Local SEO Checklist to Rank Your Small Business Website

Local SEO Checklist

Going up the ranks and hitting big time takes considerable effort for local business owners and their developing companies. Regardless of experience, an entrepreneur will always come across setbacks when running a business with out know local SEO checklist. They naturally come with the package of entering the business world, and historically, no one has since avoided one. You, as a local business owner, have to prevent these setbacks from happening or blowing up that will lead to your company’s demise. But one thing is for sure, you and your business endeavor will eventually get to the promised land.

How? By employing a sound and effective strategy. It is the way of the current big-wigs, the large conglomerates dominating the business sector, and are looking like they are not slowing down for a long time.

Local businesses are learning the ropes of the modern world. Now, owners of local businesses are putting up websites to have a wider reach and a bigger audience. As a business owner, it is essential to have a website for your business in today’s industry to keep up with the modernized lifestyle of your consumers and potential customers. Having a local business website allows you to maximize the potential of your local business and https://www.meegle.com/blog/5-reasons-your-local-business-needs-a-website/ gain brand recognition.

Websites have become the most powerful tool a business can have as they create a trustworthy image and credibility. They allow your company’s brand to establish relevance and authority in the industry because most consumers nowadays check the internet if a business has a website. Consumers do this to see if a company is legit, and to conduct inquiries and purchases more accessible for them.

Local SEO

Of course, SEO is the main reason why you are here. But in this section, the spotlight is on local SEO or local search engine optimization and how you can leverage it to rank your small business website. It’s still plain old SEO, but it focuses more on taking advantage of local business searches in a specific geographic location. It means searching for businesses, products, or services near a person’s area.

But how does local SEO work?

When an internet user types a location in the search query, a user-intent is then clear for search engines to satisfy the user by showing the top results of businesses in that area. That is a local search, and local SEO optimization is more about location awareness. More on how local SEO works later.

Local SEO Optimization Checklist

To help you get over the hump, and boost your small business website, follow these essential local SEO tips. You’ll find your local business gaining traction in the online world and have more customers pre-local SEO.

Setup Your Local SEO-Optimized Website

Your website is a powerful platform. Therefore, it’s rightful to design it pleasantly with a modern look. Limit your design to a couple of different fonts, font sizes, and a colorway that consists only of two to three colors at best. It’s equally important to design it with a modern approach to help your local SEO. The majority of the local business websites today are employing SEO to boost their online visibility and rank high in search results. You not only have the chance to own a good-looking website, but also one that can attract the eyes of modern internet users.

Local SEO Optimization

A business website without business information displayed on their pages is shady in any way you see it. What business would not think of providing information about them and their services? None. You have to put your best foot forward, and you start by introducing your company to the public and tell them what your business is all about. Provide your contact number, official email address, business hours, location, etc. These details should be readily available for visitors and easy to find. A highly acceptable place to display your business information is at the footer of every page of your website.

If you want your customers to know you more, have a dedicated page for this. Any well-made business website should always have an “About Us” page because it is a great way to introduce your brand more to visitors. It’s also a sound way to solidify your company’s branding. You don’t have to lay it all about your company. A concise and informative text is sufficient to satisfy the internet users’ short-term attention spans.

When we talk about trustworthiness, you can’t forget about security. Nowadays, security is a must for any person that’s going to have a transaction or purchase. Your local business website must be safe and secure as it serves as your front desk, the first contact of your customers online. Your business relationships can be compromised if your website can’t assure cybersecurity. A secure hosting platform is recommended to keep the bad guys out. You don’t want your customers’ sensitive information stolen as well as yours. Right? Being trustworthy is a serious business which is why it is imperative to secure a hosting platform that is trustworthy as well.

Find Your Main Keywords You Want To Rank For

Next up: knowing your keywords.


Because it is essential to understand what your potential customers are describing your local business. By doing so, you will be able to get the feel of how people can find you. If you figure it out, this tip will bring forth an audience you’ve wanted long ago.

Words and phrases relating to your business should be determined in this process. Next, you should incorporate them into your website content, blogs/articles, and in every headline of your landing pages.

You have to place yourself in your audience’s shoes. If your business serves milk teas, then the keywords “milk tea” and “best milk tea cafe” are perfect for your local SEO.

Create Great Web Content

Producing high-quality content and providing them on your website has exponentially increased in terms of importance for local businesses. With the sheer amount of competition out there in the digital world, a simple marketing strategy will not be enough. That used to be the case back then. Now, content is king is what they say.

