How To Build a Successful Blog

Successful Blog

Every blogger dreams to build a successful blog, create a personal brand and earn some money online. But it is not that easy as it looks. Setting up a successful blog and building personal brand is really a difficult task, which requires dedication and networking and your understanding on the topic you blog about.

Researches show around 97% of blogs fail. Well I am not sure if that is true. But the truth everyone knows is that more blogs fail than succeed.

I have been writing for a little more than 5 years now. I used to write in different article sites and some of the other free blogging platforms. What I have leaned from other successful bloggers and from my personal experience, nobody is destined to failure, as long as you are passionate and really want to reach your goal.

Today, I am going to share a few tips that can help you transfer your blog to a successful venture. Stay tuned….

Set up Your Goals

Setting up goals boots your confidence and motivation. You need to stay focused so that you can reach your Goal.

You want to write, you enjoy writing, you love networking, you want to reach new people, you want to earn money online, and most importantly you want it quick and easy. 

And for this the first thing you have to do is to set up your goal. Yes, first decide what your blog is for, who your audience are, if you want fulltime blogging career….. 

With these goals in your mind, write some substantive how-to articles or anything that is unique for your targeted readers. 

I am not much into writing news articles. That is not my goal, where I offer my best stuffs to the newbie’s who can learn different techniques of digital marketing from me. 

For most bloggers the goal is building a brand, get traffic to sell affiliate products, supporting online income through advertisements or establishing leadership. In your case it depends on you, what you want to accomplish with your blog. 

Your Unique Selling Point

Deciding the USP is possibly the narrow line that differentiates your success from your failure. Be it a personal blog or a business website, if you want to stay apart from the crowd, find out your unique selling point. Readers will be easier to come by and spread your thoughts as they love it. Show your love and passion for your subject, stick to it though out your content – it will be a pleasure for readers to read and grow along with you. 

Write quality Posts

Content is king. No matter what others say, having great content still pays off for both search engine optimization and user engagement. Well, many successful bloggers say that they never work hard to be a successful blogger. That might be true, but if you are lazy, to survive you need to be smart. Isn’t it?

Quirky and twists in the subject make your article engaging, else readers are never going to visit your blog again.

Here is a collection of links over the years than can help you how to write blog content.

Build custom Blog Theme

High quality and professional design are no doubt is a significant factor of a successful blog. Again in the SEO perspective, you need a clean, well coded and SEO-optimized blog to make sure all search engines love your blog, where usability factors of the blog help readers find easy navigation of your blog.

Using free and funky themes does not work always. Rather it may leave a bad impression on visitor’s minds and ask questions on the credibility of the blog.

The internet is a visual medium, so a custom design for a blog will create trust and ask readers take action. A good design makes visitors find the content easily on the site and allows them to take the action you want them to do in you blog.

An exceptionally designed blog no doubt stands out of the herd, but there are obviously other factors that play a significant role in a blog’s success.

Be Social

Yes, I know you have heard it many times but I doubt hardly few of you only doing it in the right way. Simply sharing the blog post links in your social profiles is never going to work. The possibility of getting clicks is just .01%, if you are lucky you may get little more. But that is not enough.

What you need to do is to be unique to make the fans and their friends click to see more of what you are offering. Eye catchy title and a unique teasing images can help. You can also take the paid advertisement options that can sometimes help you make a post viral one.

Write for similar Niche Blogs

Like your blog, you can find hundreds of similar niche blogs available in the web. And many of them offer contributor accounts. You need to contact the owner and ask for a guest author account.Through Guest blogging you not only network with other bloggers in your industry, but also it will help you drive more traffic to your blog as well. Make sure that you don’t overdo it. Go for only authority blogs.

Hope these tips will help you create a successful blog and drive you more revenue from your blog. If you have any question, do not hesitate to let me know.