How to Hire a Good Content Writer?

Good Content Writer

The mammoth growth of content marketing in the recent years have brought along the demand of content writers and this spurt in demand makes the job of a content writer quite significant for any online business.

So you are ready to hire a content writer for you company!! Well it is not that easy as it looks. Surely it is a big challenge to find a writer who is able generate materials that’s not engaging to your customers and unique but at the same time spreading the core values of your organization.

Prior to hiring a content writer companies need to be extremely cautious of the fact who they hire. The quality of content composed by the content writer plays a pivotal role, which would leave an impact on your business.

Recently I got a chance to interview candidates for generating content materials for one of my friend’s newly lunched ecommerce website. Surprisingly it took me to interview 40 odd candidates to find one that was worthy for the position.

Here in this blog post I’M going to share with you my personal experiences on how to hire a content writer. Let’s begin…….

Mass Communication Or Advertising Degree Holder Is A Perfect Choice:

A thorough check on the educational background of the candidate is highly required.  I personally prefer candidates with a mass communication degree can be a better apt for content writer position simply for the very reason that the course trains them to craft creative and effective writing material. A mass communication background candidate can easily grasp the nuances of internet marketing, Search engine optimization and can prove to be an asset for the company.

NOTE: Hire a good fit for your company—not just a good writer. Experienced or fresher, but only good on paper isn’t enough. Make sure the candidate meets your basic requirements, understand your business and is a culture fit.

Experience Counts: A Writer of Its Own Niche:

While hiring a writer, make sure to consider the relevant experience of the candidate in the field of content writing. Do remember, you are hiring for digital marketing and the candidate must have an adequate amount of knowledge on the internet marketing tricks and content optimization. Make sure the candidate has deep understanding on the rules of search engine optimization and social media marketing.

NOTE: Nothing can beat EXPERIENCE. An experienced content writing has better writing, editing and proof reading abilities. But experience is not the only criteria to focus.

Power of Thinking Innovative Ideas:

A content writer should have the knowledge of crafting an original piece of work. Make sure the content writer you hire is not a plagiarist.  In the fierce competition of digital marketing, the slight mistake of your content writer can cost you a lot. The blotch of plagiarism can make you lose your business as well as reputation.

Note: A writer having methodical approach in examining customers can only offer clear propositions in his/her writings. The power of innovative thinking can lead your content to success.

Proofreading Skills:

The content writer you choose for your company must be a good proofreader along with an efficient writer.  The one who can detect and correct grammatical mistakes of his own proves to be a productive content writer for the company. A competent content writer would never send an error filled draft.

NOTE: As the saying goes, if you look for trouble, you’re likely to find it. If time allows, give your writer some time to check his/her writing in a fresh eye.

An Open-Minded Individual:

It is extremely important for the company to hire an unprejudiced individual for the position of a content writer.  The content writer should be open to suggestions and instructions accorded by the company. He/she needs to know the demands of your clients and deliver the content accordingly. Obliviously it is you who can explain to the writer about the demands of the clients.

NOTE:  An open-minded person is someone who is always willing to listen and consider ideas, opinions & arguments purely on their merit.

Worthy of the Amount You Pay:

The content writer you choose for your company must prove his/her worth through his work. You might come across many such writers who would demand a great deal of money. But that does not prove that they are all good fit for your position. There is nothing wrong in bargaining but ensure your bargaining does not let you go off an effective content writer.

NOTE: One thing is for sure – if you pay peanuts, you’ll get monkeys!

What tips can you offer on hiring a new writer? Tell us your views in the comments below.