How to Create Facebook Website Custom Audiences?

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With a massive 1.44 billion monthly active users (March 31, 2015), FACEBOOK is the largest social platform to reach and commute with your customers in real-time. As per its latest update (February 2015), Facebook has more than 2M active (the advertisers, who use facebook to promote their website and active for last 28 days) advertisers.

Google may be synonymous with web traffic, but Facebook refers more traffic to news sites, according to recent data from traffic analytics firm So if you’re selling any products or services through your website, there is a very good chance that you can reach and retarget your website visitors through Facebook Website Custom Audiences. Successful Facebook advertisers know this strategy really works for the most of the websites.

It’s been almost more than 2 years since Facebook has introduced website custom audiences (WCA). Indeed, the tool has proved to be a path-breaking initiative which continues to thrive in a great way for advertisers.

If utilized properly, no tool can come at par as this. So, before you wonder about the effectiveness of website custom audience, this article brings some relevant and intricate details about it. Read on!!!

What is Website Custom Audiences?

What Facebook says – “Custom Audiences from your website makes it easy to reach people who visit your website and deliver the right message to them on Facebook.”

Basically, website custom audiences help the marketers to create their Facebook ads and thereby help them aim at those users who have visited their website previously or purchased anything from their site.  To put it in brief, this particular tool offers a great support to the advertisers in order to stretch their reach further than the existing fans and email subscribers. The key aspects of it lie in the fact that it is greatly instrumental in building rampant fan base and to drive traffic. At the outset, WCA does seem to be quite similar with Facebook exchange (FBX) which also works on the same realms of retargeting users on Facebook who have already visited the site. However, there is a stark difference between both the tools as FBX basically use an approved third party in order to create domains ad which helps to drive traffic to the websites. Whereas, when it comes to WCA, it is created and furthermore utilized on Facebook within power Editor or Ads tool. Thereby it clearly means that marketers can create any kind of ad that they naturally would on Facebook in order to target the visitors towards the website.

Moreover, one of the greatest advantage that the marketers can enjoy if they avail WCA is no third party can take the cut as clearly there is no third party tool involvement in it. Thus, website custom audiences surely have far more perks to offer the marketers than that of the FBX.

How Custom Audiences from Your Website Works

Many people visit your website but only a few of them may purchase, others simply express interest and left the site for any reason. As they browse or make purchases from your website they are automatically added to Custom Audiences that you define.

Later use these Custom Audiences from your website to create more focused ads on Facebook or to re-market to people who have already expressed interest in your product.

How to create Website Custom Audiences in Facebook?

  • Visit your Facebook Ads Manager
  • Select Audiences from the Tool menu drop down
  • Click on create Audiences and select custom audience form drop down
  • Click on web traffic from Your Website
  • Agree to the Terms of Service beforehand
  • You will be asked for Audience Name and Visited URLs. Here you can input any page, keywords, or URLs where the pixel will be executed on your site
  • Set the retention window where you can input a few as 1 and as many as 180 days for people to remain in this Website Custom Audience.

Once completed, you need click on the View Custom Audience pixel link that will provide the a javascript to be uploaded to the every page of your website. Make sure you have copied the whole code and implemented in the write place of the website. There is a facebook pixel helper chrome extension that can help you review the site if the code has been installed properly.

You turn

Have you ever used Facebook website custom audiences to reach your existing customers or those who visit your website? Have you tried Facebook’s custom audience options? If so share your story in comments.