How to Write Content to Keep Your Visitors Coming Back for More

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When marketing your business, be it online or brick and mortar, your marketing efforts require a great deal of content at all times, and it’s your job to make sure it is the best it can be. Knowing how to create engaging and compelling content is an important step toward achieving your desired success.

Blog posts and articles are the most common types of content used by businesses to communicate with their customers, subscribers, and visitors. This is how they build trust in the business and in the brand, and you can too.

Let’s take a look at the different kinds of content available to you.

#1 Reports & eBooks

Releasing reports and eBooks every now and then is a good way to supplement your blog posts and articles.

Reports are generally 7 to 20 pages long, and providing more content this way will enhance your authority and let your readers know that you know your stuff. Since you want to make the most of your efforts, you could also use these reports in your list building campaigns.

If you’re pressed for time, you can gather several related articles and create a short report. Additionally, you can create eBooks to sell from your website adding yet another revenue source.

However you mix and match the content, whether free or paid, reports and eBooks help to cement your status as an expert in your niche.

#2 Videos

Videos have become the darling of marketers and business entrepreneurs all over the world. Videos are a terrific way of delivering content for those who prefer more visual media. You don’t need to create new content… you can repurpose previously published articles and blog posts to create these videos and present them in this additional format.

If you want to show your readers and visitors how to do something, video is certainly an excellent option. If you’re camera shy, you can go to Fiverr or any other reputable freelance website and hire someone to make the video for you. Videos are not out of your reach, nor are they only for the “big boys.”

And if videos are a bit too daunting and elaborate for you in the beginning, do not despair.  PowerPoint presentations are just as effective a way to deliver your message.

#3 Infographics & Images

Infographics have gained momentum over the past few years and are quite popular. Infographics show with pictures and limited words what would otherwise be boring statistics in a written document. And with a bit of creativity, you can produce stunning infographics.

You can showcase your research in a visual way that is easily understood, and it’s well established that infographics are avidly shared via social media!

But don’t stop there. Try to use images in the content you publish. Images help to separate long blocks of text to make it easier for people to read what you have to say. Just don’t go overboard.

Images should be used in context, not solely for the sake of inserting any old image. If your article or post flows smoothly, you don’t want to break that flow with an image that isn’t necessary.

And, like infographics, people love to share images on social media websites.

#4 Product Reviews

Another great way to utilize a different type of content is to write reviews for products you use.

When you take into consideration that there are products and services in just about every niche that make running your business more smoothly, it only makes sense to share your knowledge and experience with your readers through product reviews.

Product reviews are great for building credibility and authority. For example, if you teach website building and design, you could review the tools and themes you use to create your websites.

Keep in mind your reputation is on the line when you review products. You should make it a practice to review only items you actually use and be completely honest about the product. Do this and product reviews will serve you well.

#5 Tutorials

Tutorials are always popular, no matter the niche. If you perform a task routinely, create a simple step-by-step guide or video so your readers can follow along.

By creating tutorials for your readers they will get the sense that you genuinely want to help them, and that is a good thing. If you have some tips on how to quickly and easily complete a task, for example, chances are your readers would want to know that and would probably appreciate the fact that you took the time to share your knowledge.

If you create tutorials or even “cheat sheets” teaching them how to make the best use of the products they purchase from you, it will certainly be more likely that they will purchase products from you again in the future!

A solid, well-stocked library of tutorials will only enhance your status as an authority in your niche and ensure your credibility in the eyes of your subscribers and visitors. They will continue to keep coming back to your website to learn more from you.


So there you have it. But this is by no means a complete list of the various types of content you can use. It’s your website, your blog, your business. You can do whatever you like, whatever it takes to keep your visitors coming back for more. Mix it up and get those creative juices flowing!

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