The Evolution of Digital Marketing? A Brief Discussion on Digital Marketing

Evolution of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the latest trend in overall marketing strategy for any business that is used to increase the number of customers and promote a website/service/product through online activities or internet. It is the latest inclination that has been adopted by every business organizations to reach their targeted customers through digital media platforms. Digital marketing is an ever growing media of building relationships through electronic media.

Wikipedia describes – “Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach and convert leads into customers.”

The key objective of a digital marketing campaign is to promote a websites’ brand and increase sales using various digital techniques which mainly use the internet as the medium of promotion.

Digital marketing activities includes the techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) , content marketing, social media optimization (SMO), paid media advertisements, paid social media campaigns, mobile marketing etc..

As people gets tech savvy, digital marketing is getting popular day-by-day.  More and more people are opting for digital ways to handle their lifestyle such as online shopping, monetary transaction, paying bills or buy movie tickets as it is the easiest way to do so.

In this tech savvy world, people prefer the taste of easy way of reaching products and services they are looking for, that can be only obtained through various channels of digital marketing promotion only.

From technology evolution to changing business models to consumer behaviors, there’s a lot that can be tracked through digital marketing. The marketers should understand the ideas behind digital marketing to access customers anytime, anywhere they want.


The beginning of digital marketing technology can be traced back to the 1980s, when technology became advanced enough to store huge volumes of customer information online.

And today digital marketing is the fastest growing industry. There is an evolutionary growth in the web technology that not only connects us to each other, but at the same time it provides options to market our services or products to our connections.

The scope of the digital marketing is really huge in the coming days for both career aspects and business aspects.  It is estimated that by 2016, digital marketing industry is to create 1.5 lakh jobs in India only which is the second largest digital market place after the United States.

More and more companies are tapping the digital technologies to reach the customer which is making it popular day-by-day.

Apart from this, digital marketing also helps generates loyal customers and build branding which is totally different from traditional marketing, where there is no option to track the customers and communication .

Digital marketing is no more marketing thing rather a medium to build relationship and network among business organizations and customers. The digital revolution has hit all most all the industry with lot of opportunities as people in the android and IPod generation do not have enough time to go and search something physically.

The future of digital marketing industry will depend on the ideas and developments of a seamless medium of internetworking and communication. There is a lot of evolution waiting for in the horizon. While the credibility and integrity are becoming more than just requirement, the digital marketing agencies who master the technology and creativity will be the solo winners.


In the last 10 years, the technology has changed drastically to make it easy and cheap for people to use as per their requirement. From command line interface to app, it has become user-friendly and easier to use. Visitors now have higher level of comfort in using the technology in their daily life, which has positively impacted on the e-commerce industry globally.

The evolution in E-commerce industry has changed the businesses at every imaginable altitude. The increasing importance of mobile devices and internet access made much easier for people to search and buy products online rather visiting a physical store.

Everyone is running after digital shopping experience because nothing has surpassed the power of innovative digital marketing tactics, which have proved to be successful. What we are witnessing today is a transformation of traditional marketing that is more adaptable and flexible.

Customers are not in a mood to wait around to buy a product form a physical store rather are looking for a virtual or online store where they can compare, choose and buy products as their convenient. The widely availability of fast and cheap technology has enabled many retail businesses to enter the e-commerce market with a bang.

The Asian market is growing with a huge rate of 20% annual growth alone. E-commerce has evolved to something much more than ecommerce these days. Everyone is looking to leverage the digital marketplace through e-commerce/online stores.

It is estimated that the ecommerce industry in Asia is going to overtake the European market in next 15-20 years.


There was a time when people were hesitating to spend their money in advertising on social media sites, even in Facebook considering it as a waste of time and money.

Today, things are astonishingly different. In fact, you could say that social marketing has evolved into something else entirely different – a highly sophisticated data driven platform that can track and build a real-time engagement with customers.

I remember those days when big brands stopped the advertising it with Facebook quoting that the paid ads are having very limited impact on customers’ purchase decision. But today it is one of the key advertisement areas for almost all businesses.

With the evolution of technology, the entire world is connected through social media. The social media is shaping up to be a part of chat apps.

Instant messaging apps have made communicating easier and hassle-free because of its easy and faster way to convey texts and media files.

The future for the social media and instant messaging apps looks bright and expected to see more innovative tilts.


Technology and marketing are inseparable now.  The tech-savvy customers are changed to tech-dependent people now. So it is time for to set a new strategy to identify and solve the problems for your online business.

It is a new marketing world. Are you ready?