Is This SEO Agency The Right Choice? Tips to Hire a Right SEO Company

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Internet usage is flourishing, and you need to guide the search engine to survive as a business in the market. We all know that search engine optimization (SEO) is vital, but hiring a top hire SEO company can be intimidating. So want to know how to hire SEO company? And why hire an SEO company? Your first step is to find out what they have to offer you to get your desired spot on the search engine results (SERPs).

Before you proceed to buy an SEO package, it’ll be helpful for you to learn some SEO basics to vet SEO prospects accordingly. In case you have an existing in-house marketing department, you might have a modest grip over digital marketing.

Substantially you wish to top at Google organically, Yahoo and Bing rankings, so you can earn it rather than paying for it. No matter what level of top SEO agency you have.

Arm yourself with these decisive questions before you pick your qualified set of SEO experts.

Signs to Identify an Inadequate SEO Agency

It can be stressful to find and hire an SEO company, as there is some top SEO agency in the market, but there are many bad and fraud SEO consultants. It becomes a challenging time to distinguish between the real deal and the fraud ones. Just like hiring a worst in-house SEO consultant can be very costly, same as working with a weak SEO agency.

Below mentioned are some warning signs that can help you detect an inadequate SEO agency:

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a dirty technique used by SEO. A target keyword is mentioned an enormous number of times to get an undue rank advantage in Google search results. If an SEO specialist chooses to stuff the page with keywords, it is a disadvantage for themselves and others, and hence they should be avoided. Do you want such inferior quality work on your website and carry the risk of being skeptical hit by search engine algorithm updates? The technique of keyword stuffing may work for a company for a month or two but eventually will lead the company to long-term trouble.

Per Link Charges

$10 per link sounds so tempting right, but these are penalty-generating links. In situations where agency charges are based on link quality, it is also quite difficult to measure the quality and get restricted to appear for weeks and months. Selling links can also be a trap as those links may have a poor link network or spammy link. The last one should avoid any SEO agency that may charge per link.

Make False Promises

If you face agencies who make tempting promises like #1 rankings, 1000 new visitors per week, the best advice is to run away. Some may also convince you that they have insider knowledge related to Google algorithms and things, then avoid hiring an SEO company. The more alluring it may sound, it might affect your organic search performance in the long run. Even if you hire an SEO company that assures a money-back guarantee, your site’s recovery from the penalty is not 100% guaranteed.

Automated SEO

Questions to ask SEO companies about what “automated services” actually mean as, in basic SEO knowledge, there is nothing known as automated technique. Some SEO tools help make the process simpler, but no one can perform practical SEO analysis and optimize the site the way a living human can do.


If you face an SEO agency that can do SEO for themselves, then understand there itself that you might be wasting your money there. To judge an SEO agency before hiring, look at on-page SEO elements like (title tag, meta description, site speed, schemas, headings, etc.) and further check on how well they have optimized it.

Know More About Black-Hat SEO tactics

As the search engine keeps on getting advanced every year, SEO consultants find out black hat dirty tactics to betray search engines into ranking a page where the page is not justified to be ranked.

Take adequate time and knowledge yourself with these black hat SEO spammy tactics to make sure you don’t get sold over these tactics, and look to that your in-house SEO agency is not implementing those dirty tactics on your site. As mentioned earlier, black hat SEO strategies will work for a short while but will eventually result in your website getting penalized by the search engine.

Questions to ask SEO company before hiring them

Before you are set to hire an SEO company, you need to have a list of questions to ask the SEO company to compare them appropriately. You’ll also require some basic research about the Google SEO company to enlighten yourself with the SEO agency before interacting with them.

You can begin with some warmup questions like “Have you previously worked in our industry?” For this, most SEO agencies will not have a proper answer, but this won’t help make a dependable decision. Further on, start with all these questions to have a clear picture.

What Is Your SEO Process?

