How Explainer Videos can Help and What You Should Know About Them?

Explainer Videos

The most popular videos on YouTube get millions of unique views; people watch them, bookmark them, save their links, share them on their social feeds.

They do it all because they find the videos attractive.

But being attractive is not enough for a video, it needs to be informative too. How much information a video contains determines whether it’s a shallow one or covers a serious topic.

An explainer video is both attractive and informative

Their importance has skyrocketed lately.

Today’s digital dynamics is in the background of this rising importance, and undergoing quick changes. The rapid nature of this change has placed the dynamics almost on the brink of becoming mercurial.

Tomorrow, you won’t be able to rely on today’s marketing techniques.

Explainer videos are one of today’s trends, but will they continue to be relevant tomorrow? Or give way to something new? And how did they actually evolve? Above all else, what an explainer video really is in the first place?

Keep reading to get the answers.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video blends information and entertainment. In a sense, it captures the essence of another recent fad called “Infotainment.” The message that an explainer video delivers is brief and concise; The video being engaging makes it smooth for viewers to consume the message.

Example: You want to know the ABCDs of the share market and land on a video that wonderfully explains it with the help of graphics and animation. You get a hang and close the tab on your browser appreciating the handy work of the video maker.

A powerful marketing tool

I doubt you can come up with a better marketing tool. You can wrap everything, including the requirements and the best practices of today’s digital marketing inside an explainer video.

When unwrapped, the video produces information, packed with entertainment that delight the viewers and compel them to keep coming back to your site. Dedicated visitors are what every site aims at, and an explainer video can fetch you that.

Highly user-friendly

Explainer videos deliver users what they want; information that don’t bore. A powerpoint presentation or a white-paper might bore you to death, but a video won’t. The sound and the visuals will treat you completely differently. And the accompanying information will prevent you from digressing.

In one word, explainer videos are good at balancing out things. Imbalance troubles users, and balance entertains them…oops, infotains them. Apologies.

Types of explainer videos

The typification is done based on the content format. A 2D animation video presents the content in a way that’s different from how a video with only moving texts on the screen and a voice in the background presents it.

Following are the major types:

  • Music only videos.
  • Testimonial videos.
  • StopMotion videos.
  • Animated screenshot videos.
  • Video infographic.
  • Whiteboard videos.
  • Moving typography videos.
  • 2D animation videos.
  • Live action videos.
  • 3D animation videos.

Don’t expect any of them to be under $500. Some of them can even cost you an arm and a leg. A StopMotion video, for example, can cost you around $15K whereas a live action one featuring professional models may fall between the $40K and 50K ranges.

Insider tips

Keeping some insider tips in mind can help you create a top quality explainer video. The tips are pretty easy to grasp, and you can implement them with ease:

Keep the video simple. It should narrate a problem, introduce a solution and describe how the solution works. The shorter the video, the better. There’s no point in making it unnecessarily long. Users detest such manipulative techniques, and you should refrain from them.

Don’t beat around the bush. Get down to the business quickly. Getting straight to the point will present you as a bottomline professional, the sort of people, users prefer interacting.

Script Structure

An appealing video has an organized script. Besides graphics and animation, its quality largely depends on the script. The script needs to address a relevant problem in the beginning, and then proceed to describe how a product/service delivered by a company can solve it.

We can break a powerful script down into following parts:

  • What
  • How
  • Why

By acknowledging the problem, the script triggers audience engagement. Even if it’s a twenty minutes long video, they’ll still watch it with all their attention because they’ve already gotten the hint a solution is underway.

The “How” part is the meat and bone of the video. The audiences will put all their attention on it. Nevertheless, offering information alone is not going to help. You need to present them in an engaging manner.

By the time you’d reach the “Why” part, most audiences will lose interest, because this part is important for you, not so much for them. At this juncture, your persuasive skill will matter. You need to persuade the audiences so they buy from you, not from your competitors.

Create a killer explainer video

A bit of hands-on can give you an edge. No matter how many blogs you read on explainer videos, until and unless you create one for your brand, upload it on a video hosting site and measure the level of user-engagement yourself, you won’t get a hang of its effectiveness. Time is running away, don’t waste it, create an explainer video today and tell us about the experience.

What do you think of explainer videos? Do you agree to the points we mentioned in this article? Tell us in the comments below.