SEO in 2019 – Here’s What You Should Focus on!


SEO has always been the most vital and essential part of Online Marketing. It holds its own significant importance here. People who know this part well are called digital gurus as well. However, the pattern of SEO is changing nowadays and that is why these gurus have shared their wisdom about ‘SEO in 2019’.

So, here, we have listed some best SEO strategies of 2019 here so that you can understand the current pattern and tactics of SEO and do well with it.

Best SEO Strategy For 2019

Search engines are becoming more intelligent and knowledgeable. Google is now answering more queries with different methods as people are searching for queries with different methods such a voice search. That is why the way of optimizing a website or blog has also a change. So, here we are with the most important and best SEO strategies in 2019.

#1 Focus on Structured data

As the evolution of SERP or search engine result Pages has begun, Google leads to obtaining more data element. Now,Google is so capable that it can produce its own meta-descriptions from the content it already has. Search engine bots are now creating structured data to create rich snippets. Rich snippets can dramatically give a hype in the click-through rate (CTR) for your website.

So, you should also focus on creating such structured data that can be a rich snippet. Create it considering the point that the available space has become smaller and try to create an eye-catching snippet.

Remember that the Homepage cannot get review snippet but the inner pages can.Some example of snippets is- rating stars, calories, opening hours of any commodity etc.

#2 Voice Search has taken a Tremendous Growth

Google gets to know it in 2014 that- 40% of its user use a voice-controlled web search and this rate was higher for teenagers as 50%. According to Google studies, every 5th query on Google from mobile devices is now a voice search.

Since 2017 and 2018 was a great hype in digital assistants, it is highly expected that people will use this feature more frequently in 2019.When users search their queries using voice search, he communicates directly to search engine with voice-controlled searches similarly he talks normally. So, you should use longtail keywords in the optimization of your content as while talking people use long tail mostly. So, start optimizing your content according to people’s communication.

#3 Mobile First Indexing

The Internet is now mostly is used from Mobile. Even Google is also prioritizing the website for indexing which has created their content and design of the website mobile friendly. A number of users are trekking towards Mobile device every year.

As Google considered this significant increase in the number of mobile users, Mobile Indexing has become quite important. In 2016, only Mobile optimization was introduced as a ranking factor. However, in 2017, Google finally preferred site based on accelerated mobile pages and with an improved mobile update. and in 2018, it announced about “Mobile First Index” implementation. It prefers to show the website on top who is optimized for mobile devices.So, it should be your priority to make your website mobile-friendly.

For this, you can create Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP. Make your site responsive so that it can work both- Mobile devices and desktop also. The responsive design provides you the ranking benefit as well.
Thus, start optimizing your site for Mobile First Indexing creating AMP for better user experience.

#4 Content Quality is most Important

Content is the thing which tells about your website, business, service or product. Its quality decides the quality of your business as it presents your business to the customer.

This year as well, the SEO strategy 2019 prefer the quality content as a most important SEO factor. Content is the key to for your website’s organic ranking and to meet up your potential customer. 
What should be done-

  • Start creating quality content, remove duplicates from your website if any.
  • The most important thing that must be considered while creating a content is the buyer’s journey and his/ her persona.
  • You need to write according to the user considering the fact ‘what he wants to hear’ not ‘what you want to hear them’.
  • Stop keyword stuffing and focus on long-tail keywords.

#5 Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

The On-Page SEO techniques for 2010 suggest that a website must have an SSL certificate. Google has already warned the websites that if it does not contain a Secure Socket Layer, it will show that website non-secure. Even users avoid surfing on such sites. Studies show that 82% of users leave the website that is shown as non-secure. Google has also said that it will affect the site ranking as well. Only 30% of websites have this certificate on Google. However, the sites without SSL suffer from increased bounce rate and this leads to lower their ranking more in Search Engine Result Pages. It is beneficial in many ways such as-


  • SSL Encrypts Sensitive Information i.e. it is the primary requirement of SSL as it encrypts all sensitive information from the server.
  • SSL Provides Authentication it will ensure that you are sending information to the right server
  • SSL Provides Trust as user trust that website which includes SSL certificate as well
  • SSL is required for PCI Compliance i.e. the site must have SSL for user’s credit or debit card detail as it is one of the most important audits.

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#6 User Experience Design

It is well said that- “Google loves you only if users love you”. Google totally goes with user experience rate. If your site is giving good user experience, it’s a good news and when it’s not, you what is it. A good user experience is everything to rank on Google. Google itself told that Rankbrain was their 3rd ranking factor.

Create a user-friendly website, optimize it well, create a perfect navigation menu in your site and read thoroughly about the rank brain to know this factor as well.

Loading speed: Check load speed and it really matters for user experience. You can use tools for checking loading times of your web pages such as-GTmetrix. Try to decrease your website load time. It should not be more than seconds.

Technical Issues of websites: Check for the technical issue of your website if any. As users are becoming demanding these days, you should make sure your website runs according to the latest technology.

Mobile optimization: To meet the user’s need, it’s important to optimize your site according to mobile as most f the users search and surf your site here.

#7 Quality Backlinks Will Dominate the Game

We hear it almost every year that “Link building is dead”. However, it can never end, even in 2019 backlinks play the same important role for our website. In fact, the backlinks can be more beneficial for your website in 2019. But it depends on backlinks quality as well. Getting quality backlinks can help your website a lot in ranking.

Remember that these quality backlinks cannot be acquired by 3rd class article gateways or lazy or indolent guest posts. It will no longer work. You should start writing unique and better content for getting a featured backlink.

Be careful while writing guest posts and getting a link from them as Google already has warned about low-quality posts. 
Remember a simple thing when building links, think a couple of time that the page you are getting a backlink from is actually giving you quality backlinks.

#7 Focus on Image Search

Google had a major upgrade the image search system in 2017. Many website owners had suffered from traffic losses because of this. Users are searching for images frequently and this is the reason to optimize your visual material of the post.

Use better and unique pictures from your competitors. Take care of the image’s background and setup your own designing team. Think in terms of content as well. Your content must have some connection of images also. Create a cooperative interplay of images, texts, or video material, which should be regulated to the added value for the user and cover a topic as comprehensively as possible.


Here we have summed up all the important SEO strategies of 2019 as possible in brief. Although these are not all of the SEO strategies, it includes the most important SEO trends in 2019. Hope the above information has helped you in understanding the SEO trends in 2019. Check it out on your website and implement it or ask your Digital Marketing Company to include it in their SEO process as well to get the best results. Comment us your query in the comment section below and also let us know about your SEO strategy in 2019.