How to Optimize a Landing Page for Your PPC Campaign?

ppc landing page

Getting clicks on your ads are halfway to the success of your PPC campaign. The other half lies in the quality for the landing page that serves the ads. If the landing pages are not optimized well, you are definitely missing many of your potential conversions. So you need to put your best effort and time on landing page optimization.

Landing pages are the special web pages that come to view when we click on some advertisement. Landing page optimization is a part of conversion rate optimization in general where the goal is to improve the conversion or sale. Basically landing page optimization (LPO) aims to offer landing pages more appealing to the customers/visitors.

Let us find out the important factors of a conversing landing page. I have here listed the most important factors that make a good landing page:

  • Keyword Focused Headline
  • Short and Concise Content
  • Less Escape Route
  • Testimonials and Client Feedbacks
  • Social Signals
  • Ask for Minimum Information
  • Call-To-Action
  • Perform Testing

Keyword Focused Headline:

Probably the headline in a webpage is the first thing the visitor comes across when lands to a page. Once landed to the webpage visitors normally spend only 4-5 seconds in the landing page before he decides whether to stay or quite the page. So by providing clear headlines (keywords in the headlines) in your landing page make people to engage with your story. You can find more about how to write headlines here.

Short and Concise Content:

After clicking on the ads, visitors expect to land on a page that is relevant to their search query. So you need to direct them to a concise and relevant landing page. For instance a woman looking for “bikini tops”, if directed to the home page of the apparel store will never convert. Rather you need to send here to the bikini section of your store.

Make your landing pages specific. By specific, I mean the content of the landing pages must be relevant to your campaign keywords and short. Providing the visitors quick information regarding their search terms keep them engaged. Again the content hierarchy will help in better conversion as all the information in a landing page is not for every visitor.

Less Escape Route:

The landing pages are the entry point to the highly focused sales path. You need to remove any unnecessary site navigation or links in the landing page as they may act as distract. Without the excess baggage like navigation menus, links, advertisements, the visitors are left with only two options – either convert or leave the site.

Testimonials and Client Feedback:

This is an incredibly effective technique. Putting the customer testimonial and client logos can boost your conversion as they create a trust factor among the visitors. Though there is not any specific rule to follow on the placement of the testimonials, but I personally think the right sidebar is the best place to do so.

By putting a phone number in the landing page, it tells people you are legitimate enterprise and there are real people at the end of the line.

Social Signals:

Social signal plays a big factor in conversion. Strong social signal represents a solid reputation and trusted by most visitors.

Ask For Minimum Information:

This could be another deciding factor. Generally people do not want to share more information about them so you should not ask for information you don’t really need.

Call to Action:

Your traffic does not do any good until they convert to your customers. To the get most out of your landing page, the first thing to consider is your calls-to-action. Having an effective call to action is an essential part of any landing page. Again position of your call-to-action is an important factor.


Once you are done with a landing page design and content, the next part comes is testing. This is another area where you should put your sincere effort. The testing phase is most challenging and you need to test on hundreds of variables in the most common methods of testing that includes SPLIT TESTING, A/B testing, MULTIVARIATE testing. Effective tests will help you lift revenue.


Anything is possible, if executed correctly. If you are new to landing page optimizations, just keep your patient. You need any help, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail.