How Google+ Can Help Improve Your Website Ranking- All You Need to Know!

Improve Your Website Ranking

It is an argumentative approach for using Google+ before you use it for your strategies! It is always pointed that there are always a smaller number of people who actually use Google+. Indeed, most of the time, people misunderstand the usage of the tool and also the nature of Google+.

Contextually, being a way to improve the SEO results for your website, it is not very popular among people. Indeed, not even all your clients use them directly. But that does not define its applicability. Here are the top ways in which Google+ can actually improve the way you work as an SEO professional.

Google+ for SEO

  • Do you know Google+ content is treated by Google? Yes, just like any other content on any other web page. The Google + content s efficiently indexed by Google. After this, it automatically gains page rank, and so, you can see the results in Google search results. Interestingly, approximately two-thirds of the US searches that are taking place on Google are to be indexed and made relevant to be searched in this manner.

Google+ for SEO

  • The Google posts are incredible in another aspect too! It effectively allows you to capture SERP real estate as they appear on Google search results. Thus, your audience may also be able to find all your Google+ content through the most standard Google search.
  • The best part for using Google Plus is that it gained age rank, stays around, gives page rank, and appears in search results over a long time. That means Google plus posts can effectively retain indefinitely with some posts over a year. It can still be on top of all the searches in Google for a long period of time. Interestingly, you can compare it with the 14 minutes of life that any standard tweet is going to have!
  • Google+ authorship is great as it can provide a higher visual profile in all the search results. Just by validating your Google+ profile with all the sites you are going to publish, you will be able to enable your image to appear next to the search results. It also allows you to attract greater visual attention on the different search pages. Contextually, if you want to claim your authorship on-page manually, you just have to use a reauthor tag linked to your Google plus account.
  • There exists a close relationship between Google authorship and content authority. Google is definitely keen to have a higher profile to authoritative content in the search results you see. If the author posts relevant and interesting content that is able to receive pus ones and are also shared, this will undoubtedly lead to a higher authority.

Indeed, there is growing evidence in the light that Google+ authorship can effectively improve your search performance and authority. It is a well-known fact that professionals who use Google authorship tend to average a full-page Rank which is higher than those who do not use them.

  • Not only that, Google+ social layer and authorship are able to provide a wide range of social signals that are able to improve the overall social media optimization (SMO) and also the SEO. This may not be as simple ad it seems with the number of followers you see! It can also not be completely determined by the number of people in your circle or the number of Plus Ones. What appears to be far more important than this is the sole interaction between your content and you and others of high authority. That means if a person of high authority shares your content, it will drastically help improve your own authority.


  • The different social signals from platforms such as Google Plus will ultimately help you improve you to determine search results. Yes, you can see it as a social media optimization for SEO. In that manner, you can effectively filter out the noise and improve the overall search results’ overall quality.
  • Indeed, this is a trend that will continue because, in the end, it is a much better approach and is easier to understand for all the people who use it. It simplifies the approach as it has the content which actually people want and are looking for on the web. This is one of Google s founding principles, right?
  • You may have seen the featured link on all the Google+ posts? Yes, the same link which the site uses to link a webpage. Note that there is no follow for the links which are included in the body of a Google Plus post, right? In this case, you must have the featured link. If you are connecting a Google+ page to this site, it will undoubtedly increase your website content’s relevancy and effectively support your search rankings.
  • The links from all the regular websites to the Google+ contents can also be able to pass page rank authority in the other direction back to your Google Plus pages and posts.

Indeed, never forget the usage of hashtags in Google Plus as it effectively connects every post to a relevant search on the platform.

Indeed, you are simply losing on your terms with SEO if you are not using Google Plus effectively. The above reasons help you outline the necessary benefits you can opt for with Google Plus to drive your SEO strategies in line with the current requirements.

With that, you are now ready to know about the top methods by which you can boost your search results with Google+. Here is the information for you to master the usage of Google Plus for your websites.

Ways to boost search with Google Plus

Google+ is Google’s popular social networking platform launched in the year 2011. As of the reports of 2016, Google Plus has more than a million active monthly users. Indeed, marketers know that there are different ways through which you can boost search with Google Plus, but there are more to explore.

Interestingly, Google has always denied any correlation with Google Plus activity. That goes the same with Google search rankings. Still, many marketers claim that Google engagement seems to result in better rankings on Google. Here are the ways in which you can do this.

You have to post valuable and relevant content consistently

You know Google has always rewarded the relevancy of the content. The content you post should be able to answer the questions of the searches. Contextually, posting useful content for your followers would earn you more than you can ever imagine in the long run. But you should be aware not to overshare your content as it can be painful for your site. Not to be forgotten, too much sharing can be marked as spam by Google. You have to share just the best posts which are to the point and relevant for the searches.

content consistently

Complete your URL page and Google Plus profile

Yes, it makes a difference! Your profile will be the front page for your potential clients. Thus, it should give it a good impression. Right from high-quality pictures to representing our brand through explaining your core values and business, it all matters. It helps you rank better in Google search results.

Use your meta description properly.

The meta description should consist of 16o characters. It is the role of the meta description that would ultimately decide whether your business is relevant and applicable for a search result. So, it would be best if you used this meta description judiciously to Identify your keywords taglines and the relevance of your content to optimize your site better.

Allow comments and reviews on Google+.

It would be best if you always encouraged comments and feedback for your page. Indeed, it is a great way to invite your target audience and engage them effectively.

Comment n the conversations relevant to your business and embed Google Plus comments on your post.

Google+ Collections

The Google Plus Collections allows you to group similar content in one go! It is in one place, isn’t that great! It is a great way through which you can engage users with your content. It will help the users to go for the right content at the right time. In this manner, whenever you are adding new content to your collection, users are automatically notified, and thus, it is an effortless way to have your readers aligned with the right posts.

Making use of hashtags can earn you more

Use the Google+ hashtags to effectively find out all the related topics your customers or readers are interested in! You can also discover the hashtags which all the other people are using. You just have to use your own relevant hashtags in the body of the content you post.

Track your results

Once you start working on Google Plus, you should be able to keep track of your performance and traffic. Ne of the best way to do this is by evaluating how many Google+ circles you are a part of, right? After all, in the end, users can only see posts that are added to their circles. For instance, engagement on specific posts can also be effectively guarded by the number of +1 on your post.

The bottom line

Optimizing your Google Plus page to drive relevant traffic and improve performance is easy if you follow the above-said tips. It would help if you made Google Plus an integral part of your marketing strategy. It is a great way to gain a competitive edge against other odds in the current market.