Marketing your Content the Right Way

Marketing your Content

Creating a highly engaging content is not enough if you are looking to reach a wider audience. Like a product is marketed, you need to advertize and market your content. This includes boosting engagement and inviting more and more people to participate. In the content marketing world, it is very easy to make mistakes. But, you can learn and improve on these mistakes to create a better and more intensified content marketing strategy.

Moving away for the regular and most common content marketing strategies, you can now tweak a few changes in the game plan.

Here are some of the few things you can do to improve engagement of audiences for your content.

Creating a Killer Headline

The headline is what attracts the readers the most and so you need a headline that will make readers click on the link. There are many forms of headlines like the list based. One of the most powerful headline formats is the question mark. Is SEO dead for real? This kind of content headlines are more impactful that anything else. When creating a headline go for a more interrogating headline to arouse curiosity of the readers.

Always add a “leave a comment” section below

How do you know whether people liked your post or not?  Read the comment section. Whether the comment is positive or negative, if you have a comment its means the readers did have an impact and this is basically what content are meant for – to create a buzz. Adding a “leave comments below” at the end of the post actually invites readers to participate. This goes on to show that you have an open mind and you are willing to take part in a debate (if there is any).

 Asking Questions

“Going online and asking a question is the best way to learn”. ~ Tom Felton

The quote comes from a popular actor well known for his role as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movie franchise. He is quite regular on the twitter, has a huge following and knows that the best way to engage audiences is through questions. You can apply the same rule and start asking relevant questions on various social media platforms. The question could be anything – a suggestion, an answer or an opinion. This is one of the best ways to get people engaged in your content. Also, it will give you an insight whether the audiences liked your post or not.

Replying to the comment

If you are over the moon on seeing so many comments on your post, then you need to get back on earth and start replying to those comments. Comments will be beneficial as long as you regulate them. Some negative comments could impact you content’s reputation. Kill the spam as it is vital for inviting quality content. Reply and moderate discussions so that the engagement level never drops down.

The Art of Sharing

When you are sourcing your contents, it is imperative that you first seek permission to use the quotes, pictures or the link. This sets the right tone for sharing as you seek permission; you are showing that you are an authentic content creator and respect other’s work as well. You can send the link to the originator. This could help you get the much needed share.

Visual effects

It is a well known fact that images, GIFs and videos work better than just plain words, especially on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Use visuals as much as possible while sharing your content on these sites.

Content amplification is vital in increasing the engagement of your target audience. With the high competition and new sharing platforms coming up almost every day, you need an intensified content marketing strategy.