How to Write a Wining PPC Ad Copy?

Wining PPC Ad Copy

Ad copy is the most important component of a paid search campaign. No matter how much you bid or how good you structure your account, at the end of the day it is the your ad content that brings you the clicks.

Writing effective ad copies is beginning of any successful paid search marketing campaign. But it is not that easy. You have a very limited amount of space available to write your ad copy. Google allows total 95 characters which are distributed as 25 characters for Ad title and 35 characters each for description of the ad copy. You may feel it is not enough to write a strong ad copy but unfortunately you have to. Not only you have to write, but you have to make it meaningful and relevant to reach your targeted audience.

The article is all about how to write wining ad copies that will motivate your audience to click and visit your site. Below mentioned tips will help you in creating better and effective PPC Ads.

Call to Action:

Call-to-action is the most important component of an effective Ad.

Let me describe you. It is because, call-to-action not only asks people to complete the desire action need in the Ads, but at the same time it qualifies the visitor and reduces the expenditure on negative clicks. The call-to-action tells the visitor what they will really get when they click through your Ads.

You need to be careful while writing the call-to action. Pushy call to action like “BUY NOW” in your PPC ad may not work always. Well it depends on your niche though. So do not settle to it until you have tested it.

Also Ad extensions add more reasons to click your ad. Basically ad extensions are extra information shown about your business. You can add it manually or automatically as needed which improves your ad visibility and better clickthrough rate. And the best part is, it does not cost you anything.

You may use the ad extension as below:

  • Link to the additional landing pages
  • Business seller rating
  • To show product images
  • Display physical location in the map
  • Click to phone call number

Keywords in the ad copy

Though many people have different perception, but personally I prefer adding keywords to ad copies which increases the clickthrough rate. Google also provides special feature of dynamic keyword insertion option for advanced ad campaigns while Google automatically adds keywords dynamically at your preferred location in the ad. This is an effective way to ensure the ads to show the user searched query in the ad to make it stand out from generic ads.
Stand Out Of Competition:

Your ad copies should stand out of the competition. What it means is you should make your ad copies unique and interesting. But sometimes you may also need to follow your competitor’s ad copies. Researching on your competitors ads can help you to write a strong ad copy for your campaigns. It is always better to show your USP (also seen as unique selling proposition) to your customers. Your USP is something that your competitors don’t have, and is compelling enough to attract clicks.In the below add you can see how the first ad is different fromother ads. The first one is the only one that is having a rating displayed in the ad which is a best way to grab the attention of the visitor.

Stand Out Of Competition

In the similar way you can use special symbols that can make your ads stand out of the completion.

Writing a kick-ass ad copy in a first attempt is not possible every time. So what you need to do is to test/tweak your ads and track their success time to time.

Again if you got lucky enough to write down a great ad and getting a lot of click. But what is the next???

Appropriate and relevant landing pages are directly related to you sales or conversion. The ad and the content of your landing page are like couples. I will discuss more about landing page optimization in the next articles.

Hope the above tips will help you to develop a winning PPC campaign. You got any suggestion or want to add more tips please do comment.