Simple Ways to Optimize Your PPC Landing Page

Optimize Your PPC Landing Page

The pay per click (PPC) is a quick and the most effective paid internet marketing campaign that can make your website reach to the targeted audience in no time.

This model of advertisement needs you to pay a fee every time someone clicks your ads. This sends the targeted users to the website thus increasing the traffic to the website. This is how you can effectively promote your web online through different search engines.

In orders to get visitors with high quality content the advertiser have to spend a lot of time in building a brand. This may take some time, which is why marketers use the PPC method which is fast and efficient as well.

You can place your ads in the search engine pages and affiliate websites where it will be displayed as sponsored advertisements based on the keyword you bid on.

Each time a visitor clicks on the link you need to pay. This may sound expensive but if you drive targeted visitors to your site the profit you earn will me more than what you spend.

But, it is not that easy as it looks.

A perfect landing page is what converts a visitor to a customer. So, developing an effective pay per click landing page is essential if you want to maximize your conversions and a right strategy will give you the better and faster result.

Landing page optimization is one of the important things that make or break your conversion. So you will need to create great landing pages if you want to succeed.

PPC Landing Page features

For creating an effective PPC landing page you need to place the implement the most important elements in the right orders. Placing them in the right order makes the visitors take quick decisions and convert faster. This eases their decision making process and they don’t have to spend much time to convert.

So what is the right order of elements?

Here it is:

  • Content & Keywords
  • Heading & Sub-headline
  • Visual Graphics – Image &Video
  • Call to Action
  • Trust Signals
  • Explanation of the product or service,
  • Benefits of the product or service & Testimonials,
  • More CTA…

Here are some of the best PPC landing page best practices:

Match the keywords and the landing page

The relevancy ratio between the targeted keywords and the respective landing page content are very important. People come to search for information and if you misdirect them or offer incomplete information, you are wasting their time.

Make sure your PPC landing pages are highly relevant on the keyword you bid on.

Don’t just make a PPC landing page for the sake of it. Design the page with placing the keywords at the important places with a pleasant layout. So, the visitors can find the right information easily.

Using the keywords in the landing pages is more than just advertisement. The keywords can actually enhance the content and help the visitors find the information they are looking for. When they spot the keywords in the pages they can better relate to the information on the page and react accordingly.

The idea here is to use the keywords wisely and more strategically so that it has the desired effect.

Optimize PPC Landing Content

You cannot please everyone, not every single person can become your target audience. You need to decide first who your target audiences are.

There are so many questions you need to ask yourself when you are creating the content for the PPC page. Make the message clear and loud so that your audience can recognize it the instant they see it. Optimize the content to trigger an action with the audience instantly.

A Strong Headline and sub-heading

Content don’t catch attention, the headlines do.

So, create a strong headline that has an impact on the audience. Make the headline so strong and compelling that the visitors cannot help convert.

There are some basic rules for creating headlines. The headline should be short and to the point. If you confuse your audience you will lose them. Make sure to create a headline that offers the information right away without wasting any time of your visitor.

Images that connects 

One of the best things about the images is that they can connect and communicate with people and you don’t have to use words at all.

Use the right kind of images that immediately connects with the audiences and tells them the uniqueness about your offer. This can make the audiences click and convert. This is how you create an effective landing page.

Use visuals that are immediately compelling and effective in helping you convert your traffic.

Call-to-Action Formulas

The CTA is the action you want your visitor to take while visiting you page. It doesn’t matter if want to build a simple email list, or promote your product or sale your services or developing customer relationships, we all want more conversions!

You can offer something additional beyond what the key phrases represent for your traffic. Keep the text to a minimum to increase your conversions. You can use one or multiple CAT based on your requirement on your landing page.

Increase your credibility 

It is important that your PPC landing pages have content that suggest that you are authentic.  You need to offer some kind of assurance that would offer the visitors a sense of credibility & trust factor.

For creating such trust you need to put elements like the testimonials & reviews, physical contact information, accreditations, payment assurance and performance figures.

These elements in the landing page will help the visitors see that you are authentic source. This is an emotional bonding that helps the visitors convert.

Show you are social presence

People want to know how popular you are. How many like you? How many of your content are shared by the people?

These are the things that will make the visitors want to work with you. Show your credentials and proof so that they know you have done a good job.

Let people see what others are saying about you. This will help them establish you and authentic and trustworthy and help you grow.

Match the Length with the goals

If you are thinking how long should be your landing page then all you have to do is see your goals. The length of the landing page should be in proportion to your goals. Make sure the content in your PPC landing page covers everything you need to cover.

Too short or too long is not important.  If you can cover your goals in short PPC page go for it. Include all the essential information you need on the page without worrying about the length.

You can look for the PPC landing page examples to figure out how you are going to design your page. A call to action element is important for any page so make sure you have it in the end no matter how long or short your landing page is.

The above mentioned suggestions are the best PPC landing page optimization best practices that will help you make more conversion. You got any feedback or want to add any suggestion you want to add, please post it in the comment section.