How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog?

Drive Traffic to Your Blog

A winner never quits and a quitter never wins. So in this article, I’ll try to discuss few point on how to increase the traffic to your blog. If you’re also an amateur blogger, hoping to join the rank of a pro, read on……

All it takes to write a blog is a creative mind and of course a computer. Many wannabe bloggers have both but still fail to drive traffic to their blogs. They wonder why they are not successful in blogging. Unable to find answer, many of them quit blogging.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog? Let’s being…

You’ve written a stunning piece of content and you are sharing the link to your blog post on social networks. You expect a flow of traffic to your blog just on account of the quality of your post. But have you ever asked yourself the following questions?

  • Will readers find value in the content?
  • Are you posting unique content?
  • Is the content for any specific type of readers?
  • Can they take help of the content while performing something?

Content on your blog could be engaging but if it lacks unique value or doesn’t cater to the needs of a specific set of readers, there’s hardly any point writing it. Most bloggers don’t understand this and end up ignoring the qualitative part of the content. They do it unknowingly as they often fail to define quality.

Quality of web content, particularly blogs has little to do with craftiness of style and ornamentation of language. Quality should instead be defined in terms of crispiness, clarity and informative. The information, presented on the blog should be of value to readers.

So now you know what makes a valuable blog content. If your blog posts are of such value, you’ll have a smooth time attracting readers. But what if they are not? What techniques should you then apply to add value to your content, to make it unique and to make it more appealing to the visitors?

You need to make a “To-do” list. The list should include all the gridlocks that are hindering you from writing quality content. Some common obstacles are failure to identify readers, improper communication with readers, etc. To get rid of them, you need first to

Identify the readers

Not everyone is your reader. Technically they are, but not in reality. An example could help you understand this better. Suppose your blog is on plumbing. You could carve out a reader base from those, who want to buy plumbing materials, those who want to fix plumbing problems at their homes and those who want to know expenses to hire a professional plumber. But to people with automobile checklist, your blog is hardly of any importance. The term reader therefore shouldn’t refer to a generic group but to a very specific group.

You need to identify such a group of real readers and provide them with the information that they are seeking for. This is a blogging basic but unfortunately, many start-up bloggers aren’t clued up.

Retaining readers

Once you identify your readers and start writing for them, next thing you need to do is to retain them. Don’t let them depart from your blog. Retaining your readers is as important as finding them. You can’t gouge out a reader base if you don’t retain your existing readers. For that you need to make your blog interactive. Allow your readers to interact with you via posting comments or by mailing you or even by connecting with you through Google Hangout.

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Think of yourself as a CEO of a company. You’ll do whatever it takes to retain your clients, won’t you? Take the same approach while addressing the readers on your blog. They are like your regular clients. If they leave your blog, you’ll lose potential readers, your branding will stumble and you’ll lose advertising revenue.


The meaning of uniqueness should be properly understood. A unique piece of content is not something that is just copyscape approved. A truly unique content is something that no one else, but you are providing only. It’s very difficult to write such content because all topics are covered by someone or the other. What you could do is to write tutorial or how to type blogs and provide readers new insight. You can also acquire hands on knowledge and share it with readers on your blog. If you are discussing a state of affair, have a perspective that nobody else has.

Applying the rules will give you return. You will see a dedicated user base for your blog and the blog getting recommended by existing users to new users. In fact, this is how bloggers can build reputation. They start with difficulties, then identify them and overcome them; meanwhile they keep honing their blogging skills. At the end they find their blog has managed to earn a name for itself and readers from all corners are frequenting the website.

Now it is your turn. You have any unique method that has helped you increase the traffic for your blog, please share in comments.