How to Improve the Layout of Your Article Content?

Layout of Your Article Content

There are a hundreds of web content writers or bloggers out there in the internet, who hardly believes in the formula for a perfect blog post layout design, but believe me it is out there and the posts which are published in a easy-to-read and eye-catching format gets much appreciations form the readers and better engagement in terms of bounce rate.

The formula for the perfect blog layout design exists and you do not need to be a genius to find it out. In this article I will explain you the step by step guide that will help you format your dry and unformatted article into something more engaging, attractive and readable text design which will just take your 10 minutes to learn. Are you ready?

Well prior to that let me explain you an example of badly formatted article.

The wrong way to format an article:

In the below image you can find an article without any proper format which looks pretty odd and difficult to read. You would probably close this page – and for good as soon as you landed on such a page.

Steps toward formatting your article…

The simplest thing you can do here just format the article and break it down into small paragraphs. If you will compare the first example with the second example, you could notice a huge difference and any other visitor will surely find the same.

Basic Text Formatting is very much necessary for engaging your visitors with your content. The text formatting involves highlighting the key phrases, using heading and sub heading, using underlines and italic options at the desire places – therefore improving the readability and overall look of the article.

Inserting Images and Tabs

An image is worth a thousand words. This is so true. Adding an image that is closely relevant to your content will improve the credibility of the content design. But invest in professional photography.

Though there is no certain theory to describe the appropriate length of content in terms of word count that fits for readers’ best, but excessively long articles should usually be avoided.

Short paragraphs and tabbed content are the best ways to keep the content streamlined. A single paragraph in the article should not be more than 7 lines. Similarly to make the visitors understand the content easily, you can use tabs and bullet points in the content.

But do not overload the content with visual content to the point where the visitor’s brain stops processing the information. Too many images, gifs and other visual contents draw the visitor eye away for the most important things you want to show your visitors in the content.

Give visitors a room to breathe in between the paragraphs and images, so the viewer would be able to absorb all of the features of your content and the offer.

Fonts & Color Strategically

Using a matching font colors to your website or background can help your content look elegant and clean appearance. Using colors in your heading titles or key phrases make them look unique and makes if distinguished from the rest of the words in the content.

Like choosing colors, you need to choose fonts that are easy to read across the devices and browsers. So while selecting a font family for your article layout, keep in mind that a laptop or a desktop is not the only device people will be looking your content but there are other mobile devices too. So it is always recommended that you should go for universal fonts.

Also you need to go for responsive web design for your content. So the site will fit to all devises irrespective of its size and shape.

Embedding links

The final step in your content is to place relevant links at right places so that it will not disturb the readers anyways. You have to find an appropriate place to position your links, where anchor text should relate closely to link, they point up.

Recommended Note:

Insert ALT tags for images relating to your keywords.

Make your text large enough so everybody can easily read it.

Add your own ideas and twists and think outside the box!

Final Words

If you article is informative and unique enough, that will surely generate interest among your reader to stay and read your content. Every design decision is just a hypothesis. So you need to keep experimenting with the layout of your content and how that engage your readers.

If you have any other solutions that have helped you gain better engagement with your reader, feel free to share in comments.