How to Use Keywords in SEO?

Use Keywords in SEO

Keywords undoubtedly are the back bone of a Search engine optimization campaign. The selection of right keywords can only help you reach potential customers and conversion. Hence it becomes highly imperative to choose the right keywords for your website.  There is plethora of ways to ascertain the keyword for optimization and the most pragmatic way is a vigilant study on the keywords that are mostly searched by the people who look for the services or products you offer through your website. With a careful analysis, you can also research about the keywords that your competitors use to determine a right kind of keyword for your website. It is the conversion ability of the keyword, which basically matters rather than the quantity.

How to use keywords in SEO

The right placement of Keyword:  The properly positioned keyword is extremely essential for its optimization. You need to be fully aware of this aspect as negligence could hinder its opportunity of high ranking in SEO. Be it the URL or the file name or be it the page title or for that matter in the heading, the presence of keyword is certainly required in these locations. Make sure to craft a comprehensive and relevant content with the right use of keyword.

  • Heading: The headline of the content is the very first part which a searcher takes notice of and it is for this reason, the existence of keyword in the heading holds all the more significance. The presence of keyword in the heading also opens the avenues for a higher ranking in the search engine optimization.
  • Body text: Body text of the content is one of the key aspects in SEO and hence the role of the keyword in this segment of the content is extremely relevant. Make sure to use the keywords in an appropriate and comprehensive manner without over optimizing it.
  • URL: From the perspective of Search engine optimization, the use of keyword in the urls makes the site quite credible for obtaining a high rank. It is advisable to keep the URL of the site descriptive, compelling and precise to give a clear view to the visitors.

Determine the keyword density:   Keyword density is all about the ratio of the keyword, which needs to be optimized for reaching its target audience. Basically keyword density helps to give an indication to the search engines about the subject matter that your content deals with and hence it should be treated carefully. And furthermore, you have to be careful about the overuse of the keywords. Make sure, the keywords are placed in a natural and organic manner rather than you stuffing it in the content. Stuffing keyword does not ensure of a high ranking in SEO rather it is perceived as over-optimizing.  Lot of times, the writer fails to realize it and end up squeezing the keyword in each and every sentence. It is wise to go through the content thoroughly before the post to make the content engaging with the perfect use of keyword.

Keyword Proximity: The keyword proximity refers to the distance between the search term’s individual keywords. The proximity of the keywords higher the search terms are close to each other and lower when the distance between the words in is higher.

For example: for search the term “seo service California”, the proximity is 1 when we compare it with the key phrase “seo services in California and proximity is 3 when we take the key phrase professional seo and social media services California.

The smaller the distance between a search term’s individual keywords, the more relevant it will be from a search engine’s point of view.

The next time you write content, make sure to optimize your keyword with organically