How to Create the Most Explainer Videos for Businesses

amazing Explainer Videos

Have you ever wondered what type of videos a company should create for its video marketing? I suggest explainer videos because they are fun and interesting ways to describe your business or brand. Plus they are very cost-effective.

We researched the web and shortlisted the most amazing explainer videos that created a lot of buzzes.

1.  What is an AI (Hubspot)

You want to know what is AI then you need to see this amazing video made by Hubspot.

This video proved that learning something very difficult can be very easy through an explainer video. This video educates as well as entertains you.

2. What is the best explainer video style for your business? (Yum Yum Videos)

So now as you have learned the importance of explainer video, this video will help you in what style you should choose for your Business.

This video is fun and enjoyable to watch and at the same time informative.

3. How Deep Is the ocean (Tech insider)

Asking questions in your explainer video is a new way to connect with your audience because videos can explain more than text.

Now take this video example, “how deep is the ocean” generated a curiosity in the audience’s mind so they get engaged even before watching the video.

And when they get their questions answered in explainer video format it just becomes more fun for them to watch.

4. 2D Cartoon Animation WaterMark (Video Explainers)

Do you want to know the importance of watermark in your videos, well then this video might just solve your queries.

This video was made by Video Explainers which makes professional explainer videos for your business.

Can you believe that this video is of only 59 seconds but it’s informative and helpful? Videos are a better way of learning something new and creative in a short amount of time.

5. Litmus 7 (Wow Makers)

Litmus 7 is a brand video but its still special because they used amazing visuals for their video which makes it more engaging and visually appealing to their audience.

This video was made by Wow Makers which is also a pretty cool explainer video company for making explainer videos

Now, these types of videos can help companies make the business grow rapidly by showing visually appealing explainer videos for their brands.

6. Crazy egg explainer video (Demo Duck)

The highlight of this video is its quality animation. This video was made by Demo Duck which also happened to be a creative explainer video company.

This animation video is both fun and easily understandable for their audience. Additionally, they have a brand name that is interesting and created a curiosity in the audience’s mind to know more about it.

7. What is PadMapper? (Grumo Media)

Padmapper was a video created by Grumo Media. The main thing about this video is that it made renting very easy to understand for their audience through an explainer animation video.

Grumo Media creates explainer demo videos for their clients and they are pretty good at it. Also, the special thing about this video is that they targeted their audience problems during the apartment hunt and came out with their own solution.

8. Spotify (Magnus Östergren)

The music plays a very important role in an explainer video and Magnus Östergren managed that very well in this video.

Spotify is a music streaming service for all platforms.

You get connected with the music very well and that too immediately. Music also creates a positive effect on your mind and I guess that was the objective behind making this video content.

9. Ifertracker (Explainify)

Ifertracker was a video created by Explainify which is an explainer video production company.

The company is targeting women and handled a very complex topic in a comfortable way.

The main quality of this video is its animation because animation explainer videos can handle a very complex topic in a very simple way.

10. Hilton (IGW The Visual Marketing Agency)

Now, this is a very simple video but quiet groundbreaking in terms of its content. This video was made by an IGW Marketing Agency that has a niche of visual appeal.

This video made some pretty important points in a short amount of time and that’s the beauty of explainer videos.

11. Mint (Picture lab)

Mint is an explainer video made by Picture lab.

This explainer video is made to explain – how to manage multiple bank accounts. The good thing about this video is that it captures its audience’s problems very effectively and explains the solution in a simple way.

12. The Story of Our Workflow – 3D Explainer Video (Kasra Design)

The Story of our WorkFlow is a 3D explainer video made by Kasra design. Well, this could be the most creative 3d explainer video you will ever see because it explains the whole workflow in a unique way

Kasra Design is a premium explainer video company. Making 3d explainer videos is not an easy task but Kasara Design handled it pretty well.

13. Questex (The Draw Shop)

Questex is the most interesting whiteboard marketing video in business.

Nowadays whiteboard animation videos are the latest trend in the market to convey your brand, but it requires a lot of creativity to make an effective whiteboard explainer video and The Draw Shop did that pretty well.

Now the thing you will notice about this video is that the whole video comes in the single slide explaining the content in one form with a background voice.

14. Coin “one card” (Sandwich Video)

Now this coin card video made by Sandwich Video is a pretty simple video but it uses all the ingredients of an excellent explainer video because, in itself, the video is pretty educational and useful in day to day life.

Sandwich Video is a commercial explainer video company that makes videos for brands and they did a fantastic job with the storytelling.

15. Karate Dino (Think Mojo)

Karate Dino is a game explainer video made by explainer video production company Think Mojo.

This game video is short, sweet and uses the live game video footage to explain its point. Also, in the very end creates excitement for its viewers to play the game as soon as possible.

Can you believe all this is happening in a 30 seconds game animation video with just background music.

16. Atoka Animated Explainer Video (Studio Tale)

This explainer video was made by Studio Tale and they are pretty experienced explainer video production company. So it not surprising that the video is pretty amazing.

The Atoka Animated Explainer video uses animation pretty well to explain its points. The video is also very short and has given a lot of information in this short time.

17. White Bread (Epipheo Studios)

Epipheo Studio produced this very interesting video.

It has a very unique concept as it combines interviews with animation. Its an animation video with a background of two people talking and this is not an easy thing to do but they pulled that off in an interesting way.

Another thing about this video that is special that it educates you in certain ways, so the audience gains more trust in the brand.

18. Afrihost – What is ADSL? (Blink Tower)

It is an explainer video made by Blink Tower.

Special thing about this video is that it uses the story format and shows you the complete procedure of the service. This is an old video, but it is still relevant and very helpful. It uses story and animation in a balanced format.

19. Jot Form (Wyzowl)

Wyzowl is an explainer video production company that made a video for Online form submission. This may sound boring but they have made a fun and exciting video that helps its audience in the most certain way.

It explains the points pretty well and doesn’t complicate things even for a bit.

This video is only 90 seconds long but gives a whole lot of information about its product.


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