How to Choose Right Keywords for SEO?

Right Keywords

SEO and keywords go hand in hand. Is not it?

If you want to succeed in search engine optimization for your website and want to promote your website online via SEO tactics, you simply cannot ignore the keyword research.

No matter what the experts are saying about, having the knowledge of keywords and how they work is essential to rank your webpages.

Keyword is a single or a set of words that users type on the search engine to fetch relevant information. Based on the keywords put, search engines result pages show the most relevant sites that are optimized for the search term.

This article is for you to understand the most fundamental concept of SEO – keywords.

Why keywords are so important?

Keywords play an important role in the success of any SEO campaign. Whether you want to promote your website or sell your products (in case of e-commerce websites), using the right keywords can help you bring targeted traffic to your website. When you rank well for relevant keywords, it becomes easier for your audiences to find you online. So, to find and direct your target audiences to your website, having the knowledge of keyword research is very important.

Now that you know why you need the right keywords, it is time to know how to use the right set of keyword for your benefits.

Profit Making Keywords

When doing keyword research, it is important to know what kind of keywords you want to target. Profit making keywords are as the name suggest help you make profit.  This is beneficial for e-commerce websites and websites that want to directly sell their products and services. You need to find out what kind of keywords the customers are using like “cheap”, “affordable”, “discounts” and “free shipping” and other things.  You will need to create contents that include these keywords.  When you rank well for these keywords, your website will be shown at the top of SERPs every time a potential customer types the keywords.

Keywords that attract Traffic

While the profit making keywords help bring traffic to the website, it is not the same for everyone.  If you are looking to build strong customer base, following and establish yourself as the industry leader then, you need to aggressively pursue keywords that attract the right people. These people are not just your customers, but people who are looking for information. This is one of the best ways to increase the traffic to your website without spending a fortune on tactics like PPC (Pay per Click).

Pay per Click is very effective but only when you have tons of money to spend. Compared to that the organic method of using the relevant keywords in the content to attract the right crowd is much more sustainable, effective and most importantly cost effective option for small scale businesses. While this method may not bring immediate profit, in the long run it will help in establishing your authenticity.

The right Length of the keywords

The length of the keyword matters in the SEO. It matters a lot actually. There are basically three types of keyword structures:

  • Short-tail keywords (1 to 2 words)
  • Medium-tail keywords (3 to 4 words)
  • Long-tail keywords (longer than 4)

Short-tail keywords are more common, have lot of volume and are easier to rank. The only problem with such keywords is that there is a lot of competition. To win in this game you need content that can drive the traffic home and make your link popular.

The medium-tail keywords are of three to four words and have less volume than the short-tail keywords. The good news is that ranking for the medium size keyword is fairly easy. Even without the volume they have the capability of ranking well in the search engine pages.

The long-tail keywords are ever so easy to rank. But, the biggest problem with the long tail keyword is that not many people use it. But, you can use them to rank well anyway.

The trick here is to find keywords somewhere between the short-tail and medium-tail keywords and you are good to go.

Tools to find the right keywords

Finding the right set of keywords for your website is easy thanks to some of the amazing tools that help find them. The first tool is the Google search itself. Make use of the auto-suggestion of the keywords. This can help you find the keywords that are being frequently used. Likewise, Google has other tools too that help find the right keywords like the Google Keywords Planner, Google Correlate and Google Trends.

The user forums like Quora, Reddit ad Yahoo can help you find the keywords. The website generally answers the questions of the people looking for something and the keywords used by the users is most likely to the keywords used in the search engines. These are some of the useful tools to help you find the right keywords.

Keywords research is an important step to achieving your SEO goals. When you make the best use of it you can achieve your goals in very less time.  Whether you are selling product or services or simply want to share ideas, make keyword research your number one strategy to reach your goals.