11 Instagram Tricks That Take Your Small Business to Next Level

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Instagram – a social media platform that is pushing the limits of its own, day by day. It is one of the most widely used social media apps. It has over 1 billion monthly active users with millennials and gen z people using this platform as their hangout place, the count is only going to be higher. Checking social media accounts has almost become routine and the first thing people do when they wake up. Especially Gen z, who cares about their Instagram image more and try hard to project themselves in a different way here. But also many people make a career out of this platform. Instagram started as an instant photo-sharing site at first, but now it has multiple dimensions.

Instagram For Business

With almost a billion users and millions of interactions taking place, there might be no better place for doing business than here. When there is a crowd, there will be shops. It will provide countless business opportunities if you play your cards wisely by using this platform to the fullest like big brands. So you may ask how can you run your small business amidst these large-scale sharks there? you can! Instagram provides many exciting features for business purposes in general and there are some tricks for you to make your small business reach the next level.

Create A Business Profile

Creating a profile is the first thing to do on Instagram if you do not have one already. If you run a business, you have to make your profile into a business profile rather than a private one because your posts will be visible to all when your profile is public. Instagram offers many exclusive features for the business accounts that won’t be available for normal profiles which will help you in many ways to improve your business. Creating your profile name using the keyword that is related to your business improves your profile’s visibility in the search bar.

Craft A Clean Bio

The next thing you have to do is add a bio that describes what your business is about in a simple way. Bio is more like a visiting card or a name board of your shop that contains information about your business in a short and sweet manner. Because it is the first thing viewers will see when they visit your profile. Breaking the bio in lines will make it look good. Adding emojis can help people to understand it better. And also you need to add your contact information in the call to action button. It’s one of the features that come with a business profile. This will make it easy for people to contact you. The important thing you have to do is to add the link to your target page which can be your product or service page, or any other page you want people to go to, in your bio. Since Instagram allows you to add only one link in your bio, you can add it according to your needs.

Make Use Of The Highlights Feature

Highlights are one of the coolest features that Instagram came up with where you can add your best stories in the highlights section in your profile that will grace your feed forever since stories will disappear in 24 hours. But also you can use it in many creative ways to make your profile look more attractive and as well as informative.

  • You can add more details and facts about your business with the term ‘about us’
  • You can add a list of product or service packages you offer along with the prices
  • Adding customer reviews will be a smart move. Because it builds more trust value on your profile for first-time viewers.
  • You can add your best posts or stories that have already created many impressions before.
  • FAQs and the answers will be helpful for the viewers.

Add Location In Your Posts

Adding a location tag to your posts will take them to reach more people. Instagram or any social media marketing works depending upon the reach. Adding geotags will place your post under the collection of that specific location because Instagram collects posts based on location and adds them there. This will give you more possibility of getting new viewers and people who don’t follow you. And also it makes you reach the feeds of local audiences.

Save Posts

Saving posts that you come across on your timeline might have a hand in improving your business. Yes, all you need to do is click the right corner icon on the posts and I’m not kidding. But that won’t increase your views or followers immediately and gives you an enormous reach. This is a process that will improve your marketing skills on Instagram in the long term. But how does it help your business? When you come across a post that attracts you or gives you a new idea, you can save it and you can use it for reference or even recreate it in your own style later. Sometimes a post might give you inspiration. You can save it and watch it whenever you want. Saving posts with good captions, different styles, and even your competitors’ posts to monitor them helps you to improve yourself on this platform and your small business.

Post Stories

Instagram stories were the game-changer of this platform when it was introduced as it totally revamped the platform and the way people saw it. Even though the stories feature was introduced by Snapchat at first, Instagram made it better. It instantly became a user-favorite. Stories attract more users, since they are easy to access and their position on the timeline. They are the first ones to catch the eyes of users when they open the app. So, it’s very important to post stories regularly. Posting regularly will make you move to the front seat on the stories tab of your followers and register your brand on their mind.

More than all these advantages, the main thing is you can create content and promote your business using stories. There are lots of features available with stories to make your content look attractive and promote your product. You can add links in your stories which is the easiest way for you to direct the viewers towards your target page.

Create Engagement Opportunities

Engagement runs the business on Instagram. The interactions from users such as likes, comments, mentions, shares determine the progress of your business. Everyone creates content to gain engagement. It is so important because the Instagram algorithm determines your post’s reach based on the engagement rate of your current post as well as previous posts. At first, it shows your posts in the feeds of only 10% of your followers. Further, you can ensure consistent engagement and massive reach when you get auto IG likes for your instagram posts. Now, your posts will become visible on the feeds of more followers. Writing attractive captions that push the viewers to interact with your posts, adding tags in your posts and replying to comments in a conversational way are some of the top techniques that foster more engagement.

Host Live Session

Going live on Instagram is one of the exciting features that has been created and is a great way to interact with your followers and to build a healthy community. This will create a good impact on your account. Getting feedback from them makes you improve things at your end. You can show behind the scene content on live which will be well received by your followers because everyone loves to see the background process. Hosting Q/A sessions can clear the doubts regarding your product and you can also promote it there.

Do Exclusive Sales

This is one of the main techniques followed by every business firm both online and offline. Offers never get old and they don’t fail. Giving offers and discounts exclusively to your followers will not only increase your sales but also your credibility. It will make them your regular customers. This will also push your non-followers to follow your account. So it’s a win for you from all ends. Next are giveaways. Yes, people love it. If you organize in the right way it will bring you more reach and potential targets. Putting a set of rules like sharing your post, following your page for participation in the contest will give you more followers and engagement.

Do Your Analysis

Keep track of whatever you do on instagram by doing an analysis of your actions so that you can improve your business. Instagram business accounts have insights features where you can get various data and statistics. The reach of your posts and other data such as shares, profile visits can be seen. You can get data about your followers including their active time, age range, location, etc, which can be useful in finding your target audience. And also you will get to know what is working and what is not, so that you can change your approach and improve your input more.


These are the tricks that can help you to better your competitors and improve your small business to the next level. Many big business handles on instagram are proof that following these tricks will make you big. But it is not an instant result-giving process. You have to keep following and improving constantly.