Google: The Number One Search Engine is in Search for Your Attention!

Google Search Engine

Really, are there more search engines than Google? Why? Indeed, ask this question to any person; he may have a thought like this, right! There is no second thought that Google now rules the online world we live in. It not only rules that but also commands our attention to its enriching experience.

Firstly, this blog is not written by a fanboy of Google, but there are products by Google which are indeed appreciable! The marketing options they provide are huge. Apart from anything else that matters for them, it is amazing to see how they have grown in the last two decades to become the giant they are now!

It is well understood that not everything which is done can be good for all, right? They have their fundamental business and also, at times, face ethical issues, which may be something to be crossed along the line! Indeed, if you are looking for search engines that offer excellent privacy or even looking for some of the different search results, we have you covered effectively.

Before you know why Google is the best search engine in the current world, here is what we mean by the best search engine. What are the parameters that help you decide the best search engine for yourself?

What is the best search engine?

Do you think before you select a search engine? If not, you are not alone!! What you do for searching anything? You simply “Google it,” and that’s the brand they have made in everyone’s life! That seems awesome, right!

If not the best, Google is certainly the most popular search engine of the current generation in the U.S, and it is for a good reason. Not to be forgotten, they have now spent a fortune trying to expand and create a popular and functional search engine that provides the best and quick search results at any point in time.

google best search engine

Suppose you are a business owner of a business operating in the current age, a digital era. In that case, it becomes essential for you to understand how engines are working for you effectively. If that seems important, you should be able to understand how Google works for you! It is interesting how google collects and distributes your information across the whole resource along with the huge data from across the world. The worldwide web is significantly wide in nature!

We should all be asking the same question,” Is Google the best search engine for the digital era?” Or is there an alternative that can replace Google!

Reports and records play along!

According to an open report in September 2018, Spark Toro effectively estimated that in order to view all the major and popular platforms, how much market share does they won in the U.S. Here is the search engine market data that will catch your interest as they are discovered.

You will be able to infer that it is the digital media that is constantly over the wheels to grow further and effectively to a greater space. It is smart to grow, don’t forget, growth is essential to living and be updated to the current generation!

So, with that, you are pretty clear what Google is doing for their popularity. Here are the reasons why Google is the first choice for the majority of people here, if not all!

A humble beginning for a prolific future!

We all know that Google was successfully founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page when they were students who were studying at Stanford University. Not all know that Google was actually a thesis, and the pair worked on this thesis for their Ph.D. program.

According to their thesis, Google (known as Backrub back then) was very different from other search engines. Why? It was because it was focused on the relationships between different websites (primarily links). Then, focusing on those links was a significant change compared to other search engines. Here, the approach was to rank information that was based on how often particular search terms appeared in the search engine results pages (SERPs). This concept eventually revolutionized how online search would operate from then on.

What does It Take To Be The Best? You should know this!

The best part is that Google has the capability to effectively calculate a site’s relevance according to the number of links and pages pointing back to the original site. The success of the search engine: Google has led to it being the most popular and used search engine in the U.S. market. It manages over 3 billion pages a day.

So, are you wondering about other search engines? Where do the other search engines stack up against Google in search of market share in the current world? Stat Counter collected data from 2015 to 2018, which drastically highlighted the fact that Google properties own almost 90% of all searches. That’s interesting!

Google has reasons to be the best!

User first mentality plays it along: Give me what I want, Now!

Is it the same line that you have while you are in a hurry to search? If yes, you are already onto one of the most popular strategies by Google! Google started with the desire and also the ability to provide high quality and relevant results quickly to all the users.

Indeed, finding the accurate search result and understanding the different websites that match all the queries you have is what Google master sin, right? It has allowed this search engine to stand out from its competitors in a much better position. They have what is known as online satisfaction for all the users.

What makes them different is that they are able to provide simple, better results at lightning speed. If users like and respond to the search results they find, the user will be satisfied and happy based on the search queries. Happy users are a great resource for Google as they turn into repeat users. Repeat users become loyal to the platform, and thus are you!

Developing Strong Trust Through Better Results is a great asset!

Providing more relevant, accurate, and excellent results for the searches made online has made Google to be considered a trustworthy resource for finding any information on the web. Now, in the current context, users have lately started to leave Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista, and many other platforms for Google!

Developing Strong

Google’s trust has consistently risen over the past few decades. They are able to constantly update their search algorithms (process and technology for collecting relevant information)

Focusing on the user, their requirements, and intent, their satisfaction is a great resource for Google!

As a result of the above approach, Google has now become a household name that everyone is aware of, right! Now, most people won’t go a day without Googling at least one thing.

Local Search: Matching Proximity to User Search Intent

There are many small businesses that pose as the backbone of the U.S. economy, and interestingly, Google took advantage of this information. What they did is combined search capabilities with Geo-location targeting and proximity to create local and custom results for all their users. They played it smart!

Thereafter, local search opened up the broad and huge competitive playing field for all businesses- big and small, as they were able to be found quickly for their services and products based on how far away they are located from the user. Google effectively provides users with better results and relevant ones based on both Geo-proximity and search intent of where the search actually took place. These custom results from the company have led Google to become the go-to medium for local searches.

Once this was accomplished, Google took a step further, a smarter one- by marrying local search results with the Google Maps platform. This was one of the most awesome ideas put into reality! It allowed all its users to explore and navigate local businesses with their smartphones or any device with an internet facility. With this, Google was and still is effectively able to help users navigate their way to any location. That’s true, indeed!

Constantly Testing and Improving: AI and Algorithms

You may be aware that Google is constantly testing its varied search results in order to adapt and change as users’ habits change constantly. Google’s algorithm is a hidden secret to which all of us have our ears! It is constantly being developed using machine learning and human analysis. As always, the end goal is to create better and relevant search results.

Many SEOs and other professionals have tried gaming and tricking with the system in order to get around Google’s algorithm for a profitable approach and rank higher in the SERPs. While this might work in the short term and have also worked for some of them, Google can always catch them on and penalizes websites that are proactively using black-hat techniques. This is Google’s way of ensuring results are not skewed and manipulated and that users keep trusting them to provide the best results always!

The bottom line

Undoubtedly, Google is one of the most popular search engines. If you count on the advantages it has for you, it will be limitless, especially if you own a business that drives your ideas and innovations. Google can be your perfect partner to deal with the current challenges and meet a well-versed digitalization era in the current context!