to gain popularity. Two or three content will be sufficient to keep your brand in the audience’s minds. Your TikTok account should consist of seven different video content on seven different days.

Before shooting content, think for a while to show your concept in a unique way. Only the regular content will not lead to TikTok growth. An analysis after posting each content is necessary to gain better engagement in future videos.

#12. Utilize The Live Feature

TikTok has the Live option to explain or show your product visually to loyal audiences. The criteria for TikTok to go live is to have more than 1000 followers. Use the above methods to achieve organic followers to your TikTok account. Then start performing live programs to grab your audience’s attention.

Now, TikTok introduced a new feature on the Live platform that helps creators respond to comments and questions instantly. Also, schedule your event in advance to promote a community for the Live program. TikTok allows you to add attractive titles with a description of your performance to gather loyal audiences.

When you are in Live, your audiences get the notification in their inbox about your program and intend to participate.

Final Thoughts

Initiate your brand success by incorporating your engaging marketing plan on TikTok. When you use TikTok in the right way, an excellent fan base arrives for your brand improving sales conversions. Use your creative skill to deliver quality content and move your brand to another level.

Apply the above marketing secrets to grow your brand on TikTok among engaging users. Make use of TikTok to bring out your brand’s excellence!