Old School SEO to Avoid

SEO Avoid

The Digital marketing industry is changing rapidly. New technologies are entering into market frequently; Google is also tweaking their algorithm to yield better search results. From Panda To penguin, to humming bird, in the last few years, we have seen many Google Algorithm updates. As a result, all the businesses have been forced to bring significant changes to their online marketing strategy to build the spam free internet marketing practices.

Search engine optimization has evolved. Therefore, if you want to maintain the good reputation or rank for your website, you need to keep up with the changes!

What has changed so far in SEO…

Article spinning

The article marketing spectrum has totally changed today. Earlier, publishing tons of articles with spun content was the most effective way of link building. But at present, it is considered as a BalckHat SEO technique and can hurt a website seriously.

Exact Match Domain

Until now, exact match domain was the trump card for ranking. But today it is almost dead. Google has already reduced the authority of the exact match domains in SERP.

Press Releases

Once Press Release was the most preferred way to build trustworthy links for any website. Due to its multi benefit nature, many companies used it in first priority for link building. But as per the recent Google algorithm update, links present in the press release will not pass any link vale to the sites.

Guest Posting

Same is the case with Guest blogging. It is no longer a worthy link building strategy for SEO. Rather can be toxic for your SEO. Though it is still helpful in personal branding and traffic generation but literally guest blogging is dead. If you are using guest posting as your link build, then you must reevaluate it.

SEO in 2014…

In the past, the quest to beat Google’s organic search algorithm resulted in developing new techniques and that is to continue in 2014. Quality user oriented content and social media is going to be the key factors of the SEO.

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