Landing Page Optimization – 5 Sure-Shot PPC Landing Page Best Practices for more conversions

PPC Landing Page Optimization

Here, you can find the best ways to design a landing page for PPC. Features that you simply cannot ignore if you are keen to gain the greatest return on your pay-per-click marketing have all been elaborated here with comprehensive PPC landing page examples.  So, check out how to get it right!

Keep Your PPC  Landing Page Relevant To Keyword While Bidding

It does irk a lot when people land on a page that practically has nothing to offer them.  There are times, when they click on a particular link while searching in Google and wonder, “why did they get here”? It definitely becomes a point of annoyance when they find nothing relevant to the keyword in the page. Thus, make sure that the PPC landing page matches the keyword you are bidding on and the page delivers the promise. Undoubtedly this is one of the PPC land page best practices that you could follow.

If your target audience are the ones looking for “Luxury Hotels in Miami”, make sure that you do not send your users to the page of “The Reasons to Book Hotels in Miami Beach”. It might be relevant and have a call-to-action, but it certainly does not serve the users what they are looking for when they chose to click on your ad.

Here presenting one of the PPC landing page examples which rightly illustrates the matching of a PPC keyword to a landing page when searching online for “Digital marketing Course”

Craft Content For The Targeted Audience

It is extremely important for you to be aware and understand the person you are catering to while drafting content and brainstorming over imagery. A right tone and language can make your copy truly effective as well as interesting. So, before you get down to write the content, take a step back and contemplate well over who you want to land on this page. The whole effort would help you have the benefit of conversion and profit.

If you are designing a PPC campaign for a particular software program for the beginner use, you need to follow an explanatory mode and use simplistic language to reach the audience who may not be acquainted with the technical terms and abbreviations. Basically you need to be clear that this page is designed to help out the beginners and not someone who probably doesn’t even need to know the basics to use it for he is already quite familiar with the entire process and may like to generate some other key information regarding the software. In this case, instead of using a “one size fits all” approach, tailor your landing page according to the demands of your target audience. This is considered as one of the PPC landing page best practices.

Create A Headline That Could Convert The User

Headline no doubt is the first thing that grabs the attention of the visitors. When you think of the headline, simply make sure to incorporate a keyword theme that connects to your ads. It won’t be possible to have the exact keyword the user search for. Thus, the best idea of land page optimization is to assess the keywords and assemble them into themes in the context to build a strong headline around them.

Once you set your keyword themes, mull over as to why a potential customer would like to stay on your page and reach out to you despite of never knowing about you before. In that case, the smartest thing to do would be to adopt the PPC landing page best practices which includes the way you approach the headlines.

  • Be clear with your points, shun metaphors and cut short waffle.
  • Focus on having relevant keyword theme.
  •  Identify with the visitors; address their queries and doubts with a solution.

Here’s presenting an effective example of PPC landing page headline from Design & UX which is straight to the point

Add Creative And Unique Imagery For An Instant Connection With Target Persons

Imagery has a major role in landing page optimization. It should be able to convey the real connotation of the content and explains why it is advantageous and what exactly the visitors should get from it. Research has shown that visitors react best to the landing pages that have the human faces. It exudes a realistic vision and can elevate the relevance of the content to a great degree.

When it comes to product or business based landing pages, make sure to incorporate interactive photographs to draw attention. It certainly can help drive traffic to find information. All you need to take care of is to use images that are compressed and thereby pick the perfect size of it for your landing page. Undoubtedly this is one of the best ways for landing page optimization.

One of the points that you need to take care of is to be precise about using the amount of imagery. You must avoid filling out your landing page with multiple images since it could create a distraction and pull away the attention of the users from the content.

This image here is one of the best PPC landing page examples that depicts the best use of human imagery. The image portrays trust and encourage the user towards the call to action.

Techniques That Will Help Your Landing Page To Drive Conversions

There are certain incredible factors which could strategically position your landing page elements and drive conversions with ease. Hence design the page in a proper way to double the conversion rate.

While the top page should consists the ideas of headline, sub headline, Image, video and benefits and description of the product, the bottom page should be able to sum up all about the product and service with adequate and precise information in a concise manner.

Trust Signals Help Customers Feel Secure About Your Service

Your online presence should create a sense of faith and security and help establish an emotional connection with the users.  In order to achieve your objective you need to include aspects that could ensure visitors trust. A few basic ideas are

  • Testimonials
  • Accreditations
  • Contact details
  • Payment assurance
  • Performance facts and figure.

Make sure to formulate a list of what your ideal clients would respond to best and thereby plan a proper and effective trust signals which would create an instant impact in the minds of the users.

Use logos, testimonials or any kind of images that could strike an instant chord. Following are the good PPC landing page examples which reflects the right usage of trust signals.

Taking note of the PPC landing page best practices can indeed expand the potential of your service to collect leads and enquiries. Conversion is the main objective behind landing page optimization and the tips given above gives out the clarity about PPC landing page best practices that should definitely be considered.  If you are at the development stage or for that matter reviewing your PPC landing pages, consult the expert professionals to show you the right way.