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We are seeing a tremendous shift in blogging industry in INDIA. School going kids to entrepreneurs; all are now into blogging for money, fame and for personal branding. Today we have a person with us who was lucky enough to find his hidden passion in blogging. His hard work is highly appreciable.

Hey friends, Let me formally introduce Ashutosh Jha, who manage TricksRoad, a successful professional blogger and IT consultant from New Delhi.

#Ashutosh, happy to you have in DigitalVani.  Tell us a little about yourself? And how you first got involved with blogging and why?

Ashutosh: Hey Arun, Thanks for having me on your prestigious blog DigitalVani. Your blog is one of the nice blogs in digital marketing niche. Here is my little intro for your blog readers-

I’m Ashutosh Jha, a professional blogger and IT consultant from New Delhi, India who writes about Blogging, Traffic, online marketing and money making ideas. My main blog is with few other blogs in other niche.

I was a web developer and online marketer and while searching few marketing tips for my clients I loved the way people share their thoughts and so as a hobby I started blogging. Later it became one of my important parts of life.

#Tell little more about your blog and the topics you cover in your blog.

My main blog TricksRoad is a platformfor any new-comer and for any existing blogger who wants to start blogging to make a living out of it. Here I share all the latest and proven tips of blogging from the scratch which even a person who don’t know anything about blogging can also understand.

At TricksRoad, I cover mainly How to do blogging, How to get Traffic, Promotion of blogs and posts, Making money with blogs and few more topics.

#Many people struggle with coming up with new articles/topics on regular basis.How do you keep coming up with regular content for your blog?

Yes this is the main issue that many bloggers feel specially the newbies. But if you plan writing your content and blog post well in advance, you can avoid such situation. Also it is not necessary to write the blog post daily but to maintain the frequency and the quality is the biggest challenge and if you can maintain this, nobody can stop you.

Well I mainly follow the below methods to keep getting the new blog posts ideas and very soon you’ll find a post on this topic also on my blog-

I keep checking the comment on my blog as well as on others’ blogs and if I find readers asking any particular question which is relevant and unanswered, I write on that topic. Few days back I wrote on ‘Different ways to make money from blog’. This question was asked by one of my reader on Google+ and so I wrote a complete post on that.

Get involved on Q&A sites & Forums. Here you’ll get lots of ideas about the blogging topics.

Also you can ask your readers either using blog or social fan page about the topic on which they want your next posts.

Mainly I’m using the first two as of now.

#What do you find most challenging about blogging?  And what’s your strategy with your blog?

The most challenging thing about blogging that I have observed till now is the traffic. We spend a day or at least hours to write the awesome articles but when we don’t get enough traffic on that post, it hurts. At the start I wrote couple of good articles and didn’t receive the traffic that I was expecting. Then I sat and thought about it and finally came up with the plan and started social promotion in better way. Joined many social sites and started social promotion. Believe me social media provides a great platform for the blogging and you’ll get lots of traffic and exposure with little effort.

#What has been your strategy for creating visibility to yourself and your blog?

This is very interesting and important question J I mainly focus on helping the people who need. It is either through social sites (especially facebook and Google+) or emails/comments. Once you help a person and resolve their issue, automatically you get one good reader. So I mainly focus on this. Apart from this, I am very much engaged on social media, Q&A sites as well in as few forums. These are the platform through which you can get maximum promotion, if you’ll use it in a good way.

#How much attention/time you pay for your blog’s SEO?

SEO is one of the essential things, if you’re targeting organic traffic for your blog. I also pay much effort in doing SEO and always keeping myself involved in experiments with the different methods. For on page SEO, I mainly focus on keywords & their placements and optimized content. While for off page, I try to get backlinks but using white hat method only. I mainly use blog commenting and forums for backlinks.

#The best complements you have ever received from your readers.

Though I have received few emails from readers about my blog, posts and how those helped them, the one I liked the most was from Andhra Pradesh, India. Actually that was bit funny too. It was, “First of all I would like to say a BIG THANKS to you sir for the great help you’re providing through your blog posts. I’ve also started a blog couple of days back and needless to say, you’ve helped me the most through your blog as well as through Hangout. Thanks for all this and I hope I’ll continue receiving such great tips in future as well”. Then a question was asked at the last of the mail, can I know, what’s your age?

#What are your favorite blogs/bloggers you look up and why?

It’s hard to name anyone because I keep reading blogs no matter it’s of Problogger or a newbie. Reading blog posts is one of my favorite pass times. But to name few, I like Darren Rowse’s Problogger, copyblogger, Harleena’s Aha Now, Harsh’s Shoutmeloud and few more.

#Most of the people join blogging for its money earning potential. Can one really make a living by Blogging?

I don’t see any issue with this motive but this should come at the right time. Anyway you’re trying to earn money from the work you did and there is no issue with it. But the main problem with most of the newbie blogger is they want to earn from the very first day. This is practically not possible. Like other business, first you should invest and then think about the profit. Here your investment is the quality blog posts. Don’t blog for money.

Coming to the next part, yes of course this is possible to make an awesome living by blogging. Just you need to plan everything well and no one can stop you to earn good money.

#What’s your take on sponsored guest post or reviews and Google Penalty?

As everything have a pros and cons and the same applies to sponsored posts and reviews too. I don’t think it is bad but need to be limited else your readers will think, you’re writing just for the money. If you’re writing any review, be HONEST. Also recommend something that you are using or you are more likely to use for yourself. This will help you to earn good money as well as help you to bind your readers too.

Google penalty is the big concern these days especially in case of backlinks. Whenever you’re writing any guest post on any other’s blog, convince the admin to use nofollow tag in the links. This will help you to avoid any penalty from Google. Also if you’re getting natural links from your niche, that won’t be a problem.

#What are your future plans? Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years?

Currently I am concentrating on few blogs that already I am running.In the coming months, you will see few more blogs as well as a service site in TricksRoad network too.

Well in the next 5 years, I want to be a person who can be called as a successful entrepreneur.

#According to you, what are the things which make a blog successful?

There are many factors which are necessary to make a blog successful. The most important are- Good Niche, Quality content, Good Social and promotional plan and self-motivation. If you’re having these, you can be successful in the blogosphere.

#Finally, I would love you to have your message for my readers.

Focus on building a great blog rather than focusing on money. When you have a good blog with quality posts which solve the problem money automatically follows you.

Final words

That was pretty  awesome. Thanks Ashutosh for your time here.

And you guyz, hope you enjoyed the interview. If you have any question then you are free to ask in the comment section to make this interview more interactive.

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