The Characteristics Of A Successful Marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaign

All businesses require a powerful brand to push things forward. Your business’ brand is like the face it shows to the rest of the world. In that respect, there is no such thing as working on it too much. You can never be too careful about how you present your business to people. Part of developing a good, strong brand is acting properly as a company. You need to ensure that your business is engaging in the types of behaviour it promotes. This is common sense; if your brand is built on an idea of being environmentally friendly, then be environmentally friendly. Otherwise, the public will see through it pretty quick. Once you lose that respect, it is hard to get it back. There are many businesses out there who would benefit from remembering that. But there is much more to a marketing campaign than sticking to your morals.

Here are the main characteristics of a good marketing campaign.

Bold & Unique

For something to stick with people, it needs to have a reason to. Far and away, the easiest way to achieve this is to make your brand as bold as possible. Again, you want to ensure that your company is living in accordance with it. But the main thing is to design a brand which has a powerful reason for standing out from the crowd. What this reason might be depends hugely on what your company is, and who it exists to serve. There is a key technique, however, which can be followed regardless of what industry you are in. When you are building your brand image, think of it as a person. This will allow you to develop characteristic qualities for it which will bring it to life.


It goes without saying that marketing exists to get a certain message across to a certain type of people. It’s true – in the early days, one of the best uses of your time is to carve out who your target market is. And there is no doubt that you should direct the majority of your marketing schemes to those people. There is, however, real strength to be gained from being as far-reaching as possible. What other demographics are out there which might benefit from your service or product? Using a little imagination at this stage can go a long way further down the line. Beyond that, it is also a sound idea to tackle as many different arenas as possible. You should try not to confine your marketing to only the traditional routes. Digital marketing has a lot to offer, as does the emerging trend of guerilla marketing.

Gentle, Persistent, Subtle

There are varying schools of thought on the subject of marketing as a whole. For that reason, what approach you are likely to take depends significantly on who you listen to. One method – and a common one – is the gung-ho variety. In this style, often referred to as ‘burst’ marketing, the campaign is made up of a series of powerful advertisements. This certainly has its benefits, and its successes are plenty. But do not forget the importance of subtlety, either.

The truth is, the ideal marketing campaign is a mixture of gentle, persistent and subtle. With these three in the mix, your business is likely to do well.