How Online Copywriting can Change the SEO of the Future


The best thing about Search engine optimization is the worst thing about it. SEO is always changing, the changes are sometimes drastic, and take place overnight while other times they are predictable.

It’s 2015 now with 4 major Google algorithm updates being panda 4.2 is one of the most important among them. So what all we need to know that content marketing is the most pervasive among all SEO trends. SEO may not be 100% content driven yet, but content is the only determining factor attributing its success and failure.

Well, we know for sure that in 2015, online copywriting is

Consumer Centric

Copywriting has always had the upper-hand for being succinct and to-the-point. Other writing techniques and content presentation formats such as blogs, press releases, and white papers have historically lacked this competitive edge.

Copywriting, however, has always enjoyed it for getting down to the business quickly. Consumers appreciate that. They don’t like harangues masquerading as product pitches. They like brief information on a product, presented in a concise and engaging manner.

Copywriting can give them what they want

The whole purpose of SEO is winning the end-consumers, and online copywriting does have the potential to stand up to it.

Beyond Google

That’s the best thing about online copywriting (at least I find it so). Digital marketers cannot think beyond SEO, for them search terms and SERPs are all that matter. But being so overly reliant on Google’s algorithms (we don’t know how they work) can prove to be counter-productive.

The cart is behind the bull, not the other way round. Similarly, a top ranking on Google is to be followed by a whopping sale of the product being promoted. The latter should be on a marketer’s focal point, not the former. But considering a top rank on Google as the ticket to heaven might cause the marketer’s focus to digress.

Online copywriting involves fewer technicalities, which keeps the focus on product promotion and ensuing sale intact. A copywriter’s priority is to create quality content without giving two hoots to keywords and stuff. At the end of the day, he finds his content is getting viral and acknowledged by the search engine giant.

Building Trust

Unless a trust is built, a brand cannot project itself to his audiences. In terms of online copywriting, a brand can build trust. It all depends on a copywriter’s lingo, his persuasive skills, and his command over a language. Loud promotion doesn’t help. Tranquil narratives and slow introduction of a product/service do.

An experienced copywriter can pull such a style. His real intention is to get a product sold, but he won’t insist his readers. His ability to persuade others can overcome this dilemma. Unless he has such ability, he’s not a successful copywriter.

On the technical front, the following factors are obtrusive to trust building:

  • The site being laden with banner ads or call-to-action buttons.
  • Images that are either irrelevant or have a wrong placement.
  • Broken links or links to unrelated sites.

It’s the copywriter’s responsibility to keep the content on the site free from those obtrusive elements.

A holistic domain strategy

Domain strategy is a content strategy based on a site’s overall domain authority. Here’s how it works:

For over last two years, you have been posting on your site all the happenings in the automobile industry. Suddenly, you want it to rank against keywords related to freelance writing. You’ll find it incredibly difficult. Pouring money into the paid marketing stove won’t help. Organic efforts such as publishing some stunning blogs won’t be of help either.

The reason it’s difficult is freelance writing doesn’t come close to the overall theme of the domain. Because the domain authority relies on automobile related keywords, the sudden move to freelance writing is not going to fit well with it.

Hence, a copywriter needs to create content taking in stride the domain authority of the website that he’s promoting. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Involve yourself

While all the tips discussed above are important, nothing’s more important to a copywriter than involving himself in the process. As he and the content produced by him become one, the readers begin to get influenced. Hence, he succeeds in his endeavor as a copywriter.