What is Link Building? Know the Evergreen Link Building Strategies

Link Building

Links were and is the most vital part of any SEO campaign be it a small business or large. Well link building is not the only factor that helps a website get a better rank in different search engines. Apart from that addressing on-Page issues, content optimization, page speed, under interface are many other ranking factors.

Nevertheless, as a large part of any SEO campaign is centered linking building is the most important part. Whether it’s a social media campaign or off-page SEO, it’s all about getting the back links for the website. The important thing to consider is that links make it easier for the search engines to locate the information and that is why they put so much priority on link popularity. Basically backlinks are like votes back to your website, more the number of votes better the changes to rank higher in SERP.

No matter how great your contents are or how well it is optimized for your targeted keywords, they need backlinks to survive the tough competition for top ranking in SERP. And, if you want your blog, website, or business to reach your customers audience, link build is the only cure.

 What is Link Building?

No doubt link build s the ticket for your better search ranking. Since the beginning search engines have treated backlinks as votes of popularity and always ranked higher the sites that are having more votes for it in comparison to its competitors. Though the complex algorithm of ranking a website has its own e process to evaluate the quality of a backlink, but large portion of the engines’ algorithms is more about link-related factors.

 When the Google or any search engine crawls the web which is like endless sea, it needs something that will make its job easier. Link building is like roads connecting your pages to your website and getting noticed by the crawlers

. Moreover, popular links are sign of quality contents, trusted and used by the internet users. And, that’s exactly what the search engine wants for its users – high quality, valuable, informative content. And, that is how you earn the top spot in the search engine. You can read a great article at moz SEO blog here.

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Should You Try Too Hard At Link Building

Yes, if you want to win the trust of most of the search engines. Since the Google is currently the king of search engines, most of the link building analysis is based on what Google thinks and does. Although, most of the search engines more or less have the same criteria. Wikipedia is the best example of exceptional link building. Occasional data inaccuracies notwithstanding, there are hundreds of websites linking Wikipedia. And, that’s how it’s almost all the time at the top of the list in the search engine.

Link building is a powerful tool that can easily earn trust, authenticity and value for your website in different search engines. When so many people read and share your link, this builds an interaction and proves that your website is an authentic one. Whether its blog sharing or Facebook post sharing, link building is a street that guides search engine to your website.

Building Links the right way

Now, that it’s clear that link building is a vital element not just for successful SEO but for digital marketing as well, building alone won’t help you survive. You have to build the right links, because you are not the only one fighting for top spot in search engines. Linking to websites that aren’t relevant to your website will hardly help your cause and hurt you more.

Where Link quality, anchor text, number of links, link neighborhood, freshness of link, TrustRank and Topic specific links have always dominated the best link signals, here are some of the most popular, most used and preferred link building strategies often used by experts.

  • Natural Links: When it comes to link building, natural editorial links are the most popular. Nothing can beat this. An effortless link building through high quality content and right kind of promotion is the most successful link building strategy. But, these links are not easy to get and that’s what makes it even more sought-after. A highly informative content will always bring you back links. Searchers look for information which is most likely help them and once they do find it, they would want to share it with others.
  • Choosing the right Theme: One of the most used link building strategies is finding the right website. Usually, the strategy is to contact the bloggers asking them for links and explaining how it’s most relevant to their cause. Submitting sites to the directories and business listing are other methods of links generation. The point is to find the webmaster that actually going to help you by responding fast enough. No point waiting for months to get the link.
  • Keeping tab of your Competition: The best way to stay current is to follow your competition and see what they are up to. This serves two purposes. One, you know what kind of competition you are facing and re-plan your strategies. Two, you can take ideas and choose similar or exact link partners as your competitors. This will at least keep you in same page and help link building where it actually matters.
  • Hitting the bull’s Eye: When you are building links, it is important that it reaches the target audience – the right one. There are sites which will agree to share your link, but it won’t do much good. The effectiveness of link is directly linked to the number of links. How? The more relevant your link is the more it will be shared and more popular it will get. But, if you put your links in the wrong place, it might just get lost in the translation and may harm your cause.
  • Make the Link a part of the Content: Sharing a blog post in another blog or website requires you to make the link a part of the content, so that it does not get omitted. For this, you need to make the link a part of some terms or offers that requires the link to be present. This again will not look forced or deliberately placed.
  • Not just Sell, but inform: It’s easier to build more links with information than it is with direct promotional content. Like in social media, a post with very interesting information will definitely be shared more than a promotional post – unless you are offering something beneficial.
  • Getting links from best ranks websites: Keywords are again an important factor. Try to get links from websites that are already ranking high on the keywords that you are trying to rank. This will help you significantly in ranking.

Link building has been popular with the SEO because the way it impacts ranking in search engines. Even search engines love popular links as it makes their job easier to find a better website that will add value to the users. So quality link building is the answer to better ranks, better business and popularity.