The Characteristics of a Successful Business Trip

Successful Business Trip

From time to time, you might have to travel to do business. Even with all the technology, it is sometimes best to meet face to face. When you meet in person, you can establish a better relationship and an even bigger bond between two companies.

You run a online business that does not mean you can’t travel. Recently one of my clients was on a business travel vacation.. 25 days, 5 countries and 15 destinations. This helped him successfully seal some great opportunities to expand his business across borders. Still he was all the time in touch with me and regularly checking his campaign’s progress. All you need to know to leveraging your travel experience through technology.

However, business trips are not all fun and games. From an administrative point of view, they are a nightmare. Because you don’t want your trip to tank and ruin this great opportunity, you need to make sure it runs like clockwork.

Here’s how you turn a humble business trip into the opening of a lifetime.

Plush Digs[divider]

The accommodation that you book could be the difference between the trip going well and going poorly. If you are hosting your companions in your hotel, you need to give off a good impression. Otherwise, they will make a judgement of your company that won’t do you any favors in the long-term. It is possible to go through a business hotel booking agent instead of doing it internally. This option might suit you better if you don’t want to waste valuable time. Your hotel will wow as long as you pick a partner you can trust.


Please don’t be late for your meeting. The last thing you want to do is turn up ten minutes late after flying halfway around the world. For starters, it is a terrible ice-breaker. But more importantly, it will decrease your chances of getting the ‘yes’. Clients place a lot of emphasis on punctuality because time costs them money. And, if you are late to a meeting, how can they trust you will deliver on time?


Get everything that you need in one pile before you go. That way, you can physically sort all of the features that you need to make the trip. For instance, get your passport and your travel documents together. Then, pack your suitcase with business appropriate apparel such as a suit, shirt, and a nice tie. Also, consider features that you can’t take and find out whether they have them or whether you need to make special arrangements. If you are making a presentation, for example, you will need an overhead projector. You will also need your presentation on a USB stick to upload to a computer. These are just a couple of essentials, but there are plenty more.


Anything can happen while you are away, so make sure you have enough currency. Money can get you out of a tight spot, which is why it is a good idea to take your credit card for emergencies. You might also want to take US dollars because almost everywhere accepts dollars as currency.

Take It Seriously[divider]

The final thing to note is that you need to take the trip seriously. You are not flying abroad or driving cross country to party and have a good time. You are doing it to secure a vital business deal and represent your company. When everything is finalized, you can have as much fun as you like. But, before that point, you need to act professionally. The people that have their heads elsewhere are the ones that don’t make the deal. Don’t be that person/business.