You can utilize high-quality content with blogs for your website. Running a company blog helps your local SEO considerably. If you produce high-quality content on your blogs, it puts your business website in a position to bring in more traffic. Potential customers can easily find you, or you’ll appear on the first results page. Always put in mind to curate content that will be helpful both for your business and your customers.

In terms of the main website content, make it clear for your visitors to digest and skim when they read it. That will heighten their attention and interest in your business.

Long-Tail Keywords & Voice Search

Going back to the mentioned example of a local search, optimize your website content with long-tail keywords to hit the spot on how people search for local businesses around your area. For example, if you are searching for a local business like a coffee shop or restaurant in Newark, you may use phrases like “coffee shop in Newark” or “best restaurant in Newark.”

Search engines like Google respond to this kind of search by bringing up Google My Business listings or a screenshot from Google Maps that identifies website design companies or relevant services in Newark with red pins. Local SEO gets your business to be noticed by local customers.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Aside from designing a user-friendly website, make sure it’s also mobile-friendly. Most of the internet users access the web through their mobile devices such as smartphones or smart tablets. And it can be a pain in the neck for a person to open a website on a mobile phone if the visuals do not fit perfectly with the screen size. It’s not enough for your business to be accessible on the internet, but you also have to factor in making your website responsive to the mobile devices of your audience.

Claim Your Business Listing

Business listings are one great way to acquire your online reviews. It’s the first and best place to start when you’re leveraging online reviews for local SEO. When you talk about what’s essential for leveraging SEO, local citations on review sites is one of them.

google business listing

You must gather as many as you can because a lot of consumers pay attention to businesses that have a variety of online reviews that they can base their decisions. And because we are talking about boosting your local SEO campaign, search engines like Google prioritizes giving higher rankings to businesses that have a broad reach and more visible. What’s more, claiming business listings on review sites are for free, and they give you an authority in the industry.

You can improve your listing in search ranking by creating or claiming your business page in different review sites. Google Places and Yelp use publicly available data of your business to generate your business page, and you can claim them for free. You will then have full control over your page and its contents. Or if your business still doesn’t have a page yet on a review site, you can create one yourself. Other review sites will give you access to their unique services like tools to track reviews and the option to communicate with your reviewers privately.

Equally important is keeping your contact details consistent across all platforms to not cause any confusion or negative impact on your SEO campaign.

Prioritize Online Reviews

The new version of yesterday’s word-of-mouth, online reviews brings brand exposure to businesses, big and small. Having online reviews from online consumers increases your company’s visibility, whether poor or excellent. Reviews help your brand rank high in search engines. Especially when you have great reviews, you will surely stand out in “best…in…” searches.

The technique here is that your company will not be the one to find customers, but let potential customers find YOU by increasing your business’ brand visibility through different platforms on the world wide web.

google review

Overall, when boosting your small business SEO, you will have to use online reviews to your advantage. Remember, SEO is your solution to effective online marketing, giving you more reason to ramp up your SEO campaign.

Benefits of Local SEO Optimization

Before we dive into some essential local SEO tips on ranking your small business website, let’s first discuss some of the numerous benefits of having small business SEO running in your local arena.

Boost SERP Rankings

Boost SERP RankingsUtilizing local SEO provides the boost you need for your local business to succeed online. You will see your business name in search engine results pages as your local rankings will increase. Your local business website is more likely to receive more visits and clicks than websites that don’t emerge in the first pages of SERPs. Especially when you’re on various online directories.

Ranking high in search engines is the goal that gives you the credibility people seek for a business, making it easy for your local business to establish trust in the industry.

Brand Awareness

Brand AwarenessBecause people are now seeing your local business name on SERPs, it starts making your brand known to them. It creates brand awareness, bringing forth your existence to your target market online in a very convenient and efficient method of marketing. You are more visible to your target market’s eye because of the boost of your local rankings.

More Conversions

More ConversionsConversion rate returns are higher with local SEO since it allows marketers to target a specific audience that suits their line of business. It also makes the target audience aware of their brand. This method turns your audience into first-time customers regularly. Employing local SEO drives traffic to your local business website when internet users are looking for a specific product or service.

Higher Return On Investment

Higher Return On InvestmentIf you want to be more than a ‘brick and mortar’ business, you better hop on the local SEO hype train. Generate more return on investment for your local business through an optimized website for local search. Your business will experience faster growth compared to companies that don’t take advantage of this.