How to Promote Your Blog Post After You are Done Writing It?

Promote Your Blog Post

Writing a blog requires a lot of effort; when done with writing, the blogger feels relieved. He feels he has jumped the longest hurdle, and now he only needs to make the post live on his blog, that’s all.

He can’t be more wrong. The real work starts after the blog is written and posted on the website.Plenty of bloggers are out there, indoctrinated with the false belief that scribbling down a blog is the single most important part of blogging. In reality, marketing a blog is as important as writing it. And marketing of a blog starts right after it is written and posted on the website.

If you are on the groove of blogging, desperately looking for a way to make it big, then we could lend you a hand. In this article, we’ll discuss what a blogger needs to do once he’s done with writing a blog post.

Social sharing

After the blogger is done with writing the post and uploading it on his site, he needs to share it across social networking sites; there are plenty of such sites to serve this purpose. Earlier, blog posts were shared mainly on Facebook but now a number of new social sites have sprung up; sites like Google+ and Pinterest are very useful for blog sharing.

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is alive and kicking, it’s nothing but a rumor that those sites have lost all their importance; there are high-quality social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Bizsugar, Reddit, etc that are frequented by a huge number of users, and any incoming link from those sites are given value by all search engines. So social bookmarking is a must for any blogger.

New ways of syndication

The old ways of syndication have been gotten rid with, for good. The new ways are more advanced and yield better results. The RSS feed can now be linked with subscribers’ emails so they automatically get notifications whenever a new post is live. Social networking sites can also come under syndication; the blog’s fan pages across social sites can get updated through syndication whenever the blog has a new post.

Look for newer platforms

Nothing is static, everything is constantly changing. If you are in the blogging arena, then you need to catch up with this rapid pace of change. If your blog is on WordPress, then look for new plugins that let you seamlessly connect to social media, if you want to bring users from social networking sites, then look for new third party platforms which make the post sync easily across all leading social sites.

For mobile users

The number of mobile users has been systematically increasing. Being a blogger, you can’t take the risk of lagging behind in the rat race (Blogging is indeed a rat race). So you need to take up all the initiatives, needed to optimize your site for handheld devices. That’s only possible when your site has mobile friendly CSS and responsive design. Hire a pro designer if the site needs improvement on these areas. The loading time of the site is another crucial factor. Steer the site totally clear of junk codes so it loads in the speed of light and delivers users a satisfactory browsing experience.

Build a network

The good thing about blogging is it’s not competitive. Another blogger, who is blogging on the same niche area that you have chosen to blog is not your competitor, rather he could suffice your efforts to bring visitors to your blog. A visitor can read two blogs on two different websites, which means building a robust network with other bloggers can actually help you get new visitors.

 But building a network is not easy. You have to work really hard for that. First you need to get noticed by other webmasters. Write good quality blogs and write regularly so others could notice you. Besides, comment on their blogs and if possible, write articles for their blogs, which will be live with your byline. These and similar efforts can help you create a blogging network.

The initial journey is always long and strenuous – in most walks of life including blogging. You need to cross too many hurdles in the initial stage to make yourself known as a blogger. Afterward, the more you develop your skills, the better responses you’ll be getting from your readers.

So next time, don’t turn the computer off after making your post live on your site. Market your blog posts following the roadmap we’ve laid out in this article.