Inspiring Your Clients & Earning A Positive Brand Image

Positive Brand Image

Businesses these days employ a range of tactics to best present themselves to prospective customers. Not only are smart marketing tactics taken into account based off of exposure and demographic statistics, but the purchasing habits of the general public are often used to target advertisements to extract as much revenue as possible from them. This is part of operating a business, you find ways to best glean revenue from those you’re selling to and hopefully inspire a return purchase. But is this all a business can do to inspire a positive brand image?

Sometimes the answer can be a little more nuanced than you might think. For example, with the increasing trend toward digital-based communications, which are often able for distribution freely, it’s not wrong to consider utilizing client outreach to help your brand image, without the actual need to sell anything.

The world is a big place, and there are millions of companies all vying for the attention of the consumers you’re trying to gain for yourself. How do you stand out? How do you look different to the horde and actually provide something worthwhile?

There are many ways, but one of the most reliable ways is through inspirational, informative content based in the field you’re selling your product or service in. For example, taking the fitness industry. Companies that sell supplements will often step back, take the time to create an email newsletter that provides informative, useful information about taking supplements, dietary requirements, and what training programs might go in hand with them. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re selling said diet plan, supplement or training program, but they are, on the surface, making an effort to educate those on their mailing list.

This can only be looked at positively from those reading the email. It makes them feel valued, even if the email has obviously been mass distributed. It makes them feel like their custom is worthy enough of being catered for through actual, real means. You see the point? Positive client outreach, in a way that serves them rather than serves your revenue needs, can have a lasting impact in encouraging brand loyalty.

Who knows, maybe some time down the line, the client remembers said diet plan and would like to implement it to reduce his bodyfat, while retaining his muscle. Perhaps he’d like to use a fat burner for that. Due to the effort you went to to communicate through the email newsletter, he’s already identified the diet plan he’s thinking of embarking on with your brand. He’s statistically more likely to search for the supplement on your website thanks to this associative effect you’ve implanted.

This doesn’t mean you need to have a ‘harvesting’ mentality like that to make use of this. Sometimes an outreach of goodwill in this regard is its own reward, as having a positive, healthy brand image can return dividends you wouldn’t expect, like a positive social media review, or word of mouth traveling about your business (a marketer’s dream.)

Ultimately though, it can help a client stay engaged and active with your communications, and in the modern world, that’s one of the more valuable resources you can hold.