Google’s New Search Layout Blends Paid Ads with Organic Search Results

Organic Search Results

Are you experiencing a little difficulty in blocking out ads even if, you have adblock installed on your browser?

Are you getting confused in differentiating your search results with those constant pestering ads, when you search in Google?

Don’t worry. Your adblock is working just fine. It is Google who has made these tweaking to its all new search layout.

Google has been one of those companies who have constantly made changes even in its most successful of products. Recently, the Internet giant led out a new search layout showing paid ads with the real search results without any distinction. This new layout has already gone viral.

Earlier, Google displayed its paid ads with a yellow colored background with your search results directly below them. This way, you could distinguish the ads from the search results and proceed without any difficulty.

The new search layout shows the paid ads with a yellow ad button right next to each link, instead of distinguishing them with a colored background. The search results follow directly behind them making it difficult for the users to tell the difference at first glance.

The sidebar of paid results similarly displays a yellow ad button next to it. Just a plain simple line separates the paid search results from the organic ones.

Okay, this might seem like a bit of a stretch, but it looks like Google has intentionally designed this new layout so that the users mistakenly click on the ads because they couldn’t tell the difference. Without the distinctive color background, Google has made it difficult for the users who are always in a hurry!

Another distinct change is that Google has removed the underlines from both paid and organic result links. An increase in the font size of the titles has led to lesser characters which imply that you have to revisit your title tags. This means extra hard work for businesses to rework their titles so that their titles don’t appear poorly incomplete which could impact the click-through rate and ultimately their business.

The new layout has surely affected the SEO world in a much more definitive way. The black text has also been changed into a gray text which hasn’t met well with most of the users.

This new layout is all part of an ongoing test that has been happening since last year. Google users worldwide aren’t too happy about these changes as it makes it nearly impossible to differentiate between the paid results and the organic ones. But, despite these poor reviews, word is that this new layout is here to stay for a long run.

Google believes that this new layout offers better readability and a more defined look for their search result pages. This layout in fact makes the desktop users more comfortable with their searching as they did earlier with their mobile and tablet users. They also thought of creating a more consistent look for all platforms included (desktop, mobile, tablet).

According to Google, the new layout actually makes way for a much cleaner look for the users to get what they want. Having a uniform layout in all platforms also makes it easier for Google to manage all the changes from a single board.

But, Google users have been anything, but happy. Searchers feel like they have gone back to those old times when the search engine results looked somewhat like this. Some users have also complained that this layout with its increased font size is even harder to read on desktops.

The reviews haven’t been so good ad there is no dearth of upset searchers as many even thought at first that they were victims of Google spoofing when they first saw the changed search results.

The new layout may result in increased paid clicks but it certainly seems to have come on the price of loss of Google’s users’ trust.