The Negative Effects of a Clueless Programmer in Your Blog Staff

Clueless Programmer in Your Blog Staff

Many blog owners look forward to hiring a programmer into their workforce when they have the means for one and the role to suit them. For instance, you might want to hire a freelance programmer to help you design some software that will assist in growing your blog. Maybe you want to design a Java application to be used on your website, or perhaps you’ll look for an HTML5 programmer that can create some unique web-based applications to make the entire browsing experience more interesting for the reader.

Unfortunately, most blog owners don’t understand the effects of a programmer and they don’t know how to make use of one, or even if they need one. At the end of the day, most of your content is written by you or fellow writers and that’s essentially what you “sell” to readers in order to build up your reputation. Knowing this, it doesn’t really make much sense to hire a programmer because they’re not exactly going to assist in creating content for you. There are, however, some fantastic uses for programmers in the world of blogging, and we’ll be going through some of them in this article. But first, let’s analyse the use of programming in blogging and why you should care.

The link between programming and blogging

One of the first things to mention is this: you DO NOT need programming skills in order to blog. This is probably already clear if you’ve written a couple of posts, but it’s important to state that before we dive into the more detailed options for bloggers that have an interest in programming.

First of all, programming will help you with web design. If you’re interested in creating a custom design for your blog instead of using the same WordPress template that a thousand other blogs use, then it’s important to have a brief understanding of programming in order to make the most of the options that the CSS language offers you. Programmers usually aren’t hired to make websites (that’s for web designers) but even the most stylish designers need some programming knowledge in order to make their designs stand out and more responsive.

Languages such as PHP are also fantastic if you want to fix issues related to WordPress (or whatever blogging platform you use) and it can also be used to enhance the features on your website. For instance, you can use PHP to create WordPress plugins and you can use it in conjunction with a database such as MySQL to create user profiles and other website enhancements that will improve the reader’s experience.

Now that we’ve listed some of the advantages that a programmer can bring to your blogging, here are some of the reasons why a clueless programming is a burden that needs to be removed as soon as possible.

They break more than they fix

Programmers can easily break things they aren’t mean to. For example, this article titled How Memory Leaks Happen in a Java Application shows how easy it is for a memory leak to happen within a Java application. While Java isn’t used very often in blogging, it’s still a good example of how a clueless programmer can inflict more damage than they do good. If they create a program or plugin for your blogging website without understanding the effects it has on the user’s computer, then your website might turn into a complete mess that screws with the performance of the user’s browser and forces them to restart it every time they visit your website. This does nobody any good and can even give your website a reputation of being poorly optimised.

They make it hard for everyone else

Programmers that are slow can cause delays and ultimately halt everyone else’s work. If you have a programmer working on widgets to be used on your blog and they fail to meet deadlines, then it can hold up the production of more content and it can set back your blog’s release schedule. To avoid this, you need an efficient programmer that can work in stressful situations, which is a quality that not many new programmers have until they’ve built up a sufficient amount of experience. If a programmer creates a terrible optimised piece of software and eventually leaves, then it’s up to you (or the next programmer you hire) to decipher their code and (assuming they haven’t commented it at all —a telltale sign of a clueless programmer). This can be incredibly frustrating if the software they designed has become an integral part of your workflow.

As you can see, hiring a clueless programmer does nobody any favours and you should have a good understanding of what a programmer can and can’t bring to your blogging before you hire one.