If an agency can explain their SEO process in 1 min or less in a convincing way, then it turns out to be a good sign. If they keep on talking and it makes no sense, it would be best to move on to the next one. If the SEO process seems shady or the agency tries to keep its process a secret, it is not safe to work with them. 

What Kind of Work Will You Do for Our Site?

Make sure to note that the agency involves, Details on lending recommendations related to technical issues. Optimizing existing content.

Improvising on-page elements and building a content strategy, and acquiring effective backlinks. It will be a perk if an SEO consultant talks about quick wins and long-term growth.

Can You Provide Me with A Recommendation Report You Give to Clients?

Please have a look at the report on how the agency provides recommendations to their previous or existing clients. And notice, Is the report simple, easy to understand, actionable, and perceptive? Or the agency has not prepared any report to share? It would be best to say goodbye and work with SEO specialists who know to provide SEO recommendations in the latter situation.

How Do You Get Backlinks?

Backlinks are highly valuable in SEO, and it requires a lot of hard work to get them. It is an amazing idea to achieve high-quality natural backlinks rather than purchasing links. Purchasing backlinks is a misdemeanor of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and will result in a heavy penalty if you are caught.

If the agency you are interacting with says that they don’t prefer to reveal their backlink sources, avoid hiring them. Your SEO agency should inform you about all the backlinks they have achieved and where they are from. Some of the popular acceptable strategies are getting backlinks with guest posting, link reclamation, HARO queries, content promotions, and developing high-quality content.

Do You Promise Guaranteed Results?

As mentioned earlier, if any agency gives fake promises like #1 ranking or 1000 new visitors, then run away. Even if they promise you that they will get first page rankings, that doesn’t imply that the traffic for those targeted keywords they got on-page will be good enough. Instead, look for a response like “it depends”, which seems like an acceptable answer.

How You Measure Success?

Everything they say should be around your goals. Like, don’t hire an SEO company that answers “rankings” and nothing else. Elements like “traffic” and “organic revenue” are what helps to drive results. Most SEO consultants blindly trust Google Analytics when it comes to measuring the ROI of their marketing strategies.

Whatever agency answers, this is how they determined that their efforts are successful and whether it aligns with how you look to success for your investment?

What Kind of Reporting Do You Provide?

You must be aware of what to expect from the SEO agency every month and how they report their efforts, so it is a compelling idea if, on the last note, you ask for an example of their reports.

Put your points across transparently to get in-depth knowledge of how you want your reports to be. Some prefer to ask for high-level stuff. On the other hand, some ask for finer details from their executive. You don’t feel afraid to ask for both.

What Would be the Cost to Hire SEO Company?

While skimming through their SEO packages, make sure that prices should be worth the work without excessive hidden fees. Pricing varies depending upon the packages you choose, but mostly top SEO agency work on an hourly basis. Cheap SEO services may alert you with various warning signals as executing a solid SEO practice challenging. Initiating from efficient content creation to HTML tag optimization, it is an in-depth process for marketers.

If they provide you with very low SEO pricing, they might be using low-grade tactics like attaining substandard links. Same as SEO is a long-term investment of time and well-thought content; it is also an investment of funds. Also, discuss prior the payment and billing methods to get a clear view of the partnership.

An average cost to hire SEO services, either from freelancers or some top SEO agency, costs around $497/month. On average, a small business owner spends approximately $100-$5,000 per month to hire SEO specialists. If you hire an SEO freelancer or agency on an hourly basis, it may cost somewhere between $20-$100 per hour.


Start your process to hire an SEO company by having a clear understanding of what you’re looking for from your SEO specialist and also include all stakeholders in the process. Hopefully, at the end of the burdensome process of interviewing several SEO agencies, you might have made a unanimous decision to select the best SEO agency for your organization.

Once you are all set to hire the agency, make sure all the stakeholders know their expectations. An appropriate SEO agency will know you about everything you will require to be successful. Take their input and work on them seriously.

Let us know how this blog helped you to hire an SEO agency that helps to boost traffic and build organic revenue to your site.